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A bird, a plane, or a UFO?

          GULF COAST--This report was on Filer’s Files (May 2, 2012): "I didn't see the object until I got back to Michigan and saw something in the air. Is it a new plane or what? It's hard to say. I didn't remember any sound like an ordinary plane passing by would make. I was really surprised to see it in the photo. I found a second similar picture taken at 5:44 pm. I was wondering if a bird could look that metallic looking. I also just noticed a shadow on the ground of a seagull."
          "Note: Analysis indicates that the photo was not 'tampered with' and is likely the original photo as output from the camera. The sighting was reported nearly five months after the fact. What is the object? It could be a bird, but the white on top could be a reflection of the sun which suggests that may be metallic? The sun was at the photographer's back. Thanks to William Puckett, Director http://www.UFOsnw.com
                                                  (Source: Filer's Files #18-2012)

Urgent Call from Dr. Greer for new witnesses, whistleblowers and evidence

          Dr. Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project are urgently sending out a call to all networks and supporters of Disclosure for new government and corporate witnesses and whistleblowers to UFO-related events and projects. Specifically, they are looking for first hand, credible witnesses willing to be interviewed for a film who saw UFO events, projects, incidents or documents. Pluses are corroboration by other witnesses, documents or personal proof of military, government or corporate employment at the time of the event.
         Also being sought are more witnesses to government or military (or paramilitary) operations that have staged false flag ET events such as abductions, animal mutilations, robotic creatures that appear to be ET but are not, implants and related psychological warfare events or projects designed to create an enemy in space.
         They are also seeking witnesses to new energy suppression, including any government or corporate witnesses to the suppression and illegal seizure and classification of new, advanced energy and propulsion devices or inventions as well as any civilian victims of this suppression.
         Additionally they are searching for additional evidence related to UFO events, including:
       * Clear and dispositive photographs and videos with clear ownership and history
        * Government and Corporate documents—whether or not they have been declassified, since all UFO related projects are illegal and therefore no valid national security law can enforce secrecy
        * Radar tapes and any other materials such as physical evidence of any type (ET craft parts or materials, etc.)
         If you or someone you know has such evidence or can be a witness, please e-mail Witnesses@DisclosureProject.org. For info, go to www.cseti.org.

Arizona orbs

          FLAGSTAFF— This report was on Filer's Files (April 25, 2012): "As a commercial pilot, I take many photos of interesting and beautiful scenery as my work load/duties permit. I took the attached photo about March 22, 2012, while flying over a portion of the Grand Canyon at approximately 39,000 feet. The lights in the upper right of the photo were not noticed until sometime later after I had time to look over all the photos that I had taken during that tour. I do not claim that the lights are UFOs, but I have used my BlackBerry cell phone's camera for years and I know that the lights are not a reflection from within the cockpit.
          "Again, I did not even notice them when I took the photo. Just thought MUFON might like to have the photo/information." Thanks to MUFON CMS
                                                  (Source: Filer's Files #17-2012)





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