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A letter from the READER'S FORUM in the April 2015 issue

Dear Ann,
        I wanted to say the letter from the man in prison was very interesting (“My Life and the Paranormal,” TSB 02/15). I have been called to do exorcisms (now called spirit deliverance) in prisons. But mainly in hospitals, where people die while drugged, find it difficult to find their way to the light.
        The writer is so correct in his assumption that negative thoughts encourage those trapped in negativity on the other side of life.
People forget that those without a body have no mouths to speak, so influence us by thought, and all our thoughts are as speaking to them, so what you think is visible and known to them, and any anger, hate or negative emotions will be like a beacon, bringing those to you who can use this vibration.
        I have offered to teach meditation and positivity in prisons for free and been refused, but this would be so good for the inmates.
        As I speak, a man in a British prison cell who killed a little girl was diagnosed by me as possessed, and when in prison he was placed in the haunted cell of Dr. Harold Shipman, a mass murderer, and he says the spirit of this man torments him and tries to make him like him and commit similar crimes.
        Just as a deceased alcoholic will try to get his victim to drink, so those still attached to worldly vices will impress their victim by proxy to commit the same crimes they did.
                                                T Stokes
                                                United Kingdom

More suppressed cancer therapies and free energy sources

        The following info is from Dr. Leo Sprinkle of Laramie, Wyo. The first part of this information was included in the February Star Beacon.

Thorium, a lifetime of power
in the palm of your hand

Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor
        This information comes from a brochure put out by the Wyoming LFTR Energy Alliance, David G. Earnshaw, Co-Founder (307/399-3109) (email:, sent to me by Dr. Sprinkle.
        Is thorium, the world’s new energy future? In the face of global warming and mounting pollution, what the world needs is a clean, safe energy-rich fuel to deliver carbon-free power cheaper than coal.
        Thorium has a million times more energy than coal, and is two to three times more abundant than uranium. It has so much energy that just 100 grams could provide you with all the power you need for the whole of your life, and the “long lived” waste from your golfball-sized energy resource ... a pea-sized granule of fission products which is benign within 350 years.
        Almost 100 percent of the thorium in the earth’s crust is suitable for use as fuel, compared with less than 2 percent of uranium. There is probably more untapped energy available for use from thorium in the earth’s crust than from combined uranium and fossil fuel sources.

        In a traditional reactor, only about 1 percent of the available fuel can be used before the fuel rod deteriorates and becomes contaminated with waste products. In the right kind of reactor, 100 percent of thorium’s energy can be used.
        The only practical way to realize the full potential of thorium is with a Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor.
Skipping over most of the information in the brochure ... to Conclusions:
        Thorium is a natural, abundant energy source of extraordinary energy density. The technology to unlock the potential of thorium is real and proven— it needs to be engineered into a commercial product.

        If done properly, small modular thorium reactors can be built that can be “drop-in” replacements for coal plants, minimizing the cost of transition.
        Thorium energy can also be used to replace petroleum fuels, desalinate sea water, and provide heating. We need to move quickly to develop this energy source, since climate change is readily growing worse.
        To learn more about the Thorium Energy Alliance, email or contact David G. Earnshaw, co-founder, at 307/399-3109 (email:

Nikola Tesla, et cetera

        In 1931, Nikola Tesla test-drove a car in Buffalo, N.Y., that ran on free energy. A new Ford Pearce-Arrow sedan was outfitted with an electric motor that drew its fuel (Extreme Low Frequency Waves) from the ether.
        Tesla’s relative, Petyar Savo, with Tesla as a passenger, drove the car some 50 miles through Buffalo and the surrounding countryside at various speeds. Although Tesla predicted that soon all cars, ships, homes and factories would be powered by this unlimited free and clean energy, powerful vested interests kept Tesla’s invention off the market.
General Erwin Rommel, in his writings, credited the Allied victory in Africa with an American top secret carburetor (there are many documented accounts of American servicemen to confirm this). After the war, the carburetor mysteriously disappeared.
        Similar technologies are in various stages of development by small companies and garage technicians. One of the many devices that currently exists is the pollution-free Joseph Newman Energy Machine. Also, the Irish company Steorn Ltd. recently announced in Economist Magazine that it had developed a magnetic fields technology that makes free energy available. The technology has been proven in Steorn’s own laboratories as well as in independent labs. However, Steorn says they are running into bureaucratic brick walls trying to market the invention.
        For information, photos and videos of four cars converted to run on free energy through the Joe Cell method, visit There are videos out there on “Byron New Energy,” “Joe Cell” and “Alex Schiffer 3 Stages,” if you get on the Internet to find them.
        There are other “how to” free energy plans available from Creative Science & Research. A free catalog is available at, or visit
        An anti-gravity and free energy video (order #T-539) is available from Proclaim Liberty Ministry, P.O. Box 339-S, Adrian, MI 49221 (888/820-2126),
        For a free info pack that includes a variety of books on free energy, send two stamps to Ganther Technology, N-5408 Romadka Ave., Granton, WI 54436-9010.
        Many free energy devices are featured in a catalog at (800/770-8802).
        New Energy News is published monthly by email by the Institute for New Energy. Contact NEN, 3084 East 3300 South-IC, Salt Lake City, UT 84109 (
        Extraordinary Technology Magazine is published quarterly by electrical engineer Steven Elswick, co-founder of the International Tesla Society. Contact Tesla Tech Inc., 296 E. Donna Drive, Queen Valley, AZ 85218 (520/463-1994),
        The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity, by Dr. Peter Lindemann, is available as a video or book, and explains how Edwin Gray’s Cold Electricity relates to Tesla’s Radiant Energy. Gray’s EMA motor produced 40 times more power than it drew from batteries. Contact Clear Tech, Inc., P.O. Box 713, Liberty Lake, WA 99153 (505/921-6960), (
        A brochure featuring plans for various free energy devices (fuelless engine, fuel from water, free electricity from the sky/earth, permanent magnetic motor, fuelless heater, etc.) is available from Creative Science & Research, P.O. Box 557, New Albany, IN 47151 (

        Space Energy Association offers a quarterly magazine that reports on the latest free energy developments, including construction plans when available. Contact Space Energy Assn., P.O. Box 1136, Clearwater, FL 33757-1136 (727/442-3923).
        Get the latest information on alternative and free energy technologies at
        Last but not least ... Green Energy Junkie has information on devices at

                                                Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D.
                                                Laramie, Wyoming

        Thanks to Scoopified of Bellingham, Wash., and Dr. Leo Sprinkle for sharing this vital information.




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