Star Being and Spiritual Center opens in Arizona

An article from the FEBRUARY 2012 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

We are a new center that is set on four peaceful and rolling acres with the Huachuca Mountains as our dominant view. Popular ufologist Steven Greer spoke of these very mountains being a place where ETs dwell within.
          Our center not only offers a free meet-up place for adults once a month, but also offers a spiritual retreat for those having a sincere interest in ETs and Star Beings of the Light, UFOs, metaphysics and spirituality. The center only invites those and operates with energies of the Love frequency.
          The retreat is available for up to two separate couples or individuals at our center. Our short-term retreats offer the experience of our co-created Portal, ET energy, probable ET contact, discussions, lectures, DVDs, books and more, for a great price. You may also visit our Web site for more information:
          Our next monthly meeting is Feb. 11. The location is 6793 E. Kendall Lane, Sierra Vista, AZ 85650. Meet-up: 2nd Saturday of every month. Time: 4pm-6pm. RSVP: (520) 439-0790
          The center is spiritually based and focuses on all forms of connections with ETs/Star Beings of the Light. It is an all-inclusive, welcoming, safe, supportive, non-judging and loving environment for those wanting to explore contact, share experiences, grow spiritually, rise in vibration and expand in consciousness.
          Jujuolui Kuita is the organizer and manager of the Center. “Juju” was a UFO Investigator and an Arizona Section Director for MUFON. She has been involved with ufology since her birth and recently self-published a book on the subject of ETs incarnated on Earth (We Are Among You Already). Juju has also been in various media; she was interviewed on several radio shows, has been written about in articles, and was filmed for several documentaries/ movies.
          Juju recently lost most all of her belongings in a fire and is asking for contributions of books, DVDs or anything ET and spiritually related, for the growth of the center.
          Juju can be reached at (520) 439-0790 or email her at:

                                                                      — Jujuolui Kuita




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