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An article from the October 2012 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Freedom is our birthright

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According to Universal Law, we have been given Free Will. God lets us act according to our own whims, whether it’s in our best interest or not. Consequently, Free Will has a corollary: Non-interference by angelics and those beings who take it upon themselves to watch over us. It is known in some circles as the Prime Directive.
         Because of the way the Universe works, God does not take sides. We are the ones who judge what is good and what is bad, based upon our perceptions, our experiences and what we are told by others. When we are in spirit (between lives), we recognize this. But living on a planet where duality thrives, we believe certain things without seeing the total picture.
         Why am I talking about this now? Because it pains me to see what is happening to our world in this year 2012. Our government and our leaders have become so corrupted that even the lightworkers are confused. Four years ago, when we had a presidential election, I was a diehard liberal. I had been one for decades, actually. I didn’t like senseless wars or unfair treatment of people in general.
         But even in 2008, I had a feeling of dread about Barack Obama that I could not explain. I wanted Dennis Kucinich to be our Democratic nominee, but he was shot down in the first debate with the “UFO question,” which -- bless his heart -- he answered honestly, to his own demise.
         In the course of Obama’s first term in office, I realized I’d made a mistake voting for him. I did it because I didn’t want another Republican and -- let’s face it -- George Bush made it easy for him. The longer Obama has been our country’s leader, the worse it has gotten for all of us, and the more obvious it has become that his purpose all along has been to bring this great country to its knees so that he can replace democracy with socialism.
         If you visit this Web site: www.theobamafile/_opinion/Cloward-Piven.html, you can read about the Cloward-Piven Strategy for taking down the United States of America. When people say that Obama is “out of touch,” I disagree. He knows exactly what he is doing, and he is succeeding.
         Some of us see through this flim-flam and cannot believe that so many Americans are fooled by him. I do not believe -- and I have never believed -- that this man, who wants to blame everyone and everything for his failures, is enlightened and the “messiah” who is going to save the world, like some lightworkers say. Are you kidding me? If there are ascended masters trying to proclaim this, then I would be extremely wary about believing anything coming forth from channeled sources. (Remember the Prime Directive!)
         In cases like this, it is imperative to rely on your “Truth barometer” (your inner guidance). When something doesn’t ring true, you will get that feeling in your heart that says, “Hold off… something isn’t right here!” In my point of view, we are going down the wrong path and the sheeple are being led to slaughter.
         In Revelations (the Bible) it talks about the “Years of the Beast” and how the antichrist comes into power and manages to fool most of the population. Is this what we are seeing now?
         We would all like to have divine intervention to resolve the problems in our world. How nice it would be to have our space brethren arrive in ships and clean up the mess we’ve made of our planet. But this is not going to happen anytime soon. This is not what Ascension is all about. The Shift is happening within each of us, but it is not going to happen overnight, nor on Dec. 21, 2012. Like everything else, it is going to take time… and effort on our part.
         I have been on both sides of the coin. But now I am an independent thinker. I subscribe to more conservative values because I believe in the vision of our founding fathers. Our US Constitution is non-negotiable. We answer to a higher authority -- Universal Law --God’s authority.
         So how can anyone consider the candidate whose party removed “God” from its platform? At the DNC in September, when the vote was taken to reinstate “God” into the document, half the people shouted “No!” This was on live television.
         Many of my lightworker friends have told me they simply do not watch the news. They purposely avoid TV. I was once like that. Yes, I agree the majority of the news is slanted, the liberal media is controlled. And no, it’s not enjoyable to deal with the negativity, backbiting and lies that get tossed back and forth between the candidates. Who likes political ads, anyway? Probably only the ad agencies that make a killing off them.
         But awareness includes our 3D lives as well as everything else we embrace to help promote a better world. How can you make a fair assessment and cast your vote for the highest good unless you have all the facts? Don’t rely on anyone else -- and that includes me -- to make up your mind for you. If you care about the Universe and Planet Earth, then get your head out of the sand and start paying attention. Look at both sides, not just the station that caters to the ideology you thought was yours. It isn’t until you can see the total picture that you can make an informed decision.
         In a few short weeks my American brothers and sisters and I will have an opportunity to choose between doom (think super inflation, more escalating debt, sinking housing prices and even fewer jobs) and promising hope (recovery of the economy through common-sense approaches with leaders who are experienced and proven).
         My current lifetime on this planet is winding down. But I am concerned for my children and grandchildren. What kind of future do they face when we have become a third world country and everyone is a slave to the government because of the obscene debt? Bail-outs, food stamps and demoralizing entitlements (the ones that are not earned) are not the answer. There will always be those who need help, but I have faith that our society will reach out to those in need. Good-hearted people have always risen to the occasion when there is need. Putting the weight on the government and overtaxing its people into austerity will not work. Period.
         If the incumbent, who in my opinion is not what he seems to his mesmerized fans…is re-elected, we risk the destruction of our world as we know it. If you choose the one who wants to bring ruin to our nation through socialism, then don’t complain in the months ahead when your rights are taken away -- you deserve what you will get.
         If you are a Barack Obama fan, I suggest you check out Dr. Jack Wheeler’s ToThePoint opinion piece, “The Empty Suit,” published in June 2008. Dr. Wheeler is a NewsMax Pundit whose articles have appeared in WorldNetDaily. After reading his “Obama Facts,” I went to for verification. The verdict: TRUE. Check it out for yourself at
         Some people I know are disgusted with the whole political scene and they say they will not vote in this election. By not casting a vote, you cannot be part of the solution; you therefore become part of the problem. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to the rest of the world to make an informed, balanced, compassionate decision when you cast your vote in November.





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