25 years on an Earth mission

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Kirlian photograph of Adona in June 1994

EDITOR’S NOTE: Adona and I met in the early 1990s when she came to visit me in Paonia, Colo. She placed her hands on my head and literally removed a bad headache in moments. No one had ever done that to me before. She and I had similar paths in life. I honor her for the important work she does.
          As an adult Adona learned that she chose to be born with nerve deafness in order to develop her telepathic ability with the other dimensions. Here is her story from her 57 years on Earth so far. She and I both have come a long ways since 1987.

by Adona

          I was 12 years old when I first learned how to telepath with my beloved grandmother, Hester, who passed away. She stayed with me for about seven years, helping me to fine-tune my telepathic ability because my mother did not release her from the earth plane. When my mother finally released her, I did not see my grandmother again because she moved on to another dimension.
          I also developed the ability of premonition with my closest family members who would be leaving the earth plane in their transition called death (which included my grandmother who became my teacher in my childhood development of telepathy).


Blue UFO in Sedona, Ariz. on Aug. 19, 1989

          As a child I did not “fit in” with the rest of the world. I felt different -- a star being incarnated as -- a star being incarnated as an Earth human being, walking this beautiful planet that was unfamiliar to me. I was a stranger on Earth. But I knew that I had to keep going because I was driven to finalize my Earth mission as a Pleiadian incarnated soul. I was also driven to find out why humanity thinks, acts, and makes certain choices in their lifetimes.
          It was and is a win-win situation between the Earth humans and star people. We share knowledge, wisdom and learning experiences with each other about living life as the Earth human beings and our benevolent star people, living their lives in the 4th dimension and above within the Universes.
          I think back to the 1987 time period when I asked our Creator to show me the “Wonders of the Heavens.” I was 33 years old. Immediately I had my positive scout craft sighting directly in front of my house in the country. Of course, I was raised practically on the airport as my parents used to own their aviation business at Hobby Airport. So I knew practically every identifiable airplane of its time. I remember how fast my personal life changed and how I began my spiritual awakening journey in maturity, walking this beautiful planet called Earth as a Pleiadian incarnated human being.
          After the 1987 scout craft “close up” sighting directly in front of my house, I began to recall my positive childhood pick-up experience by my Pleiadian friends within their scout craft, visited with them, and then they returned me home to bed six hours later. I was about 7 or 8 years old at the time. My star family told me that I would not remember for a time, until I am an adult, for my awakened mission with the Earth.
I was not told what my Earth mission would be, but they said that I am highly protected for my mission is important to Earth and to my star people. They wanted to protect me from skeptics and the powers-that-be who want to control the said information and/or bring harm to others because of the Truth that they bring to the public.

Man appears in portal at Bell Rock

          After a few years of developing my channeling abilities, I went underground for about 10 years. I withdrew from everything that I loved to do as a channeled intergalactic communicator in complete silence. I spent those 10 years with my family, who have not developed into their own spiritually awakened state yet. Then a fellow Pleiadian incarnated human being managed to find me and contacted me by telephone. Slowly I returned to who I was born to be -- an intergalactic communicator -- and began to use my telepathic abilities that I have not used since I was 18 years old.
          Many inter-dimensional and inter-galactic communications, and manifestation of things appeared to my physical eyes, proof of the portals, and so many other wonderful things have occurred during my lifetime.

A hand appeared on Adona's red shirt in 1989

          Here is a list of many of my life experiences that manifested. Rest assured, you and I are not alone in experiencing these manifestations. Many people experience many different things in their lifetimes. Rejoice in your ability to see what many have yet to see.

Adona’s Manifestation List

          1. As a child (7 or 8), a bright white orb of light in the sky got brighter and brighter to enter my bedroom. Loss of time… 6 hours. Loss of memory.

          2. As a 12-year-old, I had my first premonition that my beloved grandmother will leave the Earth as told to me by my guardian angel.

          3. My beloved grandmother appeared to me with two angels that stood 10 ft. to telepath to me that she is happy and going home to Heaven.

          4. My beloved grandmother returned to be my spiritual teacher in order to assist me in my telepathic development for seven years until Mom -- may she rest in peace -- released her when I was 18 years old.

          5. Premonitions of transitions for Uncle Clint and Aunt Louise.

          6. I slept for a time to learn about Earth life from age 18 to age 33.

          7. Age 33, I saw a scout craft the size of a small house appear in front of my home in the country (Bay City, Texas) on July 18, 1987 on a rainy night around midnight. The scout craft was about a front yard length ahead of the front of my house. It went from two-story level to the left of the big tree and then, one-story level to the right of the big tree and poof... it was gone in three seconds flat. It was the beginning of my awakening.

Adona saw this UFO and drew it on a sketch pad

         8. I began to have telepathic communications with our star people and developed sensitivity to light, sound and vibrations of objects. It changed the outlook of my life with my traditional family. In my case, my family and I grew apart. It was the hardest decision that I have ever had to face… loss of my children. The loss of the love of my family because I became a stranger to them. Different. I was going beyond the traditional life of belief system, living outside of the box, so to speak.

        9. On my own, without any Earth training, I was guided to build a 7 ft. staff and a 6 ft. staff that were made up of copper, leather wraps, rabbit fur, feathers, and double terminator crystals. I realized that I had a job to do in clearing out the ley lines. I began my vibrational vocal sounds and the scout crafts that are in the area anchored the higher frequencies through my staff and through me. I had coarse vibrations rushing through me down to the ley lines below my feet. I discovered that I had to hold onto the staff because the vibrations were so strong that it could knock me off my feet. I also realized that people who are not of higher vibrations couldn’t handle it. I did most of the work alone. Also, I noticed that the effects of my work that I did on those ley lines created rain within 24 hours of my staff activity.

        10. Two men and I were at Shiprock, New Mexico. We got out of the car and I saw a huge 6 ft. diameter ball of bright yellow light. I yelled to the men and asked if they were seeing what I saw. They were perplexed and said, “No!” Then, I saw a beam of bright yellow light from the top of Shiprock to the bottom of Shiprock. I yelled at the men that there is a Portal door and questioned them if they could see it. “No,” they said. One of the men took a picture of me with my staff and a bright light was behind me that showed up in the picture. Out of 300 pictures that he took, only the picture of me with my staff had this unusual phenomenon.

        11. When I was in Sedona, Ariz., with two gentlemen, we were at Bell Rock vortex area. I worked with my staff within the Medicine Wheel that was already there. I warned the guys that it would start raining in Phoenix within two hours. They laughed at my statement. It was a clear day -- not a cloud in the sky. We left to go back to Phoenix. It thundered, and suddenly there was a downpour of rain. The guys looked at me with strange looks on their faces. They do not laugh at me anymore. I was the real deal.

        12. On my other visit to Sedona, Ariz., I was told that I needed to take a picture of the Sun with my Polaroid camera. My star people told me that it would open the door of the Portal to show proof of their existence. There was proof of their existence within this Portal doorway. I still have the picture.

Bell Rock in Sedona, August 1988

        13. At Starlight Farm retreat center in Texas, I saw the physical manifestation of a spiritual flame that came from the other dimension at the foot of my bed when I was lying there at night. I was not scared at all. I was fascinated by it.

        14. While visiting my friends in a town near Corpus Christi, we saw a UFO maneuver in the sky. They saw a white light while I saw a red symbol of a cross with a circle in the center. My physical body was in a slow-motion state and I watched the scout craft make its formation in the sky, and then, all of a sudden, time sped up and I felt normal again. We were perplexed why they saw a white orb of a scout craft in the sky and I saw the red symbol that the scout craft made in the sky. I figured that I was stepped up into the time-space and dimensional shift while they were still in the third physical dimension. It was the only explanation at the time.

        15. A former partner and I were in Dallas, Texas, visiting his family. We went to the “Mary Tree” at the home of the Catholic family. I gave them a telepathic message and they were surprised to confirm what I received at the time. I saw Angelic warriors standing on each side of the sidewalk when I approached the Tree. Then, I saw Archangel Michael, Emmanuel and Mary. Then, I prayed in my own Universal language in the best vocal singing vibrational voice. I finished and went back up to the porch where the Catholic wife was sitting with my former partner. There was a pot that had been left by a negative woman next to the tree that burst into flame. It shot fire about six feet into the air. My former partner ran to get the water hose to put the fire out. This was the result of my request to clear out any negative forces in the area.

        16. A lady friend of mine and I went to a particular empty building in Houston. I brought my staff at the time to clear out the area. It was a sunny, hot day. There was no breeze at all. I began my vocal projection of vibrational tones and walked around the building. All of a sudden, the wind came up and followed me around the building three times. It was an interesting experience.

        17. When I was staying with a friend in the north Houston area, we were visited by a scout craft. My friend’s neighbor and her son saw a circular silver craft hovering over my friend’s house at about 4 am. I could not sleep and I was lying down on the couch. I looked over at the metal pyramid sitting on the small table with a cluster of crystals inside it. The crystals were glowing in a brilliant white glow. I knew that the interdimensional beings were in the house, even though I could not see them. I felt their presence. Also, my lady friend woke me up the second night and wanted to show me what was going on in the bedroom where the TV was. The TV was on, but the power and plug were off. It went on by itself. I was not afraid at all. I accepted the fact that we were visited and we both had the same dream of being picked up, but we did not remember what we had discussed with the star people. Loss of memory and time for our own protection.

        18. When I was attuned to Mother Earth, I requested that I follow the patterns of her changes. Whenever I had heat and a pulling sensation with my left shoulder and arm, I knew that a change was coming with Earth. I began to pay attention to the Earth changes around the world and any disruptions of pipeline/gas lines, earthquakes and volcanic happenings by reading the newspaper reports, the news, and the Internet reports. After about six months of tracking my physical sensations, I discovered that within 24 to 48 hours of my symptoms, Earth changes would happen somewhere in the world.

        19. I asked my star people to let me know if an intruder might be entering my home as I do not sleep with my hearing aids on at night because my hearing aids will feedback on me, making whistling noises. Their reply to me was this statement: “Are you sure that you want us to give you a warning?” I said, “Yes, I need to know that you can do this for me.” The next night, I was sound asleep and my ex-husband was on a graveyard shift. My kids were asleep as well. In my deepest sleep, a vibrational buzz went off in my chest much like my vibrational alarm clock would shake my bed to wake me up in the morning. I jumped up out of bed in a second, my heart beating loudly in my chest. I looked at my clock and it was 3 AM. Dang it… they woke me up out of a sound sleep. Be careful of what you ask for… you may just get it. I got it all right! My star family has the ability to alert me if I am in danger while I am sleeping.

        20. From 2010 to the present time, I went back to my telepathic communications with my star people because another Pleaidian incarnated human being needed the important information to be passed on to humanity. My friend and I are not being paid to do this work. We are dedicated to do our missions with Earth, reassuring humanity, encouraging humanity and giving them hope for their future with Earth and the Heavens.

        The work was and is intense because of the need to get the message out to the people who have yet to develop their own way of communicating with the Heavens, so to speak. We are not here for ourselves, we are here for Earth and humanity. There is so much work to be done and so little time in which to accomplish it. There is nothing to fear at all for their own lives and the future of this beautiful planet, Earth. We are here to lessen your fears and give you hope, peace and love as Earth and humanity evolve.
        At this present time, I am in communication with the star people who are preparing for the visitations to Earth. Our star families are excited because they are ready to reunite with their distant cousins and/or family members on Earth. They are waiting for the right moment and the right time. There are many Council meetings being held on their biosphere ships, discussing ways to assist humanity back on its feet. Our star families are fighting against the negative forces on our behalf to bring freedom to Earth’s people so that they can stand up and be counted to become free and sovereign people -- no longer controlled by the controllers who have put Earth in slavery and treated us as puppets on a string, so to speak.
        We are never alone in the midst of the Cosmos. We are going through the most difficult phase in all of Earth’s history at this time. Yet we have our star families walking among us because the star people’s souls are incarnating as Earth human beings, and the other star people remain in their original forms within their own dimensional existence of life in the universes. So, our star families surround us, even though many of humanity have yet to see with their inner spiritual eyes what we see. Soon, humanity will be in for a surprise when they finally are able to see the star people because Earth and humanity’s vibratory rate are rising to the next level, to where we will be able to see our star families.
        Just know that there is nothing to fear of the “unknown,” for the “Unknown” is becoming “Known unto all.”

        Quote from the Medewiwin Prayer by the Ojibway People:
“The more you know, The more you trust, The less you fear.”

                Be at wodakote (peace).
                Mitakyue Oyasin. (We are all related.)

        Adona currently resides in Pearland, Texas.





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