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Letters from the DECEMBER 2011


Osiyo, dear Ann,
        Saw the story on “Reptilians encountered in cave in Missouri” (TSB 11/11). Now if you catch one when they’re in season (so it will give the deer a break), here’s my recipe for...

Willy’s Roast Reptilian

One Reptilian, medium size
(Put cut up pieces in large pot.)
Add 1/4 cup salt
Juice of 7 lemons
4 quarts water
2 Tbsp. chili powder
1/4 cup sweet basil
4 cut-up onions (large)
12 cloves garlic
1/4 cup sage

        Let meat soak for four hours in covered pot. Then light the fire on low and let simmer for eight hours. Serves 50. The other white meat! (Helps cure the chemtrail cough.)
        When I was in the Army, I saved the life of 400 men. I shot the cook!
        Notice to Reptilians! If you don’t like my recipe, then get the !?*?*!??* off of our Earth! Tunnels collapse!

Willy Whitefeather
Grants Pass, Oregon


Message from a Crystal Skull

Hi, Ann,
       The following is a message I received from one of the Crystal Skulls at the Serpent Mound on Oct. 29 of this year. The Mayan Elders held a ceremony at the Serpent Mound in southern Ohio on that date. They were making a cross-country tour from New York to California and stopping at different sacred sites to honor the crystal skulls and the end of the Mayan Calendar (Oct. 28).

Many blessings along your Journey.
Doug Davis
Wickliffe, Ohio

       “The Sun will be very active throughout 2012. By way of its energy, Earth will continue along its path to freedom and enlightenment. There is a great purpose in the Sun’s activity. It will activate the Earth, Moon, and all the sons and daughters of the Sun. Trading old for the new, discarding old for the new, even without your conscious knowledge. Much knowledge of the Sun is in the skulls. It can be passed to you now or directly from the Sun as it heats up and expands its purpose for all its planets and sons and daughters. Intersecting lines and rays. Solar System is all connected. Be in the Sun. Consume plants for they contain the Sun’s energy. You cannot ascend without the Sun. Cannot move your thoughts and body without the Sun. New body will need activation by the Sun.”
       “You are Chairman of the Board. You are in charge of you. The Sun will teach you this. Beautiful Sun. As foretold by us, do not think you are not affected by the Sun. You cannot deny its effect. Your bodies must have the Sun to change their structures. Receive the Sun through the solar plexus. Very beneficial, very healing. Light, light, light, light up your lives with the golden light. Light of Wisdom, Change, and Energy. The Central Sun radiates in all directions. You will radiate in all directions as your own suns. You are radiant beings.”

Clarification on quote

       Before filing Star Beacon of September, I noticed something on page 1 that I should have written about before. This is the quote at upper right in large print: “‘Don’t bother me with the facts, my mind is made up / Stanton Friedman, having some fun with a debunker.” Stan includes this in a lot of articles and speeches. But this is taken out of context. That’s a quotation (or attitude) that he’s attributing to a debunker. It isn’t Stan’s own attitude.

Rich Heiden
Milwaukee, Wisconsin





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