The Meaning of It All

by Ann Ulrich Miller
© 2011 (all rights reserved)

An article from the MAY 2011 issue of THE STAR BEACON.


Did you know that everything that you need actually exists in this present moment? And did you realize that this moment is all that exists? What an amazing thought.

Lately I've been experiencing a new paradigm. Time seems to stand still... or is it simply that I don’t care what time it is anymore?

I haven't worn a watch in over a decade, and I have no intention to getting one. I have clocks in my home like most people, but I don't live by them. Often when I am out with my partner, or involved in some project on my own, I stop for a moment and realize that I have no idea what time of day it is... sometimes to the point where I’m not sure if it morning or afternoon. And it doesn't bother me... not in the least.

A reader recently sent me a few chapters from Ken Carey's revised book, The Starseed Transmissions (first published in 1982, then reprinted in 1995 with a new introduction by the author). If I were to hunt through my library of metaphysical and UFO books, I would probably find a copy of this book from long ago. I receive written material from a lot of people and sometimes I get overwhelmed. This material sat around on my kitchen counter for weeks before I finally felt drawn to pick it up.

"This present moment is the stargate through which you will leave the prison of human definition and expand into an awareness of divine perception," it says in Chapter 6, "A Psychological Process." It talks about an "identity shift," in which balance is restored when you realize there are two realities.

What are these two realities? One is the form in which we live as creatures of the earth, our animated form. Through this form we reawaken to our awareness that we are spirit. Most of you reading this already know that you are spiritual beings experiencing physicality. We are not our bodies ... we are much, much more! And when we are through with these bodies, that part of us that is truly who we are emerges and continues through eternity.

Through the identity shift, we will return to a state of grace, of health, of intimate association with all that is, according to the book. "This state already exists. It always has. Yet most human beings are blinded to it by the incessant machinations of the rational thought processes that they worship instead of God and His simple truth."

The most important thing we can do right now is to recognize the creative power of our very thoughts. We are powerful beyond our knowledge. The more negative thoughts we carry around, the more limited we remain in consciousness. But as soon as our thoughts are of Love and Life, we enjoy the wonder of God's perception.

"The stuff of which you are made is so charged with the ability to create that everything you touch comes to life — every thought, every identity, every image." Needless to say, we manifest our world and we receive back what we put out in thought form.

For instance, I've noticed that on days when my partner and I go on a day trip, we enjoy the present moment as it unfolds. We haven't been exposed to our television sets and the distressing news casts that pump out the woes of the world. On such days we feel carefree, peaceful and alive. Our thoughts are centered on having fun, enjoying nature, loving life and each other. It is entering the crack between two worlds. And only the present moment exists.

The world is changing. We see evidence of this every day as events unfold and new activities appear with ever increasing frequency. As light workers we assume different roles to bring balance to a troubled Earth. Some of us are healers, some provide needed information that others can use to understand and accept what is happening to them. Some of us are just here to anchor Light... we don't even need to "do" anything except be an example for others in the way of living in harmony, with compassion and unconditional love for all.

Whatever your role is, know that you are an important ingredient in this recipe for the next leap of consciousness into a better, ever evolving Earth. All of us -- even those playing the dark roles at this time -- were awarded the honor of being here at this glorious time in history. So, make it easier on yourself. Yes, there are times ahead that are challenging and devastating for some. But you can buffer the hardships by using your inner power of creative thoughts, envisioning a protective shield of light around yourself and those closest to you. Remember, fear is a destructive, negative thought-force. Love and compassion will override fear and see you through.





This page updated May 8, 2011


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