Message from Mother Earth and Eagle

by Joshua Talkinghawk
© 2010 (all rights reserved)

An article from the NOVEMBER 2010 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

            "I am shifting. I am changing. It is like waking up from a dream. The shift is here and you can no longer deny it. You'll feel it in your bones and bodies. Nothing is ever going to be the same again in my life and in yours. Change is now the order of the Earth. Yes, it has been like a dream and now I am waking up and so are you. It will be fun, actually. You will see things with your own eyes you never thought existed before, but were there all along. You will feel things you never wanted to feel and you will not be able to hide from your own truth. You will do things your soul is telling you to do. You will live a 'majestic' life. You will be free like the Eagle and joyous and truly happy. This is all coming. I am feeling ecstatic as this is happening, as my vibration changes and rises upward. I will lift you up along with me and you will soar as the Eagle does.
            "My Eagles sing my praises. Eagle says, 'We are One with the Earth and all its inhabitants. It is our sacred duty to know this and live it. There is joy in our hearts as we fly across the valleys and mountains and bring you messages of freedom. It is important to know in your daily lives that you are also a part of Earth and one with each other. It is Now you must live for, not the future. A majestic life begins with being in the Now and observing all the wonders of our Mother. There are so many! Remember to notice them, they are everywhere. Wake up from your deep sleep and really see with your eyes and hearts. Don't destroy what is beautiful and sacred. And, if you see us, rejoice in the energy that we bring, for it is a part of you, too. Be on this planet in a sacred way. We are One. When you see one of us, you are lifted in vibration way beyond your expectations because our presence touches a part of you that yearns for naturalness and reminds you of who you really are: a free spirit. It is that wild part of you that you've forgotten and are now back in touch with as you see us soar. That's why our presence touches you so. We are encouraging you now to let your soul fly high!

"Don't resist my changes. They are for the better. A new day is dawning and I am asking you to celebrate it. Here we are on the brink of change. Some of you believe it is negative change, but change is the way of the Universe. To live majestically you must embrace change and go with its inevitable flow. Do not fear for yourselves as your old lives fall away and crumble into dust. It is necessary. Allow your inner majesty to take hold and shine forth. Go out under the Sun and smile at the New Day. Then, create your new life in Love.
            "Have you seen my sunsets and walked through my forests? Have you stood at the edge of one of my waterfalls and felt its power upon you? Have you decided it's time to act and follow your heart? Have you felt the Oneness between us? You are a powerful being of light. You are the Eagle soaring high in the sky and living free. Have no regrets and no guilt. Just follow your soul wherever it takes you. You are majestic!"

Joshua Talkinghawk





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