Photon Excitement

by Emma O'Brian
© 2011 (all rights reserved)

An article from the May 2011 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following e-mail arrived in my inbox on March 27, 2011

Dear Ann,
          Just before dark last night my brother and I had a weird feeling. We were seeing flashes of light in our eyes. So when it got dark enough, we tested my theory on photon excitement with my digital camera. And because it was cloudy, so that I wouldn't be fooled by starlight, I took my camera out and aimed it straight up. While I was looking at the cloudy sky, I could see flashes in my eyes, and thought to myself, maybe the clouds are not that thick and I am just barely catching the stars in my sight?
          But then when I downloaded my film, I had photon excitement on each and every one of the frames. So I tested again with my lens covered by a piece of paper, and still there was photon excitement ... quite confusing as to how and what would make light where there was none to be made. Or is it an artifact of the camera?
         Then the late news came on. They told us that Canada lost power to their airport and had to stop all air traffic because of it. Then they said that the Seattle airport was also closed down from all air traffic, due to yet another electrical glitch. And then to top it off, they said that all of the world's major landmarks, such as the Space Needle here in Seattle, had shut off their lights in remembrance of Japan's earthquake and Earth Day.
          Coincidence that may have nothing to do with one another? Or could it have been so that the satellites made to detect x-ray radiation in space could see better where the Japanese nuclear fallout is really heading? Because no one was told about the "lights out" objective. And we watch several news stations every day. It was after the fact that we were told this.
          Later, I got up the nerve to go outside and take some more photos, feeling a bit on edge about what I had just heard and had downloaded. And there was a beautiful clear sky, where I was able to take good sky pictures of the stars ... and oddly enough, no photon excitement on my images. So I don't know what to think. I cannot get crazy about the news. I have to hold onto my head. Because there is no escape for any of us, even if things got bad. I am leaving this all up to the "All Knowing."

Love and light,
Emma O'Brian
Port Angeles, Washington




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