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from the April 2017 Star Beacon

Dark side infuriated

Dear Ann,
          As most of us with some holy spirit guidance can plainly see, the rebel spirits are clearly showing their colors.
          When Trump got put in by spirits weary of lies, corruption and selfish agendas, it infuriated the dark side supporters.
          According to the "law bearer" in charge of the "sorting," this has eliminated the usual gray areas of choice ... and been on a worldwide scale of weighing allegiances. As usual, God won't interfere with our choices, but all major cycle endings like this have worthy testing agendas for advancement. Trump now faces a lot of "heat" for bucking the long-entrenched systems and needs our support and petitioning aid.

Al Fry
Garden Valley, Idaho

          P.S. Be sure to keep asking for protection. Truth dispensers are targeted.

Media mass propaganda

          News media is controlled by six companies who use brainwashing, conditioned reflexes and myth, making it increasingly difficult to detect the truth. The elite media in the US was put in power by President Clinton, who opened the gates for mega corporations to own the media. General Electric now owns NBC, and NBC is a highly profitable company that made $3.7 billion in 2011. Disney owns ABC and ESPN, and Westinghouse owns CBS. Time Warner, Inc. is the world’s third largest media conglomerate; television networks and filmed TV, and entertainment company in terms of revenue, after Comcast and the Walt Disney Company.Their motivations are universal liberal causes.
          Their methods are to make extraordinary profits and to support their Democratic nominees for office. The government brokered trade deals such as NAFTA, which benefitted the companies to move facilities to Mexico for low labor and to bring illegal immigrants into the US for low wages. These corporations benefit from government intervention, so they seek in turn to control who runs for office, and who is elected.
          Unfortunately, these policies put a lot of Americans out of work and bring in a lot of illegal aliens who cost Americans billions to provide them with medical care, education, etc.
          Neoliberalism essentially ignores human rights because they interfere with profit making by the corporations and control by the government. Obama Care was essentially a control system. I watched the "World News Tonight" with David Muir -- ABC News, and "Truth and Lies: the Family Manson," who were convicted of ordering the killing of eight people. Manson was treated much better than the President, who is (falsely) accused nightly of lying and working with the Russians.
          I was not a particular fan of Trump, but I strongly resent every major TV news program being critical of everything he does, to the detriment of the United States and (which) benefit(s) our enemies. The FBI reports that over 300 people are being investigated in the US for being radical Islamic terrorists. Many highly classified government top secrets are being released that favor neoliberals.

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