ETs warn about

climate change

Opinion by Valerie Benson

An article from the June 2017 Star Beacon



        All warnings from various ET communications from benevolent groups have gone unheeded. The earth is facing dire consequences from ignoring the messages, especially those concerning Fukushima. It is not as if it has fallen upon deaf ears, but many people mistakenly think that the problems will be magically addressed.
        There has to be an effort by the people on this planet to make the situation known. There are voices like Alex Jones ( and David Icke, but still there is this lack of responsibility by people here because they assume that someone is addressing these major problems.
        Nothing comes without effort. Effort requires taking responsibility on some level. Since the 1950s, many individuals have been contacted, but they had difficulty with credibility. Now we are in a planetary crisis mode, and still there is this inertia on the part of the general population that has been lulled into a state of apathy. Many people know about the problems, but make assumptions that there is some initiative to take care of the major issues
        None of this is true. In fact, the people trying to bring to general awareness the level of the problems have been unrelentingly attacked. Actually, the problems are right there in front of everyone’s eyes -- hidden in plain sight! There is a concerted opposition to intentionally destroy this planet by various nefarious entities, groups and invested
        This writing is like a late attempt in the 11th hour to bring to awareness to the public that the crisis is real and that there has been virtually no effort to stop the destruction of the planet. I came across a copy of the book The Man From Mars about Ray Palmer by Fred Nadis. Palmer had a lot to do with the success of Fate magazine. I was reading the chapters on the contactees, in particular the alleged Venusians. The main focus was on the humanitarian nature of communications, but I was thinking that Fate might want to review some of these contactee stories.
        I was in Phoenix, Arizona, many years ago, and I stopped at Pima College Library and they had some rare Adamski books, including On Board a Flying Saucer. The theme was always very uplifting, positive messaging, but also an admonition about the pursuit of power and nuclear power. There are a lot of references to Venusians. There was one in particular, aside from Adamski, mentioned in Fate magazine and it was Orfeo Angelucci, an Italian American in Issue One of Mystic, “I Meet the Flying Saucer Man.”
        He was taken on board a ship and was told that this earth world is a purgatorial planet and encouraged to weep. The same type of message was received by a woman named Omnec Onec (Sheila Schultz Gipson), who wrote a book titled Omnec Onec from Venus I Came. Her history is interesting because I knew her personally from Illinois. I read her original manuscript. I had one of the 10 original copies, and I knew Colonel Wendell Stevens, who published her book. He phoned me years ago, back in 1992, to tell me about her. He did not know that I knew her and her former husband. He was asking if I would be interested in doing the illustrations for her book. I was interested.
        The odd thing was that he had no idea that I knew her. She decided upon another artist to do the work. However, it was interesting that Stevens had called me. I had had a contactee experience in DeKalb, Illinois, in the 1970s, and I had met Brad and Francie Steiger 10 years later and had an interview for their first Star People book. I had sat on my experience for 10 years because it was very complicated and I doubted that it would be believed.
        I do not know exactly where these people whom I met and spoke with in conjunction with seeing craft were from. I am sure it was not Venus. I was told that they came from outside this solar system and had a base on Titan. The people whom I met looked like the Eastern European ethnic group of my mother’s side of the family. I was told they had businesses on this planet. They exported materials and were very business-oriented. This made sense to me.
        I did not get any messages about the planet being in danger or that we were polluting. There were no chastising messages at all. I was just simply told that I am a relative. They were not tall and handsome, just regular people. So, no exciting revelations.
        I was offered employment with his gift shop in Sycamore, Illinois, which I declined because I was not sure what I would be getting myself into. You just cannot have someone tell you all this information with no way of verifying it. So anyway -- I knew people like Sheila, whose revelations came later in the 1990s -- 20 years after my experience in DeKalb, Illinois. Sheila went out on a religious pilgrimage with a messianic Venusian religion. She went on a world tour with Wendelle Stevens. She also became close friends with cosmonaut Marie Popovich and spoke before the United Nations.
        I do not personally think highly of the UN. The UN has caused more problems than they have solved. Sheila had known Paul Twitchell, who established Eckankar, a new science of soul travel. Paul often babysat Sheila's children. Sheila Omnec Onec lived in Chicago. I actually met Sheila in Washington, D.C., with my friend Gladys Howland from Sandwich, Illinois, at an Eckankar conference there.
Now Eckankar, according to the works of Paul Twitchell, has its origins on Venus as a religion. This is not emphasized in its literature. But if you go to Minneapolis, Minnesota, the headquarters, Chanhassen is where the Temple of Eck is located, and you will see a portrait of Rami Nuri, the Eck Master on Venus in charge of the temple of light and sound known as Mokshove.
        This is all very interesting. I doubt the real name of Venus would be Venus. You have NASA that would cringe at all these contact stories. It goes back to the 1950s era, but the message mostly was about fear of the misuse of nuclear power. Unfortunately, amidst the plethora of contactees, there seems to be some truth. The message about the earth facing consequences for its path to power at expense of the planet’s resources and people, seemed to be overlooked.
        The problem with the contactee situation was that it became a way of life for a lot of people to enrich themselves and obtain a fan club. It was a social club of alleged contactees, and they ended up glorifying themselves at the expense of the meat of the matter -- the real reason they were contacted. If I attend a MUFON meeting, it is an entertainment venue; people attend for social reasons and to have fun and meet celebrities.
        This was not the reason that these groups were initially started. It was to be a means to get at the truth of the situation. Now personally, I think that the real message has gotten away from people and they have lost focus. Amherst Press began specializing in flying saucer phenomena, and according to the contactees, the saucers carried space brothers prepared to aid humanity at the critical moment. Well, we have reached the critical moment!

        All these contactees have failed! Their personalities have gotten in the way and distorted and obscured the truth. The science fiction movie that was most influential in shaping early ideas about extraterrestrial contact was The Day the Earth Stood Still (the original movie -- 1951), directed by Robert Wise, in which a flying saucer lands in Washington, D.C., and an emissary from another star system, Klaatu, gives the earth's scientists an ultimatum.

        Klaatu appeals to the scientists and world leaders that the planet is facing obliteration if his message is not heeded -- the message being that nuclear energy will destroy the planet. And this is now a reality as we have six years of uncontained fission from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and the death and poisoning of the Pacific Ocean, ongoing three-to-four full reactor meltdowns -- full China syndromes! No one has heeded the contactees’ messages for more than 40 years now!

        The planet is in a death spiral. The radiation hitting the Northern Hemisphere is unstoppable and the West Coast is being fried. The Pacific fishing industry has collapsed, and the entire planet will be dead in 10 years! We also have a problem with our Sun. Our Sun is unstable. We are being impacted by a dwarf star planetary system transiting our solar system. This is Planet X, Nibiru and Nemesis.

        On a daily basis we have 24/7 chemtrailing in our skies, poisoning the atmosphere with nano particulates -- barium and aluminum. It is making human beings sick.

        We have a poisoned food supply. I have all the documentation. It is genocide of the human race. All the contactees have failed. They got too involved in a cult status and celebrity situation, where the focus was not on saving the earth, but making themselves, their personalities, the focus for personal gain.

        Since I am aware of what is going on, I am asking that all good and moral people take a stand to save their own lives and those of their families. The message is that it is nearly too late, and we can only save ourselves. But the planet is damaged beyond repair, and no one is waking up.

        Please wake up, people, even if it only means to pray for deliverance from this evil situation.

        Valerie Benson is a contactee and has been a pleading voice in the wilderness for decades. She can be reached by email at




This page updated June 5, 2017



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