An excerpt from EarthShift

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An article from the JULY 2011 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

EDITOR'S NOTE: From Chapter 3... Julie Armstrong anxiously awaits the arrival of her family at Windancer Ranch. The world is falling apart as they all realize the time has come ... the Shift is happening.

          Julie paced from room to room. Fear of something she couldn’t quite put her finger on nagged at her. It was above and beyond Dave and the kids, and very disorienting.
          Writing always grounded her, kept her “on track,” so she headed for her office. She’d been working on an autobiography of sorts, describing experiences she’d encountered on her spiritual path. It was a chronicle of events for her grandchildren that, depending on what happened in the next few days, weeks, and months, would help them understand what led up to the Shift.
          Max and Sandy, tired of romping outdoors, padded along behind her. Settling herself in the dark blue swivel chair, as familiar and comfortable as an old shoe, she opened the file on the computer.
          She had already covered Danny and her divorce from Ray. Then came her college degree at age 40 and for the first time in a long while, a sense of being someone. Some One. Not a wife, not the kids’ mom, not someone for everyone else to take a piece of. She had given her energy and power away to all of them. Now she was Julie, television producer, a teacher, a free and independent woman.
          “A new employee had arrived at the university,” she wrote, fingers racing across the keyboard, “a stimulating, vibrant feminist named Marcy who turned my spiritual beliefs upside down. I was ready for it and my life changed totally and forever.
          “Marcy introduced me to a psychic, a gentle man who used words I’d never heard before. He told me things that had happened in my life that no one knew but me. He touched on feelings I was experiencing but hadn’t shared with anyone. How had he known those things? He told me of strange and unimaginable events that had occurred in my past lives, and then proceeded to share what he saw happening in my future. I didn’t believe any of it and wanted to believe all of it. I didn’t know what to believe. I went from skepticism about reincarnation to a full-blown believer as layers of doubt were replaced by waves of insight.”
          It was the beginning of an incredible spiritual journey, a search that was exciting, inspiring, loving, and definitely mind-boggling. With due diligence, she read everything she could find, attended workshops and seminars, searching for answers and understanding. Julie practiced meditation, slowly developing her own methods and beliefs.
“          I had an intense desire to share my newfound realizations with the world,” she continued, “but found that the world didn’t want to know. My ‘new’ reality was one of feeling alone and in spiritual isolation. When Shirley MacLaine came out of the metaphysical closet with Out on a Limb, I wept with joy and relief. I wasn’t alone on this crazy path.”
          Julie’s fingers flew over the keyboard, pouring out feelings, fears, and thoughts. So much to say, so little time to say it.
          The phone brought her back to reality with a jolt. Heart pounding, she grabbed the receiver.
          “Jeannie! Oh, thank God! Where are you?”
          “In Tucson. Oh, Julie, I’m so scared! You know I’ve always trusted you but this time I thought you’d flipped out, that you were really nuts. But something’s happening. I feel weird and last night I had this scary dream and now it’s all real. I know it, I feel it. I just heard about the earthquake in L.A. and Jerry and I want to come home. We want to be with you and Dad. Can we stay with you for a while?”
          There was one thing about her stepdaughter, Jean: Her lips spoke only the truth. Petite and pretty, her delicate features belied a strength she didn’t know she had. As a little sister to four brothers, she’d been forced to toughen up, to be able to say “back off” and make it stick. They were all very protective of her, a nice feeling but easily over done. Julie felt close to her; their relationship was grounded in past lives and the connection was strong.
          “Of course you guys can stay here! You know there’s always room. When can you leave? I don’t think there’s a lot of time, Jeannie.” Julie tried to sound casual but Tucson was a long way away.
          “Jerry thinks I’m crazy and blames it on the pregnancy but I told him we have to be on the road in half an hour or I’m leaving without him. I guess he believes me.”
          “I expect he does,” smiled Julie. “Let’s see. It’s about a six hundred mile trip. That’s a long stretch for someone eight months pregnant. Are you sure you can handle it?”
          “I need to be home, Julie. I need to be with you guys.”
          “Okay, I understand. Just tell Jerry to take it easy. And, Jeannie, please keep an eye out for the old 4Runner. Kathy and the kids are on their way alone and I’m worried about them.”
          “I’m glad they’re coming. Don’t worry. We’ll watch for them. What about Bill and Dad?”
          Julie hesitated. No need to give Jean any more worries. “They’ll be here. Be sure to take plenty of water with you. And Jeannie? Think about your baby and stay calm. We don’t want any early deliveries! Trust your Guardian Angels. They’re with you.”
          “Yeah, I will. And thanks. I needed that, Julie. I love you. Tell Dad I love him, too.”
          “See you soon, Jeannie. I love you.”
          She put the phone down slowly. Love was truly the ultimate and only thing that mattered in this crazy world. “Dear God,” she prayed, “keep them all safe.”
          Three o’clock. Where had the day gone? She turned the TV on again, hoping for news, but the signal was poor. The whole world would be glued to their sets, absorbing panic as if they didn’t have enough of their own. It wouldn’t be long before the TV anchors announced that the end of the world was coming. Chances are they’d be off the air first. She’d have to depend on ESP for her information. TRUST. Breathe in trust, breathe out fear. Breathe in trust, breathe out fear.
          The Photon energy. When she had first heard those words, it had sounded like science fiction. She’d made a smart-aleck comment, but had felt a fear deep inside, a subtle knowing it was the truth.
          “Never accept the words of others,” her teacher had said. “Take them inside, ask your own guides and see how it feels. If the shoe fits, wear it.”
          Well, it fit very well and she had eventually been able to tie up the laces. She accepted the inevitable and prayed for guidance on how to carry on from there. She didn’t go out and push the information on friends and family unless they showed an interest.
          Tabloids lapped up the bizarre predictions and the psychic networks made a fortune. The mainstream population was in denial; very few were ready to hear it. But the weather and earth changes could not be denied. Massive disasters around the world—earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, Florida’s changing coastline—triggered a demand for answers. The 300 mph winds across Europe were devastating, and 9.5 earthquakes had caused incredible fires in Iran and Iraq. The Pacific Rim, the rim of fire, had suffered explosive volcanoes, setting off monstrous tsunamis. Thick volcanic ash saturated the atmosphere, and planes were forced out of the sky. Only emergency flights had been allowed.
          Meteor showers cast fireballs from the UK across France, Spain and Germany. Escalating disease and violence in cities frightened an already scared population. Ever so slowly the doors began to open for sharing and preparing. So many thousands had lost their lives from worldwide disasters and plagues. She had said many prayers for the lost souls, had cried until she had run out of tears.
          The volcano at Mammoth Lakes in California blew six months ago, followed by the earthquake that jolted Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. Most were caught by surprise. The big L.A. earthquake was a wake-up call for San Franciscans. Thousands of northern Californians had sought safer areas and tent cities sprang up in the desert. Some people remained in their homes, in denial; still others accepted the inevitable and chose to remain anyway. That had been her youngest son, Jon’s, decision. But the city lived in fear and rightfully so; two months after the LA quake, northern California was shaken to its foundations.
          Steve and his family, along with Jon, had been in Sacramento visiting their father when the San Francisco earthquake hit. They’d been tossed around and the city sustained a lot of damage but the boys had survived. Their father, however, had suffered a massive heart attack. Ray’s death had been tough on the boys, but Jon and Bill had pretty much made their peace with him beforehand. Steve hadn’t.
          Scientists finally admitted that the massive solar flares had helped create the severe weather patterns experienced the last few years. They had caused power surges and outages and shifted the magma in the earth’s core. Thanks to stray asteroids, people no longer wished upon a shooting star, except to perhaps never see one again.
          And now the grand finale was on a collision course with Mother Earth. There was no stopping it now. Scientists predicted the world might implode because they simply had no way of measuring what was occurring. They didn’t understand that it was a beginning, not an ending.

          There was a time when enlightened consciousness ameliorated some of the Earth’s unrest but now it was too late. The die was cast. Julie had to be true to her truth, helping awaken those who were open to it. She really wasn’t a “woo-woo” type person, although she felt pretty “woo-woo” at the moment. She hoped someone would arrive soon.
Despite a lack of appetite, Julie lathered bread with peanut butter and found a soda in the fridge. She headed back to her spot on the deck, her corner of the world where she could hear the crickets and birds. There were a few chirps here and there but it was becoming strangely still, their cheerful songs almost muted except for the creaking branches of the old oak tree. Were animals and insects aware? Did they feel something happening?
          Julie’s pants were incredibly tight. What had caused all the bloating? Her Nikes felt two sizes too small.
          Then she remembered the predictions. The body was re-designing itself to survive by recharging with extra water like a battery in order to contain the extensive electromagnetic changes. That recollection brought Julie to attention, the peanut butter sandwich forgotten. There was no doubt about it: The six-day transition had begun! She was painfully aware that those trying to get home to the safety of her nest might not make it in time. Blood drained from her face.
          “Dear Lord,” she implored, beginning the slide into fear. “Please, watch over my babies and bring Dave home safely. I really don’t want to go through this alone.” The lump in her throat threatened to erupt. She grabbed the cell phone on the first ring.
“I’m okay, babe.” He was out of breath. “It was a good shaker but I was already close to the airport. I’m just a bit jittery.”
          Julie was in tears. “Oh, honey, I’ve been so scared. Thank God you’re all right.”
          “I’m getting on a plane now. I don’t know if it’ll take off or not so keep your fingers crossed. The airport is an absolute zoo, everybody running everywhere! They’re terrified by the earthquake, by whatever is going on in the ethers. I’m feeling really weird myself. My body feels like it’s vibrating. It’s two and a half hours to Albuquerque and then a long drive home, and I can’t wait to get there!”
          “Me too, honey.”
          “Stay in touch with me, Julie—you know, the way we do without phones.”
          “I will. Bill is down there somewhere, too. I’ll try to tune in to you both. I’ve been so upset I forgot to even try. Oh, Dave, I love you so very much.”
          “I love you, too, babe.” His voice was filled with emotion. The cell connection crackled.
          “Dave? Dave!” The line was dead.
          It wasn’t fear so much as the anxiety of facing the unknown. Experiencing something that hadn’t occurred in 26,000 years, for God’s sake, was a bit overwhelming. Lighten up, Julie, she scolded herself. Dave is alive. That’s all that matters right now.
          She re-settled into a comfortable position once again. Closing her eyes, she relaxed her body as much as the bloat allowed. Deepening her meditation, she went into a state of peace and connection with her higher consciousness, her angels and guides. In her mind, her third eye, she brought her children forward, one by one, sending peace, confidence and love, knowing it would reach them on some level.
          Kathy appeared in her vision. The 4Runner was tearing up the freeway.

          “Mommy, don’t drive so fast!” Joey scolded. “We’ll get to Grandma’s, I know we will. You’re scaring me, Mommy!”
          Kathy had a death grip on the wheel. Her cheeks were flushed, eyes glued to the freeway. She tried to sound calm. “It’s okay. I’m okay. Is Erica still asleep?”
          “She’s waking up. I think she did something. She smells awful!”
          “We’ll stop soon, Joey. Hang in there. We’ve got to make all the headway we can. Jesus!” she cried as a car shot by her. “He must be doing at least 100 miles an hour! People are nuts out here!”
          She had a surrealistic sensation of crawling in slow motion, moving against an ocean tide or a sea of mud. The damn seat belt was too tight around her middle. Maybe she should have just stayed in Phoenix. Was she insane? Her gut said no. The support of family was mandatory for this event. Besides, cities were not the place to be.
          She noticed the gas gauge was close to empty just as a small whimper escaped from the mound of blankets in the car seat next to Joey. At the next exit, she pulled off the highway and found a line of ten cars leading to the only gas station. She’d never get there at this rate.
          Kathy pulled in behind a travel trailer to wait her turn. Resting her head on the steering wheel, she closed her eyes and thought about Bill. They’d been through so much together. It was hard to live with him sometimes, but she couldn’t live without him. Joey needed him and little Erica was so young she hardly knew him yet.
          Kathy had held together pretty well until she heard about the earthquake on the radio. Was the building he was in safe? What floor had he been on? Was he hurt? Was he alive? Please let him be all right, please, please, God. Tears slid down her cheeks.
          “Mommy, don’t cry. I want Daddy, too, and I know he’s okay. He’ll find us at Grandma’s, Mommy. Please don’t cry,” Joey begged.
          Her son’s plea brought Kathy back to her present predicament. His clairvoyant abilities never failed to amaze her. He’d known that their second child would be a girl. He had predicted Bill would get the job he’d just interviewed for. He even announced the start date.
          From the time he could talk, Joey “knew” things. He could read minds and raising him was a challenge. Kathy wondered what his purpose in life was. It had to be something special.
          She brushed the tears from her eyes. “I’m okay, Joey. Just frustrated. I know in my heart Daddy’s safe. We’ll all be at Gram’s house soon and we’ll get great big hugs, okay?”
          “I know, Mommy. And I won’t cry, either,” he reassured her, although his blue eyes betrayed him.
          Joey affected a fake smile for her benefit and Kathy had to laugh. Laughter was good. Bill would be fine and was probably as frantic as she was to be together again. They’d both make it somehow.
          She closed her eyes and felt the connection with Julie in a way they had done so many times over the past few years. “If you believe it, you can achieve it,” Julie always said. Kathy had been pretty skeptical at first, but trust had grown and there was a deep love between the two women.
          A vision of Julie began to form in her mind, so real, Kathy suddenly felt at peace. She took a deep breath and her heartbeat slowed. A smile played with her lips. Her angels were with her, and with the children and Bill, too. Hadn’t she seen enough signs of that in the last few years?
          After a quiet thank you to her unseen support team, she moved the car up a couple of spaces and crawled into the back seat. Time for a quick diaper change and a snack for the baby. Thank God she was still nursing. She and Joey needed a potty break, too. Maybe everybody could use a snack, something to stop this strange tingling in her body, this feeling of disorientation.

Chapter Four
          Joey was right about one thing: His father was indeed frantic. Bill crawled his way out of the shaken high rise, helping as many as he could on the way down. Sirens screamed and the air was clogged with dust. His rental car was badly dented but functional.
          Traffic was close to a standstill in L.A. Everyone wanted to get somewhere but they didn’t know which direction to go. Many streets were blocked with debris and emergency crews. After much weaving and side street maneuvering, he was stuck on the 405, the great freeway parking lot, as Dave called it. Bill claimed cell phones had been invented simply to keep L.A. drivers from going nuts. But even those weren’t working now and drivers were definitely reacting.

EarthShift is available from Crystal Mountain Press, 1136 Lakeside Drive, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 for $18 postpaid. It is available as an eBook from and Barnes and Noble’s Nook for just $9.95.





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