by Ray Larsen
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An article from the JUNE 2011 issue of THE STAR BEACON.


One of my old friends, Shirley, has a favorite saying, “Everything changes all the time.” Over the last six months or so, we have seen some changes in the radio programs discussed in prevoius issues of The Star Beacon.

Whitley Strieber has completely redesigned his Unknown Country Web site. The new site is more visually pleasing and a lot easier to navigate. To listen to Dreamland (Whitley) or Revelations Stargate Radio (William Henry), just click on the respective box, upper left on the page. The next page you see gives a quick writeup of the program for you to check out before listening. New to the site is the embedded player. A great improvement, the new player gives you much more control over the playing process. The old player only allowed starting and stopping.

On the flip side, a non-member is allowed to listen to only the current show. On the old site you could hear the last four shows. If you miss a “must hear” show, subscribing is the only fix. For $3.95 per month, you get acess to all the past Dreamland shows back to 2004, including the ability to download them as MP3 files for listening on your iPod or similar mobile device. Membership has other benefits, like a 10 percent discount in Whitley’s store.

During the change of government in Egypt, William Henry was there with a tour group. They went through quite an ordeal getting out of Egypt. Whitley later interviewed William on Dreamland. This was a great show, as William gave listeners his unique perspective on the great drama unfolding there, along with their challenging exit experiences.

Jeff Rense has made no major changes to his Web site or his radio program. Both the site and program are already in my personal “excellent” category. Jeff has kept us posted on the ongoing disasters in Japan better than any other source I’ve seen.

One of his many radio guests is Dr. Bill Deagle (nutrimedical). A medical doctor with broad scientific knowledge, Dr. Deagle truly knows about all things nuclear and can explain it in an understandable way. He once worked for the Defense Department, where he developed effective ways (nutrition and clothing) to protect our soldiers from radiation exposure. He also has vast knowledge of the nuclear industry.

As usual, Jeff has his slate of regular guests, Jim Marrs (The View from Marrs), Gerald Celente (trends research), Brian Vike (UFOs), Catherine Austin Fitts (economics), Terry Arnold (economics), Charles R. Smith (wars and weapons), David John Oates (reverse speech) and many more engaging personalities, are well worth listening to, if you want to expand your understanding of a wide variety of interesting subjects.

Like Whitley, Jeff offers a subscription service for $5.95 per month. He is the only one to offer a “try it before you buy it” program. Members can play or download any past show. Going back to the 1990s, the archive offers plenty to choose from. Listening to the live program is always free. There is no show Saturday night, but Jeff picks his three best guests from the previous week and replays them on the Sunday Night Encore, also free to listen.

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory also has made only a few small changes. One change is the upper left of the page. The HIGHLIGHT pane shows pictures and videos sent in by listeners. The Web masters receive a large amount of material, so they change it every day.

Recent guests on the Coast to Coast radio program include Dr. Richard Sauder (known for his book, Underground Bases and Tunnels) who discussed paranormal phenomena of a very personal nature. Filmmaker Michael Murphy discussed his latest movie, What In The World Are They Spraying? a great exploration of the chemtrail enigma. He said that his next movie may be Why instead of What.

Physicist Wallace Thornhill (Electric Universe, thunderbolts link below) has a whole new set of physics theories that explains the operation of the universe with electricity being the prime mover, instead of gravity.

Richard C. Hoagland (enterprisemission) is a frequent guest who keeps Coast listeners informed about the goings on at NASA and many other space subjects. Though a little sparse on Fukushima, Coast coverage of the failed “rapture” was very good.

The man who started Coast to Coast, Art Bell, has not been heard from in many months. A recent concerned caller asked Mr. Noory about Mr. Bell. George said that Art is enjoying his retirement with his wife and young daughter in Manila, Philippines.

Over the last few years, Art has temporarily come out of retirement and hosted a show, once every six months or so. Premire Radio installed equipment in Art’s condo that enables him to do a show from Manila. Hopefully, he will do another one soon. Every Saturday evening (7 to 11 PM MST), for those who can’t wait, Premire re-plays an old Art Bell show, “Somewhere in Time.” To listen free to Coast to Coast, you will need to tune it in on a real AM or FM radio. Coast is carried on 545 affiliate stations in North America. To find your local station, just click on STATIONS (top of home page), and a map comes up. Just click on your state and a list will appear. Here in Colorado there are 13 affiliate stations, including KHOW-AM 630 kHz in Denver. Unfortunately, none of these stations are receivable here in Pagosa Springs.

Unlike Dreamland and Rense Radio, Coast does not offer a free listen option. If you can’t tune in an affiliate station, subscribing to Streamlink (for $6.95 per month) is the best way to hear Coast. Subscribers can listen to thousands of past shows any time they want. If you invest in a really good radio (see the selection at C. Crane Co.), you can tune in Coast live on a “clear channel” station, such as KFAB 1110 from Omaha, Neb., WOAI 1200 from San Antonio, Texas, or KKOB 770 from Albuquerque, N.M.

Over the last few months, we have explored many possible ways to establish radio contact with UFOs and ETs. As mentioned in last month’s Radio Waves, CB radio is an intriguing possibility. In the United States, tens of millions of people own a CB radio. They became popular in the 1970s during the great “Oil Shock.” In an attempt to force people to save fuel, speed limits were reduced nationwide. Drivers coped with this by communicating up and down the highways, warning each other of “Smokey Bear’s” handing out “greenstamps” to speeders.

Before the advent of cell phones, many people installed a base station at home with a big antenna. This allowed communication from home to the family car. Some CB operators enjoy communicating with local friends who also have base stations, commonly called “ragchewing.” If power and phone service is lost in an area, CB radio is a good way for people to maintain communication with friends and neighbors.

Unlike HAM Radio, no license is required; the equipment is reasonably priced and easy to use. Having a CB in your car and home should be considered a vital part of overall preparedness. It could be a lifesaver!

If you do a lot of driving, having a CB in your car is a wonderful idea. You can talk with truckers and other drivers about road conditions ahead. In an emergency, you can get some help by calling on Channel 9, known as the “emergency channel.” Most drivers monitor Channel 19 (27.185 MHz), but in some areas Channel 17 is used as the “calling” channel. Courteous radio operators generally will move to another channel for a long conversation. Sometimes (during peak traffic), there may be several million people listening to Channel 19 or 17. What a great possibility for ETs to send a message to a large number of listeners who can reply back.

Please visit the last link below if you would like to know more about CB radios and how to install one. Be sure to tune in right here in next month’s Star Beacon.

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Ray Larsen is a HAM radio operator who resides in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.





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