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Q: .Dear Commander,
         I found a new starseed to awaken and she told me she has two sets of fingerprints. Then she said when she applied for her current job that they take fingerprints but it did not turn out right, so she had to have them do it the old way. What star system is she from and what type of a being is she? This is most interesting to me.                                                             Love, A Good Friend


A: Dear Friend,
         This lady would probably be from the Lyran colonies rather currently based on and inside Venus. They are humanoids. The fingerprints were double because in her species they are shape shifters and so you have a set that are different from each other. In a true humanoid the prints would be indicative of the human form (Terra) and the other set being from her true form.
                                                                      Love, Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Commander,
          I want to ask, are there aliens on the moon? If yes, who are they and what are they doing there?                              Irwan Santoso


A: Dear Irwan,
         The moon is a hollow spheroid craft and has ETs living on the dark side, which has more craters than on the side that faces Earth. The ETs that live there have small outposts as platforms observing activities on Earth. The ETs involved are mostly Pleiadians with a few insectoid species.                                                       Love, Commander Sanni

Q: Hello, loving Sanni Ceto,,
         I'm from New Brunswick, Canada and I was wondering if you could help me understand two dreams that I had a few years back...which were the scariest moments in my life.
        The two dreams have one thing in common and they were about a month in between that I dreamt them. The first one was in my house and had nothing in it, seeming to be for sale, with white paint on the walls. The area seemed a bit different than in this reality. I was with my good friend and I went downstairs to get us a glass of water while we were checking out the house. I came back up and was looking at the walls when suddenly I felt a presence behind me near the door of the room I was in. I turned around and saw in front of me a very tall and very wide kind of entity with a very dark aura/color ...I felt it was not here to do me good, so I cried out for help to my friend and at the same time threw my glass of water at the 10 ft. shape in front of me. At the same time that I threw the water, I fell (by some attracting force) at the feet of the entity into a kind of pool of water, upside down, and it started eating/sucking my life force out of me...I then woke up in great fear.
        The next dream was in my town also, but it was a different location and was outside. I felt something weird was going on, so I went to take a look. It was winter. I went near the street sidewalk and I didn’t see anything. Suddenly I heard a baby crying to my left behind me and as I looked, I saw a tall gray being resembling your Zeti kind but taller, and it drew me in the snow bank into another kind of pool, upside down and did the same thing to me. I then woke up with the same feeling of fear and I put my hand on my heart (chakra), since this is where my energy was sucked out...
        Please forgive me if this was a waste of time for you, and thank you for your time if you read this!!
        P.S. During these dreams I felt very lucid, and it felt very real...and I believe it really happened and was from Reptoid entities... but I’m not sure.
                                                      With all my Love -- Chad Ritchie

A: Dear Chad,
         As to your first dream, the move concerning your house and the tall entities are a sign of big things to occur (future events) as relocation means changes and changes are challenging. The entity was reptoid and was a sign that things will show themselves to you along the way, to test you. The second dream has to do with growth on a spiritual level. The baby crying represents a birth within your evolvement into a spiritual being.
Love, Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Commander,
         I was wondering what you think is the best way for us or each individual to get the Reptoids out of power? You say that they are in all of our governments and controlling our society. You say we need to show love and compassion, but how? To whom? And why love? Also I was wondering, do you know if your people are the ones who genetically altered our ability to speak language and enhance our ability to think? Do you know how to do such things being that you were a scientist?
                                                                        Sincerely, Jesse

A: Dear Jesse,
         To get reptoids out of power, you have to learn to know how to read energies, for they shape-shift to appear to you on the outside as human. When you raise your rate of vibration or lower it, they can appear to you in their true form for a brief amount of time. The reason you show them love is because they flee from what is good and seek the negative things they create their power from. You show it globally as a united people, for the reptoids in power don’t want their authority overthrown and they feed off of sadness and anger, making them stronger and making their rule tighter on Earth. Grays as well as Pleiadians created humans with their abilities to think and communicate.
                                                                        Love, Commander Sanni


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