The Meaning of It All

by Ann Ulrich Miller
© 2011 (all rights reserved)

An article from the SEPTEMBER 2011 issue of THE STAR BEACON.


          My neighborhood in Lake Pagosa Park is beautiful. Ponderosa pines populate the area and the lake is two blocks away. We have a forest on the ridge to the northeast and it is common to see red fox, mule deer and other wildlife any time of the year.
          This summer Colorado experienced a drought, so food for wildlife -- and in particular, bears — has been scant. Black bears, hungry and desperate for food to fatten them through the winter, cruise the streets at night seeking garbage.
          Bear stories abound. Neighbors stop you on the road to relate a sighting at their house, and strewn trash in the streets is a telltale sign of invaders the night before. I moved my dumpster into my backyard when our 11th Hour group of lightworkers held a garage sale in my yard. I figured it was safe enough with my fence.
          Then came the morning I walked into my sunroom and noticed the overturned dumpster in my backyard. Plastic bags of trash had been torn open and litter was everywhere. A bear had come in the night. I was surprised because my gate was closed and I didn’t think they would get over my fence.
          We soon detected fence and gate damage where the bear had come through. Doug warned me that a bear could easily squeeze through the doggie door into my garage, so we went to work and closed it up. We also spent an hour fixing the chain link fence.
          And here I thought I was immune to the bear problem. My illusion bubble just burst.
          Speaking of illusion... so much is going on in the world these days. Fighting over in the Middle East dominates the national news, which is only overridden by who is going to be the GOP nominee in the 2012 election. The really important stuff is ignored by the mainstream media, as most of you already know.
          At one of our 11th Hour meetings, the topic for discussion was: What is your most significant disillusionment to get you where you are now?
          I came up with something, but had to look up the word first. Disillusionment means to “break free of mistaken beliefs and false hopes.”
          A lot of different experiences in my life have led me to where I am today, including my past UFO sightings/experiences. And I have probably always known that I am a part of a galactic civilization.
          My most recent disillusionment has come from my relationship with Doug, the special man in my life who has opened my eyes to a more realistic view of life on Earth. I feel he has broken the shell of fantasy in which I was cocooned for decades. Through our conversations I have come to realize that disillusionment can happen in different ways.
          In my case I have become more aware of a certain gullibility and have felt the need to withdraw from the influence of others’ belief systems when they do not ring true with my own. As a result I have probably become more “self” centered in order to get the answers from Source.
          Having published The Star Beacon for 25 years now, I continue to interact with beautiful people who expect me to have all the answers. However, I am just a seeker like the rest of you.
          My soul’s lessons now include standing up for myself, getting rid of all phobias (it’s harder than you think), and nurturing others in new ways. After what I consider decades of service and giving much of my life over to others, I am finally concentrating on my own needs and finding peace and happiness while I can still enjoy it.
          If this seems selfish and un-spiritual to some, then so be it. But my illusion bubble has burst. I cannot pretend to be something I am not. My spirituality is intact, but it is now a more private and cherished part of my whole being.
          Just remember: Love is the answer, no matter what the illusion.




This page updated september 9, 2011


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