The Meaning of It All

by Ann Ulrich Miller
© 2011 (all rights reserved)

An article from the OCTOBER 2011 issue of THE STAR BEACON.


          Autumn in Colorado is awesome. This year we had a strange start in September. Rainstorms and cold temperatures hit us here in the Four Corners area for about two weeks. It felt more like mid November instead of late summer.
         I admit, I was a bit rattled by it. What the heck was going on?
         Let me use the weather as a metaphor of the Shift. During the summer months of June, July and August, things were fairly normal. We had dry weather in Colorado, which is certainly not unusual for this arid climate. But it seemed as though it was building up to something big. The energies were intense. Then came the sudden cold and storms, which felt disruptive and left many confused and uncertain as to what would come next... snow?
         Then, suddenly on Sept. 18, the sun came out and so did the familiar Colorado blue skies. Now the trees are turning and the days are warm, the nights cool... it’s Paradise. We have returned to beautiful warm fall days, starry nights and a tranquility that feels different and is actually rather nice.
         First, things are normal, but the intensity builds. Then comes the disruptive sudden change, followed by tranquility in which all is well -- better than before. Is this what it will be like when the Shift happens?
         Here is my take on the upcoming Shift. I actually think we are already in it. We are shifting now. It has begun and we are moving through it at various levels. Those who are resisting it are having the hardest time. Those who have embraced it and have given it some thought and spiritual preparation are at peace and just letting it happen.
         Nothing really scares me any more. I am well aware of unrest throughout our world, the wars being waged, the political upheaval and dissatisfaction of Americans with how our country is being run into the ground. The economy keeps getting worse as joblessness increases and the value of the dollar continues to fall. Even gold and silver have taken a terrible plunge in recent days. But does it worry me? I have to say no.
         All of these things are happening because we are shifting to a different way of living, a better way of relating to each other. We are witnessing the material world and its illusion disintegrate before our very eyes. Along with Mother Earth, we are changing and the long process of change within ourselves is finally manifesting in a new reality.
         I know this sounds rather esoteric to some of you. But who hasn’t noticed the changes happening around them, or inside of them, for that matter? Have you noticed vibrations occurring in your body that you didn’t have before, or heard music (such as radio noise or sounds of people singing) out of the blue? What kind of dreams have you been having lately? And have you noticed that you are not as troubled by things now that used to bother you?
         A sort of peaceful easy feeling has settled over me and I feel my guides and angels close by. Plus, I have found that the more grateful I am for each waking day, and all the people and experiences that go with it, the more secure and tranquil my life becomes. This, to me, is the Shift. And a lot of it has to do with how you, personally, envision your life to be in this Shift. Our thoughts do manifest, but because we are all connected, all the thoughts come together to make one Big Reality.
         The time left to prepare for the Shift is coming to an end. The time to experience the Shift is now. The Shift is not coming sometime in the future, it is here... now. Those of you who are lightworkers probably have a fairly good understanding of why you are here. We are the wayshowers to those who are still in the fog. Shine your light and share your positive attitudes with those who don’t understand yet what’s ahead for them. Many people around us, in our communities -- in our families even -- don’t have a clue.
         Now is not the time to argue with them or try to convert them to your way of thinking. It is the time to be patient with them, to be available to them when they call on us with their questions.
         In my personal life autumn has been a time of beginnings and change. Each of my three sons was born in the fall. I married Ethan (my late husband) in the fall, and also lost him in the fall. It was in the fall that I met Doug, my best friend and beloved partner. I get excited about things in the autumn, and I am excited now ... about Earth’s future.
         There is nothing to fear. We might experience a few bumps along the way, but we have all come through plenty of events in our lives that have prepared us for what is ahead. I do believe God does not give us more than we can handle or overcome.
         If you are still resisting the Shift out of fear -- unintentional or not -- just let go and allow... with love.




This page updated October 6, 2011


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