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Contact from Sirius-B

Permutation, A True UFO Story
by Shirlè Klein-Carsh and Ann Carol Ulrich
ISBN 978-0-944851-37-1
(revised 2013)
Earth Star Publications
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Review by Ann Ulrich Miller


        It was in the summer of 1988 that I met Shirlè Klein-Carsh, an artist and an associate director of UFO Contact Center International. We met in Laramie, Wyoming, at the Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation, which was put on each year by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, professor emeritus. Shirlè had come from British Columbia and was staying with the UFO Contact Center’s founder, Aileen Edwards. I was so taken by Shirlè’s story that I offered to help her write a book about her experiences.
        In early November 1988, Shirlè took me up on my offer and flew into Grand Junction, Colo., to spend several days with me and my family in nearby Delta. We interviewed intensely for the book, which was a work in progress for several years. It was finally published in 1993 under the title Permutation, A True UFO Story. Even though I did most of the work of organizing and actually writing the book, it is totally Shirlè’s story. She dictated on tape and I transcribed and edited as needed. She provided a multitude of original art work from her cosmic and futuristic paintings.
        In 2013 her book is being republished in a slightly revised form. The first edition sold out within the first couple of years and it was only in 2012 that I convinced her to let me revise and reprint Permutation.
Shirlè was born in Montreal and has lived in Canada her whole life, except for a few months in Australia (an important time which is covered in her book). Her father, her mother, two sisters and a brother lived with her in a typical Jewish surrounding. She tells the story of how her mother, Bella Edelstein, was visited by an angel on the day Shirlè was born. Bella and her husband Meyer, Shirlè’s father, had immigrated to Canada from Poland. While Bella lay suffering on her hospital bed, feeling scared and alone, and missing her homeland, an angel suddenly appeared before her and offered Bella a glass of orange juice.
        "The child you are carrying is very special, Bella. This child will someday be very famous and is indeed a special child," the angel told her mother. After Bella finished the orange juice, she felt instant relief and settled back, closing her eyes. When she looked again, the angel had disappeared but the empty orange juice glass was on the table beside her. Shirlè, whose birth name was actually Sarah, was born shortly afterwards.
        There were several experiences Shirlè had as a child and as a young woman that indicate that she had a connection with space beings. Her life was unusual in the respect that she had a husband who was her soulmate -- Hymie Klein -- and he encouraged her to stray from the expected role of women in the 1950s to focus on becoming an artist instead of a housewife. Hymie wanted Shirlè to be able to fend for herself if the need should arise. And it did.
        It was in 1971, three years after Hymie’s untimely death, that Shirlè moved to Vancouver to be closer to her daughter and granddaughter. She was riding in a car with a mathematician friend down Fourth Avenue in Vancouver when, suddenly, Shirlè made him stop in front of a second-hand store. She wanted to go inside.
        "That shop?" Her companion chuckled. "Look at it. You want to go inside there?" He obviously was not impressed.
        But Shirlè insisted they go in. Reluctantly he followed her in. She didn't really notice the man inside the shop right away, but he was someone in his mid or late 40s with long black hair and a sallow or light brown complexion. She wandered around the shop, wondering what she was doing there. Meanwhile, the mathematician friend walked over to the man and saw that he was working on some equations.
        "Oh … my … what is it you're doing there?" asked her friend. "What are all these equations?"
        The man in the shop turned to him and said, "It's not of this world."
        Right away, when Shirlè overheard that remark, she slapped her cheek and thought, Dear God, a nut!
        Just as she reacted, she noticed the man turn to stare at her. He had huge, saucer-shaped eyes that looked black from where she stood. He looked right at her and smiled, as if he had read her mind.
The mathematician friend tried to get some answers out of the man in the shop, but he had no luck. Finally, Shirlè settled on some doo-dad in the store and brought it up to the counter. In a cocky fashion she asked the man, "Well, when are they going to take me?" She was referring to an experience she'd had in college, when two people in "wet suit gear" had appeared at her bedside.
        The man kept a straight face and told Shirlè, "I'll find out."
        As they left the shop, her friend remarked that the math he had seen made his own knowledge look primitive. "What's going on here?" he ranted. "I feel like I don't know anything now."
        Shirlè kept going back to the shop on Fourth Avenue and became acquainted with the man in the shop, whose name was Frank. Three or four times a week she would go and he was always there. It was the beginning of an ongoing two-year friendship in which Frank, who was Shirlè's space contact, taught her many things and informed her about things that would happen in her future.
        Permutation, A True UFO Story is about Shirlè Klein-Carsh's evolvement and the many life challenges she had to go through to attain her spiritual level. The book contains some remarkable events and paranormal experiences. She was tested over and over again and proved that she had the integrity the space people required for her to be one of their "sub-agents." She eventually made it as an artist and she became involved in helping many others with their own space contact experiences, including her position as an associate director of UFO Contact Center International.
        There are some fascinating passages in her hypnosis session and in transcriptions of several séances she sat in on with George Major of Sirius-B and beings by the name of Kromme and Middle C. Probably the most amazing part of Shirlè's life story is the fact that she bears proof of her contact with Frank. Before he left, he gave her eight copper plates which he engraved with symbols from his planet. She kept those plates and was gifted with an interpretation of them by a psychic friend.
        Her story is one that deserves a place among the most well known contactees of our generation. She currently resides in the Vancouver area with her husband, Fred Carsh, and her surrealist paintings can be viewed on line at her Web site,
The book will be available later this summer from or and will also be in eBook form. To order it, go to the Web site,





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