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Higher Vibrations

       3 Definitions of “Vibrations”
from Webster’s:

          1. A periodic motion of the particles of an elastic body or medium in alternately opposite directions from the position of equilibrium when that equilibrium has been disturbed
          2. A characteristic emanation, aura or spirit that can be instinctively sensed or experienced
          3. A distinctive (usually emotional) atmosphere capable of being sensed

          Everything has a vibration. Physics was never my strong point in school, but I understand the concept of vibrations. In school, we learned about the physical properties of atoms: protons, electrons, neutrons … but most of that has bypassed my memory retention, yet the concept remains intact.
          Animals, plants and minerals have their own vibration. We are eternal beings and we vibrate at different levels throughout the phases of eternity. Our lower, or physical, bodies vibrate at a lower rate than our higher, or spiritual bodies. As we ascend in our spirituality, we vibrate at higher and higher speeds. Most of that I will leave to scholars of metaphysics, which is the science of higher mind.
          Right now I am concerned mainly with the vibration of our planet and all who dwell upon Her. Sometimes it is hard to acknowledge that Earth is going through an ascension process, although we've been told that this is happening. With all the chaos, killings, riots, wars, disasters and lies that one gets a heavy dose of just from the evening TV news, it causes one to question if Earth really is vibrating at a higher level.
          How can the planet be ascending when so many are experiencing such challenges? Most importantly, how can we be assured that we, as Light Workers, can ride out the storm and ascend with our beautiful planet? Sometimes it seems impossible. Yet we have the ability and the power to raise our vibrations at any given moment, and as a result it helps to raise the planet and everyone else upon Her.
          What can we do to help? Every day we seem to be inundated with energy "drainers," physical and financial struggles and challenges that make us scratch our heads and say, "I never thought I was signing up for this!" Most of us have forgotten why we came here. The veil of amnesia is not really a curse, it has a purpose in keeping us focused on our mission without getting all caught up in those pesky past-life memories.
          Keeping our vibration high is probably the best thing we can do not only for ourselves, but for those around us, and for Planet Earth Herself. Yet, with so much negativity in the world right now, that effort seems at times impossible.
          There are times when our vibration is lowered. We could be experiencing some kind of physical ailment, for instance. Of course, when you consume alcohol or take drugs, that lowers the vibration. By experiencing a negative emotion or getting caught up in someone else's "stuff," your vibration will most likely plummet.
          Sometimes we can't help it if we have a headache or come down with a "bug." We can fall into a bout of depression for any number of reasons in today's world. Sometimes we allow ourselves to become involved in such negative emotions as anger, fear, hurt feelings due to sarcasm or jealousy from others. And it is too easy to succumb to gossip, name calling, playing the "blame game," or jumping on the bandwagon to "save the world" when … really, there is no way to save it.
          All we can do is work on saving ourselves. Have you noticed that those who think they are going to fix everything and create Utopia are just wreaking havoc and making everything a whole lot worse? By imposing their will upon ours, they are in violation of the Universal Directive. You cannot change anyone or anything until you realize it is you who needs to change.
          So how do you go about raising your vibration? One vibe at a time! Yes and no … maybe so. Our attitude is imperative to improving our individual lives. I've always been an advocate for creative manifestation. If it doesn't work out, there's always a good reason. Sometimes it's karma, which is not always what people think it is. "Ethical consequences determine destiny" is the proper Webster’s definition. Karma doesn't just "happen" to you, you create it.
          Before you can creatively manifest something in your life, your attitude needs to be positive. You need to state your intention to the Universe, and you need to feel it emotionally. If there is any inkling of fear, revenge or doubt in stating your intention, you will probably repel what you are wanting to attract. I suggest writing out your intention on a piece of paper, describing it in detail, and then keeping that scrap of paper with you, in your wallet or wherever, and repeating it like a mantra from time to time.
          There are things you can do that will naturally raise your vibration. Walking in nature, paying attention to the living things around you, particularly the plant life (trees, grass, flowers), listening to the birds, acknowledging that the insects are also important living creatures, appreciating the air you breathe and the feel of the sunlight on your face and skin … your vibration will accelerate in nature.
          Music is another way to raise your vibration. A lot of people like rock 'n roll, country western and heavy metal. There is nothing wrong with listening to any kind of music if it makes you feel good. However, I find that there is certain music that raises my vibration (and heavy metal is not in that category). Some forms of "violent" classical music upset me, and even some country western annoys me. Light classical, new age music, some easy listening … these are usually my choices when I want to feel at peace, inspired, or in the mood to meditate. You, on the other hand, may have other choices.
          Physical exercise can lift your spirits as well as strengthen your body. When I'm feeling flabby and lazy, a workout session is usually the fix. Having a project to work on also helps. It doesn't even have to be a creative project (such as art, a craft, or even knitting), it can be cleaning out a garage, polishing some silver, or rearranging a pantry … something to focus on, to keep your mind off negative things.
          Helping other people is a big way in which to raise your vibration, especially if you've been feeling out of sorts, down and depressed about your own life. Nothing lifts you up like helping someone less fortunate than yourself. And this includes animals.
          Consider adopting an animal in need, if it fits your lifestyle. I recently allowed a neighborhood cat to adopt me. Thinking he was a stray, I started feeding "Fog" (a gray male tabby) and we soon became friends. A couple of weeks later, I learned he belonged to some neighbors who had recently moved in, but he was an "outdoor" cat and apparently was going from house to house for hand-outs. I feel honored to have an animal that comes around and depends on me for breakfast each morning.
          If you’re feeling lonely, call up a distant friend or a relative you haven’t spoken to in a while. It’s surprising how good that can make you feel, catching up on news, reminiscing about old times, and just letting them know that you were thinking of them.
          The highest vibration is love. It transcends everything. Jesus had it right when he taught, “Love your enemy as yourself,” but how many people can actually do that? I admit, I’m still working on that one … but, fortunately, I don’t have any “personal” enemies. And if someone makes you angry, the best thing to do is LOVE THEM. Pour all the love you have right into them … and you'll be surprised at the outcome.

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