Transformation: From Enslaved to Magnificent

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An article from the JULY 2011 issue of THE STAR BEACON.


          It is a great honor for me to participate in the creation of this book. In 2008, when I was first asked to receive messages and post them on the internet, I resisted, believing I was not capable of communicating with non-humans and had no desire to expose myself as crazy. I have since learned to express the beautiful words herein.
          I received these communications during 2008, 2009, and 2010, posting 144 of them at Mark’s Corner at the Cosmic Paradigm web site. I have recorded them in this book using the same beautiful words that I originally posted. The communications have been grouped to make the information easier to assimilate and to connect communications from different beings on similar topics. Although I have been reluctant to change any of the beautiful words of these messages, I have, working in conjunction with the original authors, omitted redundant passages, occasionally changed wording to better reflect the intent and scope of messages, and occasionally found more appropriate words to express the intended meaning.
          These messages detail the transformation of our planet, our place in the universe, and a positive outlook for our future — if we are willing to act. I hope, by presenting them to you in this new way, that they spark your curiosity, and that you will make a decision to join with others to become Caretakers of the new Earth. As always I encourage you to seek your own unique truth, and live it. The messages at Mark’s Corner were the result of communications with beings from other star systems, celestials, Earth, Jesus, and the God of this Universe. The communications have been verified as coming only from those who are of the highest Christ Consciousness.
          Justine — The first messages that I posted were from a male with a body closely resembling a human of Earth, and whom I understood to say was from the planet Supsten in the star system Altair. (My interpretation of his words.) I have subsequently learned that Justine is indeed from Supsten and it is indeed a planet of the star system Altair, however his home planet, that sphere upon which he has most frequently incarnated, is within the Andromeda galaxy, not our galaxy, the Milky Way. He has been aboard the Andromedan starship, Athabantian, for only a short time as measured in Earth years.
          Bren-Ton of Andromeda, an androgynous being who has no physical form, although he incarnated predominately as a male before ascending to a lighter density, subsequently contacted me. He has been observing Earth and her people since coming with an Andromedan starship to beam Light energy to a struggling Earth.
          Moraine, a beautiful female with a body resembling that of a young human of Earth, and also from Supsten, next supplied me with engaging messages. Speaking from the Andromedan starship, she has informed me that she is over two hundred years old, and like Justine has been in orbit about Earth for a few years. In honor of these three wayshowers, an image of the Andromeda galaxy appears on the front cover of this book.
          Adrial is a celestial of this universe, currently charged with assisting the transformation of Earth’s humans. She has followed events on this planet since the initial human inhabitation. I am most grateful and humbled to have ongoing communications with her and other extraordinary beings.
          As you read the messages on these pages, you may feel that some of the material is redundant. In some cases it is. Nonetheless I have included most messages because, 1) they were so beautifully written and each author has a slightly different way of expressing him- or herself. 2) I have been told that redundancy will help readers to internalize this information, so that they might rely upon it rather than seeing it as a source of entertainment. 3) This material has a special quality: It changes to meet the needs of the reader each time it is read.
          Adrial, Bren-Ton, Justine, and Moraine have informed me that the messages in these pages are all the information and insights we require to navigate the transformation. I have included a few communications from them that were not previously posted at          Mark’s Corner. These were provided specifically for inclusion in this book.
          A careful read of the following pages may produce some apparent inconsistencies. These may be due to different perspectives of those who are communicating this information, or they may be that my abilities to receive the communications increased over time. Please keep in mind that no one, with the exception of God, has a complete understanding of the larger picture, or of the changes to Earth's human population. As for correlating the time of events, refer to the underlined date of each message, and remember that those who are sending these messages do not relate well to our linear time.
          You may find some differences between the communications in this book and those presented by others who are receiving messages. It may help to view the larger picture and the transformation of Earth and humanity as parts of a giant crystal: There are many facets to it; no one has the complete picture.
          The collected messages of this book paint a hopeful picture for the future of mankind, as we come to realize and manifest the truly magnificent beings we are — magnificent beings having a bodily experience in this density, magnificent beings under- going the rigors of a fear-based enslavement in order to choose living in the Light of love, and magnificent physical beings who now have the opportunity to ascend to lighter densities within these physical bodies — something that has not been accomplished before in this universe. All that remains for each of us is to raise our personal frequency to a level that we may accompany Earth as she transforms herself.
          Final comment: My level of consciousness is reflected in the words herein as they were written. My ability to receive and transcribe these messages has expanded over the course of these transmissions.

In Truth, Love & Joy,
Mark Kimmel
December 2010

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