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An article from the August 2016 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Warning! 3rd Dimension is Going Away ...

        We are in a shift. That's right, a shift of consciousness, which has accelerated quite a bit since a year ago. You may have experienced some of what I've observed in recent months. I'm speaking about things in 3D that aren't working anymore.
        As consciousness in the masses is expanding, Earth is ascending. What does this mean?
        Ascending is a natural cycle of the Universe and focuses primarily on our awareness and how we view ourselves, others, and our world. It does not mean that some of us put ourselves above the rest. We are all in it together, including all life forms on Planet Earth as well as other planets and solar systems. The pace is the only thing that varies.
        Some religions talk about ascension being only for a chosen few, such as being saved by Jesus Christ. Some New Age groups believe extraterrestrial beings will swoop down to save us. This is not really what ascension is about.
        Even though ascension may be a spiritual concept, in many forms, it is also a scientific process that involves nature, which in turn helps us return to a multidimensional system of reality. According to many sources, all souls will evolve and ascend out of this time and reality we are in now.
        The concept can be hard to grasp until you are able to go within, through meditation perhaps, and understand that there is more to what you are experiencing in your lifetime now. The shift will eventually enable you to reconnect with a higher identity of conscious awareness.
        PL Chang ( explains it as a process that involves "raising the particle pulsation rhythm of the body," which then allows your physical form to "absorb higher frequency into its morphogenetic field," therefore increasing its frequency. This is also known as frequency accretion, according to Chang.
        The body subsequently becomes lighter and less dense. Eventually, once you reach a certain level, your body will shed its matter base and transform into a light-based body. According to Chang, souls who reach this state of evolution are angels or light beings.
        Now that I've explained a little about what ascension is, let's get back to 3D. The so-called First Wave of people have apparently already moved ahead. These are the pioneer light workers, most of whom have resolved their karma, raised their vibration through intensive spiritual healing work, and have cleared ego-based restrictions so that they could move from their head to their heart. Many of them are now multidimensional and are able to sustain fifth-dimensional consciousness while still existing as 3D and 4D.
        It sounds like 5D is a pretty nice place to be. These people experience unity consciousness and in their world like attracts like, which means they are usually surrounded by like-minded and like-hearted people. You’ll find pockets of these folks living in harmony, expanding their consciousness and helping others to do the same. Many of them have gone through a "Dark Night of the Soul."
        In 2015 there were some great shifts in energy taking place, and as a result the majority of souls have awakened, both as individuals and as the collective. We go in stages as to awakening to the truth of our divine origins, and this is evident by so many more people "believing" in extraterrestrial life, for example, and many more people being open to ideas and practices that were sneered at two or three decades ago.
        We should see in the second half of 2016 a faster pace of consciousness raising, along with changes we will be able to recognize, in others and ourselves, including the benefits of these changes. Some of the "leaders" in this process are awakening and are starting to reap the rewards for all their hard work.
        As a "year of completion," 2016 has shown an intense acceleration of higher consciousness that started eight years ago. There should be some relief for those who have worked through intense ascension symptoms since 2008.
        This fall an electromagnetic frequency, called Wave-X, will cause huge energetic shifts to help raise the mass consciousness on Earth. This will affect the majority of us, which in turn will tip the scales in favor of assured ascension … good news, right?
        According to some sources, we can expect big changes in politics, the economy, religion, the media, etc. The Third Wave are the "unawakened," who act as anchors in 3D for the First and Second Wavers, to help them stay balanced through the process. Eventually all will awaken and ascend.
        Now let me add some personal observations about all of this.
I have noticed that a lot of things in 3D no longer work. At first I thought it was just a gremlin in the house. Odd incidents have occurred with physical objects either disappearing or breaking for apparently no good reason.
        For example, just in the last month we have experienced a rash of "bad luck." Some huge things, such as a leaking roof, broken water pipes, our front gate damaged by the plumber’s truck backing out of the driveway, and also lighter problems such as "retarded" Internet function, needed household objects disappearing for no reason, a customer’s check vanishing from my purse, turning on a ceiling fan and the handle flies off, appliances malfunctioning, small objects breaking … and how many times do we have to return items we've purchased at the store to be replaced or because they are not right?
        More often than not, it seems, the physical world is falling apart. Things I used to count on are just not there for me anymore. Flashlight batteries wear out twice as fast as they used to. Light bulbs quit, the lawn mower gets a flat tire … the list goes on and on.
        But once I realized what is happening, I have been able to look at it from a new point of view. Things go wrong because we are moving out of 3D. "Physical" books, for example, are not selling like they used to. People have turned to electronic reading or depend solely on their iPhones.
        The world is transforming. We may not like the "progress" when we're used to doing things the old way, but the fact is times are changing. In fact, time is disappearing as we move higher into our awareness.
        Rather than battle with it all and trying to maintain the status quo, I’m getting the message that it is time to accept the higher vibrations and bask in the higher energies. 3D is going to be here for a while, I'm quite sure, but I feel it's a good idea to start thinking in a multidimensional way and that will make living in the higher dimensions a lot easier. Letting go is part of all of this.
        Shifting into another dimension or density does not have to be a sudden "blink of the eye," or shocking to your whole being. It is a gradual process, but one that will be well worth it once we’re there.

       Ann Ulrich Miller, publisher of The Star Beacon and Wisp, writes novels in various genres. Her latest is a Young Adult mystery/ romance, The Ground Hog Mystery ($9.95), available at and or Kindle ($3.99).
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