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An article from the April 2011 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Japan disc UFO filmed near volcano after tsunami

From Filer’s Files #13-2011, March 23, 2011:

Japan Earthquake 11.03.2011 Tsunami — Strange Object
          Sukurajima Volcano -- Michael Cohen writes, "The destruction and loss of life that has occurred in Japan over the last few days has shocked people across the globe, many being forced to re-evaluate their very belief systems. UFO activity preceding the tragedy was intense and inarguable and UFOs continue to be both sighted and recorded in the aftermath of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. The connection between UFOs and earthquake activity has been noted for decades now. Researchers such as Professor Michael Persinger and author Pat Regan have written and lectured on the topic extensively. Now as the threat of increased volcanic activity looms over Japan, one or possibly two UFOs have been seen and filmed near the active Sukurajima Volcano on Kyushu Island.
          One orb type UFO, seen in the above left hand corner of the video, has been compared to the UFO seen recently over Jerusalem. Another possible UFO is seen emerging from the volcano. Some researchers suggest aliens arrive to warn humanity of impending disaster or intervene to lessen the extent of damage. Crop circle researchers have warned of a serious nuclear disaster set to occur in mid March 2011. Thanks to Allnewsweb.com

More on the Jerusalem Dome of the Rock UFO

          A number of videos of a UFO appeared around the same time on YouTube following the sighting on Jan. 28. The four videos were shot from different locations in Jerusalem at night by independent photographers. The videos show a bright light slowly descending to the Dome of the Rock, and then it hovers a bit, and in a flash of bright light, it shoots upward as if shot from a cannon.
          But was this an authentic UFO or a hoax? Apparently no one has come forward as photographer of any of the videos. Also, there were apparently no witnesses, although believers say the sighting happened in the wee hours of the Sabbath and few people were out roaming the streets. Hoax investigators say manipulation of the footage is likely. Skeptics say the small size of the light -- about 16 feet in diameter -- is "too small for aliens." However, no one really knows what size aliens are supposed to be.
          Hoax busters also claim the image is really a still photo taken from Wikipedia that could have been inserted as media into a video editor and then stretched to be a background for the length of the video. Then an image of a light was generated by the software or imported as another piece of media to the video. A flash could be edited in at the frame where the light shot upward.
          Other flaws in the videos are discussed in Dominic Costillio's Feb. 13, 2011 article at AquaPour Global News Online (http://aquapour.com).
          You can view a fifth video of a weather cam at:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUnNXKhR (and decide for yourself whether the UFO is real or a hoax.)





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