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An article from the June 2013 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Springtime in the Rockies

        Springtime in the Rockies can be a real challenge. I grew up in Wisconsin, where you could count on Spring happening in March or April. The snow melted, the birds arrived with their colorful songs, and the trees began to bud. The plum tree in our front yard, when I was growing up, was a sight to behold with its rich blossoms and sweet fragrance. I loved birdsong from an early age and eventually became an avid birdwatcher.
        When I moved to Colorado in the late '70s, I saw that Spring is fickle. Here in the mountains you can’t count on Spring arriving on time … or staying for very long. Winter keeps butting in, and the warmer weather may not occur until mid-May or later. I recall one year when we had a snowstorm in June. Here in Pagosa Springs, if you try to put anything into the ground before June 1st, besides root vegetables, it may freeze. Even then, it's a gamble whether your tomatoes are going to have enough of a summer season to survive the cold nights.
        I love Spring and the changes that take place in Nature. I love how everything gets renewed and suddenly growing things sprout buds, flowers and green grass. Fruit trees erupt into pastel displays and honeybees flit around as dandelions pop up everywhere. We grow excited when the first tulips burst through the snow and the first robin arrives on the scene. This year the hummingbirds came around May 1st… and I was ready for them, for once.
        This year I put bird feeders up in Doug's front yard. I’m grateful that he let me do this because I love birds and need something I can nurture. We were excited when the first birds came and flocked around the feeders. I had literally hundreds of pine siskins and other small birds. I also had the Lewis woodpecker, evening and black-headed grosbeaks, pygmy nuthatches and chickadees.
        But then the "junk birds" intruded. By this I mean the crows, magpies and brown-headed cowbirds arrived in droves and hogged all the feed. The word had gotten out -- it's a "free-for-all" at 195 Sundown Circle! We ran outside, waving our arms and driving them away. It was futile, of course. I finally had to resign myself to the fact that the "junk birds" are God's creatures too, and I needed to drop the judgment regarding which birds would be allowed at my feeders and which were not. There really are no "junk birds" … just my own prejudice, and my own belief as to which species are "good" and which are not.
But judgment isn't what I want to write about today. I want to talk about change instead.
        The changing of the seasons … that is what this is about. Change is always in the air, but in Spring and Fall we notice it more. Knowing that there is a Summer ahead makes Springtime a joy. What would it be like to not have any change in our lives? We'd be stuck. We'd be bored. We'd go crazy. That's what I think I would do, at least. I've always reveled in the changes occurring in my life … as I do now.
        At this time I am in a transition period. There is a fair amount of stability in my life, but more change is in the near future, at least as far as where it is I am going to reside. After living more than three decades in Colorado, I will be leaving it soon to go experience life in the Pacific Northwest. Over the past 35 years I have moved around from one place to another and change in residence is nothing new to me.
        The other changes happening in the world influence all of us. Mother Nature is changing our earth, of course, and there is little we can do about this. There are also political events that have a lot of people stirred up and embroiled in controversy.
        For a long time I have toyed with the idea of starting a blog about my personal take on these observations, but I wanted it to be anonymous. I suppose this desire came about because when I did speak up about some political stuff in the Beacon, some readers who did not agree with me grew upset. Never mind that there were also readers who concurred. Because I didn';t like the criticism, I vowed never to do that again in these pages, which are -- after all -- meant for spiritual growth and not as a venue for political discussion.
        We are facing a difficult time in history. Our world appears to be really screwed up. The politicians are either arrogant, tyrannical and demagogues, or they are spineless, apathetic and concerned only about their own careers. It's enough to drive the citizens of their countries crazy. No wonder a lot of the younger generation have dismissed all of these goings-on and keep their noses in their iPods, androids and tablets, instead of paying attention to what will critically affect their own futures. Unfortunately, ignoring the problems will not cause them to go away. If you aren't paying attention to what is going on around you, then you are part of the problem.
        Embracing change can be a good thing. But it depends upon what kind of change it is. As light workers we naturally want to embrace a more peaceful, compassionate world. We want to see the downtrodden emerge from the gutters and live more productive lives. What we forget is that the universe works by its own rules. No one dictator is going to magically transform our unbalanced world into a fair shot for all. It simply doesn't work that way. Earth is the place we have come to learn hard lessons, to balance ourselves in relationship to others, and become more spiritual in our ascension.
        So now I have decided to start my blog on line -- separate from this publication -- and I will use my name and I will stand up for what I believe in. (Maybe I'll announce my new blog in the next issue.) There may be those who challenge my views … but so be it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and should have the right to express it -- and not be ashamed to include their name. There comes a point in time when we must speak our truth.
        Nobody promised it was going to be an easy ride. We may have forgotten before we got here, but we came here knowing the odds … that change would happen, and frequently … and that nothing stays the same. It's called living. It's called being human. We make mistakes because that is the way we learn … by making mistakes and then having the choice to rectify our mistakes, or exacerbate them. In either case, we learn from them in order to become better people.
        Judgment is another big lesson, but I'll save that for another day. I will put up with the cowbirds, crows and magpies because they have their purpose as well. For that matter, even the rogue leaders and politicians in our world have their purpose.
        But as far as Spring goes, embracing change and allowing with love is what it is all about.

Photo by Doug Elmore





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