The Meaning of It All

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An article from the April 2017 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Recognizing the Signs

        I haven't been on a roller coaster ride at an amusement park in decades, but this past year has been one crazy roller coaster ride.
        Just one year ago, Doug and I bought our minifarm and moved from Bayfield in southwestern Colorado to Delta County. "Sunny Brook" has been delightful and exciting. The beauty of the Grand Mesa outside our windows is enough to take your breath away at times. Having all this room … raising baby chicks … learning how to irrigate the pastures … growing a vegetable garden … canning fruit from our small orchard … and the delight of just being here has been the experience of a lifetime.
        Apparently we are destined for further adventures. Last October, we put the property up for sale by owner. The details are not important, but my belief is that Spirit prompted me to come out of my comfort zone. Most of my friends know that over the past year, at least, I've gone back and forth on decisions of where to live and what to do about my life.
        Well, within three weeks we had buyers for the property, and through four long months we wondered if the deal was going to go through, due to a contingency in the contract. There were many times when Doug and I told each other, "Maybe it won't sell …" and if that had happened, we probably would have taken Sunny Brook off the market.
        But the buyers sold their house, and thankfully, we managed to work out a 30-day extension after the closing, to help us find another place to live. Unfortunately, it has turned out not to be so easy. Housing is scarce. The rental market is tight and there are more people looking to rent than houses to accommodate them. Unfortunately, we found ourselves in that boat.
        Then there was the decision to make … where should be live? I feel at home in Delta County as I spent a good portion of my adult life in Paonia and in Delta and Hotchkiss from 1985 until 2007. Then I moved to beautiful Pagosa Springs in 2009, after my two-year adventure in southeastern Ohio. Pagosa Springs is truly a splendid place and it’s where I met Doug. We considered moving back.
        However, Spirit seems to have something else in mind. We're not exactly sure what it is yet, but after making a trip there in February and finding nothing we could rent … nor buy … we returned to Cedaredge. Things were not falling into place for us like I expected.
        The morning after we got home, I awoke with the realization that I need to stay in Delta County. Not only do I have two sons and my grandchild living close to me, but I feel at home here more than any place else. So I made up my mind to stay, with or without Doug.
        The morning that I made that firm decision, I opened up our local Shopper and the page in front of me had a help wanted ad in it that called to me. It was at the newspaper where I worked from 1985 until 1997 and the job sounded exactly perfect for me. At that point I realized that I would need an outside job in order to make ends meet and give me more leverage for buying a home by myself in the near future.
        Was this a sign from the universe? Was this my confirmation that staying here was the right thing for me to do? It sure felt that way.
        So I went ahead and applied on line, not really expecting to get a reply … but I did. They called me in for an interview. Monday I drove to Paonia, 30 miles away, and did the interview. Afterwards, I had doubts that they'd hire me because of my age. But later that day, I was offered the job.
        I began my first week of work
and was surprised at how quickly I grew accustomed to the new regimen of getting up at 6, hopping into my car at 8, and getting to the office on time at 9:00. I hadn't had a regular job like this in over 10 years. It feels good to be back in the work force, and feels even better to be interacting with the public again, contributing my skills and abilities to earn a better living for myself while helping others.
        Of course I will continue putting out The Star Beacon and Wisp, and continue publishing books. Neither of us knows where we will each end up, but we've agreed to be patient, to help each other out, no matter what decisions are made.
        A few days before the Equinox, Doug and I succeeded at finding a small rental in Cedaredge with a six-month lease. Had I not started working at the Shopper (where I can see "for rent" ads ahead of time), we probably would not have gotten into this little house because of the demand for housing.
        My real estate agent and her husband agreed to foster my chickens. I will be able to get them back again after I've found a place to live in the country. It's a comfort knowing my flock has a good home for the summer.
        The roller coaster is still cruising, but I'm ready for it to slow down as we each pursue our quests for the right homes. Erin Pavlina's article on "Signs" (page 13) is right on. And I've experienced many signs from the universe throughout my life.
        But that's material for another article at another time. Right now I'm working on creatively manifesting my perfect place and will keep you informed what materializes.

       Ann Ulrich Miller is the publisher of The Star Beacon. This month signifies the 30th birthday of this newsletter. Visit her Author page at






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