Photo anomalies of Port Angeles

by EMMA O.
© 2010 (all rights reserved)

An article from the OCTOBER 2010 issue of THE STAR BEACON.


Dear Ann,
        I've been chasing the ghosts all day. Then as the sun was setting, my head said, "Get that contrail..." wow... yahoo! Got it! Look at the contrail following that ball of light...         It is not the Moon.
        Oh yeah, look at my date and time... since when does a digital camera go to 00:29? Totally excited right now.


Emma's photo of the strange object and below it is the negative

        Before I got this image of the "Sky Jelly," I had been chasing ghosts down in my favorite water-fairy spot, where I picked up some more magnetic rocks to play with. What I wasn't able to know till downloading my pictures is that my time stamp had been messed up. After testing, I now know that those rocks from that place change the magnetic field in my camera. So that time stamp cannot be relied upon. What I do know and can attest to is, I took this picture at 6:29 pm from my front door as I entered home from my trip to the rock-spot.
        But I was not the only one to notice the sky at that time. People we know from town told each other about the contrails that proceeded the first real storm we have had in months. In fact, it was the first rainstorm here we've seen since June. That's why I think it might be a weather balloon. Coming in on a huge front from the Alaskan coast close to Russia.
        But that was the evening of Aug. 30. Today is Sept 4... and something weird has come up. The Olympic National Park ranger was walking out of Blue Mountain. Called down to the Park Service. Someone, and somehow, a trail sign had been changed.
        The trail sign he saw was 'in place,' but he did not recognize it. He decided to go the way he knew to be right, and found the signs broken down by unknown means. The Park Service told him to leave it for the investigators because they were not aware of any activity to change those trail signs. Somehow signs were destroyed and replaced by a government sign they were unaware of.

        Thing of it is, we bystanders will never know for sure.

        This (next) image I am sending is untouched... so that you can look at it yourself. I think it's a good one. Even the people I have shown here say "It's a weather balloon," and watch it not be.
        Make a copy in some form for me, if you can. I'm unable to make prints here or see it in print on this machine. It would make for a good poster, knowing it was something sweet.

And later...
        I took out as much Gama as possible in the image of what I call the "Sky Jelly," so that the dangly things under it can be seen. I thought at first it might be a Sun Dog. Or a Weather Balloon. Or some light from the setting sun behind the trees reflecting in my lens.

        But upon furthest examination of the only image... it wasn't any of those. So I call it a "Sky Jelly." If I'd have noticed it when I took that picture, I would have shot more. But like the date and time stamp, these things don't show until I download them. I do know it was not the Moon, since I took pictures of it earlier that morning. And it's not Venus because it wasn't in that position. Even my brother believes it was inside our atmosphere... 80 percent chance it was a Weather Balloon...Whatever it was, I like it.

                             Love and light,
                             Emma O.
                             Port Angeles, Washington




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