Numerotherapy as a Tool for Self-Healing

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An article from the February 2015 issue

Recalculating ... The GPS for the Soul
by Andrea Stauch and Samantha Schactel
Balboa Press, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-4525-2058-2
Softcover, 134 pages, $11.95 (US), Kindle $3.99

        When we decided to write our book, Recalculating …The GPS for the Soul, our main aim was to help our readers to understand that our actions and thoughts have a huge effect on not only ourselves but our world, our health, our relationships and our self-made reality.
        We live in a world where people have become plugged in to technology and find themselves on call 24/7, in an attempt to keep up with the latest and greatest, and not miss a thing, when in actual fact, by doing so, they miss everything important and meaningful.
        We are told by society and the propaganda of mainstream media how we should look, dress and feel about ourselves. We are constantly being told that if we buy this or do that, the pieces of the puzzle will all magically fall into place and we will have that dream life, dream car and dream relationship.
        The reality is that despite all this technology, we seem to be more lost than ever, and unfortunately have forgotten who we really are.
This is where Numerotherapy can help. It is a powerful tool to help you find your purpose and rediscover how to be "you."
        Numerotherapy is a hybrid of two different systems that combines ancient Numerology with modern day Metaphysics.
        You can use the numerology part of the system to work out your unique "Life Map" that will show you what your strenghths, weaknesses and major lessons to learn are, and that information will give you the coordinates you need to set a new, positive and meaningful direction in your life.
        The metaphysics part of the system will help you heal your life and enable you to let go of old negative thought and behavior patterns, allowing you to create the new blueprint for the life that you desire. Once you have done that, you can then manifest and attract the abundance and beauty in your life and begin to be true to who you really are.
        More and more people are feeling lost and without direction. They feel hopelessly stuck in a situation, relationship or mindset and are paralyzed by the fear of not knowing what they should be doing or if they are doing the right thing.
        Numerotherapy is the key to unlocking the code to your true potential. It contains the unique number combination that unleashes your greatness and gives you a glimpse into your passion, your innate talents and your very reason for being here.
        People have forgotten who they are. They have been told who they should be and lost themselves along the way. In doing so, they have a really hard time trying to make sense of the immense vacuum that lies within when you are pretending (trying) to be someone else.
Being conscious of who you are and finding yourself are both deeply transformational and releasing. You no longer have to "fit in" to the expectations of others, but rather have the freedom to explore your own potential and deep innate wisdom.
        That is where the "therapy" part of numerotherapy comes in. Once you are aware of the root cause of your problems, you have to face them, release them and work on setting a new thought pattern in order to heal yourself.
        Many times when we are not being true to who we really are, we get disconnected and distracted by the trappings of modern life, and lose sight of what our major life lessons are. We unwittingly create an imbalance in our life, and that imbalance -- if not addressed in a timely manner -- will ultimately manifest as "dis-ease" on the physical body.
Realizing that "what you are" is not at all linked to "what you do" is both terrifying and liberating, as it brings into focus the reality that you are master of your own destiny and a conscious Co-creator with the Divine.
        Numerotherapy gives you a practical guide to follow to rediscover your true purpose and align yourself with your unique divine Self in order to begin to understand what issues you need to address in order to transform your stumbling blocks into building blocks.
        Once you realize that each Soul is unique, you will begin to embrace your uniqueness. When you are true to who you are, you will finally give up on trying to be someone else and will begin to allow yourself to open up to the abundant and magnificent possibilities of the Universe.

        Andrea Stauch and Samantha Schachtel are a dynamic mother-daughter holistic health team and co-authors of Recalculating…The GPS for the Soul.
        Andrea Stauch is an accomplished therapist, medical intuitive and master numerologist, who has dedicated the last 25 years to perfecting the art of what she calls numerotherapy.
        Samantha Schachtel has been in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness for more than 25 years. She is an accomplished metaphysician, holistic therapist and life coach.
For more information about Numerotherapy and their book, published by Balboa Press (a division of Hay House), visit and

EDITOR’S NOTE: I read the entire book and found it to be a very interesting read. Andrea Stauch has lived a unique life in different parts of the world. I highly recommend it.





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