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ET Refugee Colony
          AscensionEnergies.com has an article on its website, published March 3, 2017, headlined: Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode, has revealed more startling information about Antarctica.
          Apparently, Antarctica has a history as an ET refugee colony that was established roughly 60,000 years ago. Corey Goode asserts that these aliens found advanced "builder race" technologies there established 1.8 million years ago.
          He also claims some of the ET refugees are still alive today in "stasis chambers" located inside 30-mile-long motherships buried beneath 2,000 feet of ice below the continent's Ross Ice Shelf.
          Dr. Michael Salla of expolitics.org explains in an article that during their long history, the inhabitants of Mars and Maldek fought in high tech wars and about 500,000 years ago, Maldek was destroyed.
The remains of Maldek hit Mars with such force that its surface cities on one side of the red planet were demolished and most of its atmosphere lost. This apparently led to Martian evacuation, with claims that billions of refugees found refuge on our Moon. "However, at the time of the catastrophe, our Moon was another satellite of Maldek, but it was artificially created with vast living areas in its interior," writes Salla.
          Pre-Adamites inhabited the Moon for about 440,000 years, and according to info received by Corey Goode, the Moon was moved into its present orbit around the Earth. Another conflict forced the Pre-Adamites to move to Earth, and they chose Antarctica to rebuild their civilization.
          What did the Pre-Adamites look like? According to Goode, "they range 12-14-foot tall. They have elongated skulls. They were very spindly, thin." Due to Earth's stronger gravity, these people would find themselves at a disadvantage compared to native inhabitants, comparing physical strength, speed and stamina. They soon required hybrids to act as go-betweens with the rest of Earth’s population.
          "They had created hybrids because they could not operate in our environment very well. And they created hybrids of them and the humans that were here on Earth… all of the main Pre-Adamites that were pure blood were down in Antarctica … There was a group of these Pre-Adamites, of this Pre-Adamite bloodline, that was in the Central America, South America region, and there was another completely different bloodline group -- both royals -- in Asia and Europe." (Corey Goode)
          The Pre-Adamites, however, were not the only extraterrestrial race active on Earth 60,000 years ago, according to Goode's sources. He says that among them was a non-human looking race, the Reptilians, who quickly emerged as the Pre-Adamites' primary rival in dominating planetary affairs.
          What Goode has been told and personally witnessed in Antarctica tells us a lot about Antarctica's secret history, and the role of different extraterrestrial groups who established control over this vast icy continent almost double the size of the lower 48 US states. Goode also leaves us with a profound question to contemplate: "what happens when the Pre-Adamites are awakened in their stasis chambers and discover our current global civilization is very different to what they may desire?"
          This is extracted from Dr. Sala's article. I suggest you visit exopolitics.org and read more about the Pre-Adamites and Corey Goode's findings.

Women Whistleblowers
          In a Special Roundtable with Alfred Lambremont Webre, four prominent women whistleblowers: Patty Greer, Kim Carlsberg, Niara Isley and Laura Eisenhower, speak candidly about being targeted for making disclosures about multi-dimensional
          Filmmaker Patty Greer writes, "Few people know what some of the top women whistleblowers about multidimensional Earth have endured retaliatory targeting over the last few decades. Why? Because these women whistleblowers spoke honestly about their ET contact experiences, a concept few people were ready to receive. Fearlessly these women persevered through the years and all of them stepped forward with incredibly brave work through films, books and interviews. Each of them has dealt with insurmountable hacking, financial losses, friend losses, and threats from bullies and thieves. The public rarely gets wind of what we go through because ‘they’ appear to control most of the fake media outlets. Well, not for much longer because times are definitely changing and discernment is becoming socially acceptable again!
          "Above and beyond all the retaliation and noise here on Earth, there is something far more important to understand about ETs. If you really are a contactee, you are completely protected by otherworldly sources at all times in all dimensions. End of story! That's how and why these courageous women whistleblowers are here today sharing their experiences with you."
          Niara writes: "After the horrors I experienced in the military around UFOs, ETs and the secret space program, it was not enough to me to simply tell the story of what I experienced, and tell it over and over and over, ad nauseum. It is absolutely imperative to me that a way be found to stop what is going on on this planet with regards to mind-control abuse, both on individuals and on humanity as a unified whole.
          "With a lifetime of spiritual inquiry, practice and study, together with all the research I did to understand what happened to me and in what political and social context it could happen in the continental US. My experiences were like a shamanic initiation into much broader and greater awareness of the multiverse we live in.
          Niara Terela Isley's book, Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light, tells of her encounters with ETs as well as her varied experiences with unexplained events that have caused disruption and stress in her life, but have also given her much knowledge and have empowered her to be one of the leading contactees/abductees in modern history.
          She recently was interviewed, along with Alfred Lambremont Webre, with Patty Greer, Kim Carlsburg and Laura Eisenhower. All the women have been targeted for their work:
          The Consciousness Initiative is an important project Niara has started to prompt further education, and she encourages you to view this video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLelqMn7eVM
         You can access and read Niara's book and donate to her work at her Web site: www.facingtheshadowembracingthelight.com.
Email Niara at: gaiatribe.niara@gmail.com




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