The Meaning of It All

by Ann Ulrich Miller
© 2011 (all rights reserved)

An article from the JUNE 2011 issue of THE STAR BEACON.


Once a lightworker, always a lightworker?

The road on which we journey through life is not always a straight path. I’ve always preferred back roads. Why take the interstate when you can go off course once in a while and experience those out-of-the-way small towns and farmlands? Sure, it might take a little longer, but it’s all about experience after all. When you slow down and take time to breathe and look around, you'd be amazed at what you see. Life is to be savored.

I suppose I've been a lightworker since I was a young girl. There was no label for me then, other than "odd." Space and worlds beyond ours were of huge interest to me. Somehow I just knew I was part of a cosmos and that part of me was "from out there." As the years progressed and I entered into adulthood, I began traveling on the highways instead of the side streets, conforming to restrictions and rules that would assure acceptance among my peers.

I married my high school sweetheart when I was 20, worked my way through college, earning a degree in English, and then began a family. It was all very normal, very secure and timely. Yet a part of me remembered that I was different somehow. My writing reflected it and was my escape when the world became too “normal” to bear. Our move to Colorado in 1978 with our toddler son was the exit ramp that would lead to opening my awareness.

In my late 20s I worked in Aspen at the newspaper. People talked openly and without judgment about subjects that were new to me, such as herbal healing, iridology, psychic phenomena and vegetarianism. These subjects fascinated me for some reason. My supervisor referred me to a psychic named Ursula and from that point on I was hooked. Then, in late 1983, while working for the Snowmass Village Sun, I interviewed a woman who had opened a "UFO Contact Center," of all things!

It was at that point where my life cruised mainly onto the back roads. Something triggered an awakening in me and memories began to resurface as I recalled incidents earlier in my life dealing with possible spacecraft and ETs. I had always kept an open mind about the subject of UFOs, and now I found myself right in the middle of it all. The next couple of years were highly charged with sightings and experiences that I documented in my journal.

This wasn't a good thing for my marriage, however. My left-brained, atheistic husband discouraged me from getting involved with the local UFO Contact Center. He felt threatened by my beliefs and didn't like how I was changing (growing). He sought out a transfer and the family relocated to Oregon in 1984 for a 10-month stint in Corvallis. I was saturated with UFOs, possibly even overwhelmed, and welcomed the reprieve, hoping our family life would return to normal. I think he was hoping I'd "get over it."

To make a long story short, moving to Oregon made no difference. The experiences and anomalies continued there. In the spring of 1985 I became pregnant with my third son, and we moved back to Colorado. I was just as involved with New Thought and UFOs as before, and although my husband tolerated it, he wasn't happy.

Several months after Scott was born, I started a UFO Contact Center of my own. In April 1987 The Star Beacon was born. My spirituality soared, yet I felt limited because I didn't want to upset my husband, who continued to criticize and debate anyone who came to our home for UFO meetings.

The breaking point came eventually. Spirit intervened, but I won't go into that because it's already in my autobiography. I broke free and was able to fulfill my destiny as a lightworker for many years. I had a supportive partner and life on the back roads continued to be scenic, esoteric and interesting.

I am still a lightworker, and I still take the back roads in life. But lately I'm feeling the need to wind down from it all. The Star Beacon is my mission in life and it will continue as long as it is needed. But I have spread myself too thin over the last 10 years and now I've discovered some back roads that are pulling me in a different direction. I want to explore those too! I find I no longer want to be in groups or put on conferences or deal with a lot of the stuff that I used to like to do. I want to be spiritual in a more subtle way, a private road that I've discovered and which appeals to me as my life settles down. I welcome the chance to turn over my responsibilities to others who are where I was 20 years ago. Yet I will continue to support them with my light and my love.

I see a mile marker ahead that reads "Slow down. Smell the roses." I think i't's time for a stretch.





This page updated June 1, 2011


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