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Tribute to Neil Armstrong

          On July 20, 1969 -- (I had just turned 17 -- Ed.) -- as Commander of the Apollo 11 lunar module, astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first person to set foot on the Moon. His first words after stepping onto the Moon’s surface were: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” and those words were televised to the people on Earth.
          Just before Neil re-entered the Lander, he made this remark: “Good luck, Mr. Gorsky.” Many people at NASA thought that was just a casual remark concerning some rival Soviet cosmonaut. However, there was no Mr. Gorsky in either the Russian nor American space programs.
          Over the years many people questioned Armstrong about his statement, “Good luck, Mr. Gorsky,” but Neil would only smile.
          On July 5, 1995 in Tampa Bay, Fla., following a speech, a reporter brought up the 26-year-old question, and Armstrong finally responded. Mr. Gorsky had died, so Neil felt he could finally answer.
          In 1938, when he was a kid in a small Midwestern town, he was playing baseball with a friend in the backyard and his friend hit the ball, which landed in his neighbor’s yard next to their bedroom window. As Neil leaned down to pick up the ball, he heard Mrs. Gorsky shouting at her Mr. Gorsky: “Sex! You want sex? You’ll get sex when the kid next door walks on the Moon!”
          Neil Armstrong made his transition on Aug. 25, 2012 at the age of 82.
Neil Armstrong's UFO Secret

          Dr. Steven Greer wrote the following, which appeared on Dr. Greer’s blog at the Disclosure Project Web site:

          “Many have asked if Armstrong took with him the secrets of what really happened during the famed 1969 Lunar Landing. Well, yes -- and no.
          “Over the years, I have gotten to know a number of astronauts -- and very close family members and friends of astronauts. As you may recall, my uncle was the senior project engineer for Grumman (now Northrop Grumman) that built the Lunar Module, that landed on the moon in July of 1969.
          “The truth of that historic event has never been told. We did go to the moon -- but the events that transpired were kept secret and officially remain secret to this day.
          “By the time we landed on the moon, the Lunar Orbiter had mapped the moon and imaged ancient as well as more recent structures on the moon. This has been confirmed by more than one Disclosure Project.org witness. So by the time we landed, the military and intelligence community—and a small compartment of operatives at NASA -- knew that we may in fact encounter something very unusual there.
          “To prepare for this possibility, there was a time delay from the Lunar Module via an NSA (National Security Agency) uplink and other, alternative film footage was prepared to be shown in the event of something really unusual happening.
          “Well, it happened. Close friends and very close family members of both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin have separately told me that indeed there were numerous, large UFOs around the crater where the Lunar Module landed and that these were seen by both Armstrong and Aldrin. I have also spoken to military officers that have seen the footage of this event -- but it has never been made public. One close family member of Buzz Aldrin told me: “It is not my place to out Buzz on this --someday if he can speak about it, he will…”
          “Neil Armstrong became somewhat of a recluse after the moon landing, and rarely spoke of the historic event. His friends and family have told me that this is because he was a man of such integrity that he simply did not want to be put in a position to lie to the public about such a momentous encounter. How tragic that our heroes have been placed in this untenable situation!
          “When we were organizing The Disclosure Project a few years ago, I asked one of Neil Armstrong’s friends if Armstrong would come to Washington to brief members of Congress at the 1997 Congressional briefing we organized in April of that year. I was told that Armstrong wished he could -- but that if he spoke about what really happened during the moon landing, that Neil Armstrong, his wife, and children would all be killed. It was put to me this bluntly.
          “I found this to be unbelievable at the time, but since then have found that such threats and bullying by the over-reaching national security state is routine. A very senior scientist at the Naval Research Labs in Washington, DC, recently told me and the Disclosure Project team that if he spoke about some of the information he knew, that he, his wife, his children and grandchildren would all be killed.
          “This is no joke -- and not a conspiracy theory. This is the way the highly secretive and fascist bosses in the deep black national security state operate. They make the Mafia look like choir boys.
          “In the meanwhile, we continue to applaud those courageous men and women who come forward, speak the truth and move Disclosure forward. The world deserves to know that we are not alone, that intelligent life exists in the universe beyond Earth and that we have amazing new sciences and technologies that urgently need to be disclosed. This knowledge will give us a new civilization on Earth, without poverty or pollution -- and with justice for all.
          “The upcoming film Sirius will advance this cause -- and it must. Please help us in this endeavor. Go to Sirius, Neverendinglight.com, and join the thousands who are supporting the next big step in Disclosure, Peaceful Contact and New Energy.”

Mind-boggling Mars Rover pictures

          You can get a full 360-degree panoramic interactive moving view of Mars as you’ve never experienced before. This was taken by Opportunity Rover and converted into an interactive panorama. Go to this Web site: www.panoramas.dk/mars/greeley-haven.html.


Burlington Vortex Conference Oct. 26-28

          The 5th annual Burlington Vortex Conference will be held Friday thru Sunday, Oct. 26-28 in Burlington, Wis., southwest of Milwaukee.
Speakers include Don Schmitt on Roswell, Bonnie Meyer on Alien Abductions and UFOs in Wisconsin, Linda Godfrey on Wisconsin monsters, Stephen Spyrison on crop circles, Mary Sutherland and others on local mysteries, Fritz Zimmerman and others on ancient mysteries, and several more.
          For more information call (262) 767-1116 or go to: www.burlingtonnews.net/conference.




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