The Meaning of It All

Wolf Creek Pass

by Ann Ulrich Miller
© 2010 (all rights reserved)

An article from the DECEMBER 2010 issue of THE STAR BEACON.


            We go through our lives wondering what is the meaning of life. What is the meaning of it all? Why do things happen to us that seem out of synch? What is the meaning of accidents, illness, crime, treachery and death?
            As I write my article for the last issue of 2010, I feel completely blessed and "blissed." My life lately has been satisfying and full of meaning. I have discovered how unnecessary it is to engulf myself in heaps of busy work that leads only to chaos, malfunction and further procrastination due to time constraints. Why do that to myself?
            For many years I operated in that way. I thrived on it, in fact. Perhaps I thought I was avoiding the truth by living that way. Not any more. In this past year I experienced events that changed me from who I used to be into who I am today. These events gave my life new meaning. I experienced heartache, disappointment, illness, fear, insecurity and anxiety. But I also experienced love, joy and fulfillment.
            At the time I didn't understand the meaning of it all. All of us go through challenges. We are meant to go through them in order to become empowered.
            The most important lessons I learned in 2010 were unconditional love and regaining my power. The most important force in the Universe is Love. Nothing I know is as powerful. Love is the meaning of it all.
            Once you realize this... that it is "all one energy," it empowers you. There can exist all those dark elements I mentioned earlier, but when you are in your power and you know that Love is stronger than anything else, nothing can harm you.
            When you are in balance and respond to every challenge in your life with Love, the dark elements just fade away. You realize you are in your power and none of those things... fear, illness, insecurity and anxiety... can dominate you any more.
            By Staying in the Moment you remain in your power. Add the ingredient of Love and you have just created bliss for yourself. Step out of the moment, into a past incident that you may regret, or a future scenario that you dread, and you've suddenly lost that ability to be in control. That's when your body reacts with dis-ease or your mind is plagued with negative thoughts and you expose yourself to misery. Love is no longer present.
            The wonderful thing is you can get back your power, embrace unconditional love, and be in balance again. Life is not always smooth sailing -- we all know that -- but when you can embrace Love as the meaning of it all, what a difference it makes.
            The next time you feel yourself a little bit off balance, stop and consider what you must do. You have the ability to create every moment in your life just by your thoughts. Immediately stop dwelling on what is making you unhappy and state -- out loud if necessary -- all the things you are grateful for.
            For example, if you are going into fear over money, you might say: "All of my needs are met... I have everything I need. Thank you, God!" And if someone has said something to hurt you -- whether it was intentional or just a slip of the tongue -- say: "I am loved, I am desired and I am cherished."
            By expressing these statements you are making them real and putting yourself back in balance.
            Make Love the meaning of your life and you will create fulfillment and harmony in your world.




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