Vol. 26, No. 3 - June 2012

The latest issue of The Star Beacon features The Bosnian Pyramids by Tom T. Moore. Also in the June issue are: Sci-Fi Classics Chapter 3 of "The Time Machine" by HG Wells, and Reader's Forum;  The Golden Age (new column) by Linda Maupin;  Alpha Centaurian KT Returns; Conversations with Spirit: "What's Your Story?" by John Cali;  The Meaning of It All ("The Magic of Music") by Ann Ulrich Miller; Cosmic Book Reviews,  by Ann Ulrich Miller and Chrystle Clae;  Transformation 2012: A Celebration of Light (conference); DISC-ussion  edited by Ann Ulrich Miller; The Tent of Dreams by Irina and Maia Corten; a NEW Ufological Crossword; Synchronicity Today by T. Stokes, and Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET by Cmdr. Sanni Ceto. Follow the links for a sample of the articles in the June 2012 issue.

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Annette Vetter is back...

by Ann Carol Ulrich
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Romantic Suspense
Novel about Light Workers

By Ann Ulrich Miller

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A Cosmic Love Story
by Ann Ulrich Miller

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True Stories from
Star Beings living on Earth


by Jujuolui Kuita
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The Bosnian Pyramids
by Tom T. Moore
Clarification on the recently discovered pyramids near Sarajevo.


Sci-Fi Classics--The Time Machine
by HG Wells
Chapter Three.


Transformation 2012: A Celebration of Light
The Institute of Light's upcoming conference Aug. 16-18 in Colorado.


Reader's Forum
Letters from Readers
"Extraordinary Knowing" by Dr. Leo Sprinkle; "The Chosen One" by Al Fry; "Misses Sanni's column" by Alana Lakota Star; "Called Home" by Ambassador Julieanux; "Continue the crossword" by Bella Martin, and "So much to learn" by Charlene Finkner.


Alpha Centaurian KT Returns
by KT from Alpha Centauri
Information on space travel.

by Ann Ulrich Miller
"A bird, a plane or a UFO?" "Urgent Call from Dr. Greer and the Disclosure Project" and "Arizona Orbs."


Conversations with Spirit and John Cali
by John Cali

"What's Your Story?"


Cosmic Book Reviews
A mother's heartbreaking journey to peace
by Ann Ulrich Miller

Hummingbirds Don't Fly in the Rain, by Kimberly Klein
Cosmic Relationships: Exploring the Soul's Journey from Off-Earth, Earth Lives, and Reincarnation, by Evelyn Fuqua


Cosmic Book Review
Aspen romance novel touches upon supernatural
by Chrystle Clae

Sonata Summer, by Ann Ulrich Miller


The Meaning of It All
The Magic of Music
by Ann Ulrich Miller


Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET
by Commander Sanni Ceto
Q & A returns about space life and travel.


Ufological Crossword
by Annie Miller



The Tent of Dreams
by Irina and Maia Corten
Neighbor children decide to camp out and journey to another planet.


The Golden Age
through Linda Maupin
A message from Chandara to Star Beacon readers.


Synchronicity Today
by T. Stokes
"Meaningful" coincidences.


Live in Paradise!
For Sale By Owner

The June 2012  issue also contains humor,  classified ads and other intriguing tidbits of information you won't want to miss.



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