Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET

by Commander Sanni Ceto
© 2011 (all rights reserved)

An article from the SEPTEMBER 2011 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Q: .What do you have to say about crop circles? It seems obvious some are man-made, but many are not. Are certain races of aliens (or higher dimensional entities) trying to communicate with humanity, and what are they saying?                       Annie from Alberta, Canada

A: Dear Annie,
         Crop circles are created by using lasers which are beamed down by overhead crafts. These are created by a craft’s onboard computers and are encoded messages to awaken those who are at a level to understand their secret codes. Most crop circles are created by Pleiadians and Zeti Grays using a combination of ultrasonic technology and lasers, and the messages pertain to Earth’s evolutuion as a planetary society..
.                                                                                            Love, Commander Sanni

Q: Hello, Commander,
          I once consulted a talented psychic who gave on-the-telephone advice at the same radio station where I hosted a classical music show. He told me that this is my last life on Earth, and that I had met and married a woman I now know, as a platonic friend, 700 years ago in Ireland. He said she would have to come back for another lifetime to learn more in this system. Can you give a hint as to which star system I may go to after death? I hope it’s a human one. By the way, he predicted the time and place and method of his own murder in a note left for police, telling them where the man would be hiding.              Patrick

A: Dear Patrick,
         Your soul will return to the origins of your stellar core matrix that you were encoded with in your original DNA before you came to Earth. Your heart essence contains the memories of your prior incarnation plus Lyra, which is your home world system, will scan and read your records to see whether or not you have to complete any more cycles or have learned all your lessons on Earth as the cellular memories are as tiny Akashic records and will know what your next incarnation will be or where your next assignment will be on another planet.                                                                   Love, Commander Sanni

Q: My Dearest Sanni,
          I welcome you and send my love. Thanks to you, we know the truth finally. I am so sorry for all you have endured on our planet. We too suffer daily... My question is: Do you have superior powers to heal the human body? Thank you.
                                                                               Much Love and Light,
                                                                              Your Cheribim Angel Friend, Velma


A: Dear Velma,
         Thank you. If I had superior powers to heal the human body, I’d be cured of my ASD syndrome disorder and other issues. I can send you healing energies, but as far as working magic, that I cannot do. But I send you my love and prayers that your body, or anyone else’s, gets healed.                                                                    Love, Commander Sanni

Q: Hello again, Commander,
          Is it possible to use a cell phone to make a phone call between two distant planets? If yes, how would the phone number to another planet look like?
                                                                                                 Thanks. Sanju

A: Dear Sanju,
          With your current technology that would not be possible now.

Q: Hello,
          I would like to ask you some questions, if I may. (1) How many of you (Pleiadians or Zeta) are here on Earth? (2) Is there a way to notice/recognize the reptoids? (3) Have you heard about a group of people involved in a project called Avalon and Camelot? They would love to see or hear from you.
                                                                                              Thank you. Peter Hric

A: Dear Peter,
          There are countless Pleiadians on Earth and they make up more than a fourth of your population on Earth. Zetis are fewer in number. Reptoids are the most numerous. They are recognizable by their dark and corrupted energies and they pass as humans while on Earth (they are shape shifters). Camelot has to do with a secret program about a mass staged contact. UFO sightings usher in a New World Order by using holograms and lasers to sway the people through mind control.

If you have a question for Commander Sanni Ceto, please e-mail it to and put “Ask ET” in the subject line. The Commander is happy to answer any and all questions.





This page updated September 9, 2011


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