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An article from the June 2011 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Sanni returns to Roswell again

          In May Sanni Ceto went on a road trip to New Mexico with Mississippi subscribers Mara and David Edwards. They visited Roswell, Carlsbad Caverns and Silver City. Then they swung north to Pagosa Springs, Colo., to have lunch and visit me. Sanni, with the help of Mara and David, was successful at meeting UFO Museum library director Mark Briscoe, who plans to place her books, Stranded On Earth and Zeti Child, in the "archives" of the museum. This is a huge honor for the Commander, whose amazing life story is told in her books.

ABOVE: Sanni greets (in Pleiadian) new lightworker friend Iwetta Luckhaus, new director of Southwest Light and Learning Center.

RIGHT: Sanni with David and Mara Edwards

Colorado diamond craft

          BAYFIELD — The following sighting was published in George Filer's Filer's Files (#21 2011):

          "We were camping at the Pine Creek Campsite on May 13, 2011, where two of our party of four had previously witnessed UFOs/strange lights in the sky. At the moment it appeared we were actually watching the sky for any strange objects. The craft appeared in the gap between two peaks, which is slightly west of true north. It was excessively bright and because a member of our party yelled out to get our attention. Planes generally travel from northeast to southwest or reverse in line with Denver, but this was totally different.
          "Initially, it looked like a single and excessively bright light way brighter than any other plane or star. As it drew closer the white light separated into three smaller white lights in a perfect line with a red light hovering above it. Presumably, this was the top of the craft as it seemed to be descending.
          "The truly interesting thing about this craft was that it was incredibly low -- perhaps even 500 feet or less above our heads. It flew directly overhead and seemed to bank slightly before disappearing into the south -- perhaps over Vallecito Reservoir. I wasn't quite scared -- more awestruck actually, but I did have the presence of mind to attempt to take two photographs, neither of which showed anything distinct. As it passed overhead and banked, a craft with small lights lined all four sides, delineating the diamond shape and showing the outline of the craft. From our vantage point we could see the underside of the thing which seemed to have four or five red lights (one at each corner and one in the center) and a series of three or four round white lights in the front and four slit-like lights toward the back. It moved slowly and took about 30 seconds to travel across the sky. It made a low, rumbling roar, but did not resemble a plane in any other way. It seemed pretty big -- at least as big as a jet, maybe bigger. About an hour and a half later, another craft appeared from the same general area and traveled the same general path. It seemed exactly the same: appearing as an extraordinarily bright single white light and then, showing us the three whites ... It was very low and once again there were small white lights around the perimeter, three or four white lights at the front and three slit-like lights in the back. The only difference was that the five lights at the corners were green and not red.
          "NOTE: This object was not on the same flight path as any of the planes that we had observed in the sky, and, most importantly, it was far, far lower. I did a bit of research and discovered that there are nearby airports that could support a craft of that size. Also, for the record, it was NOT the Stealth. I've seen the Stealth at close range and it looked nothing like this. There were also lights and orbs and other "visual anomalies" in the sky that night and those will be noted in the final question section. Green Bay (Wis.) News Talk radio 97.5 FM and 1360 AM (UF)"
          (Courtesy Filer's Files. For information email Majorstar@verizon.net)





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