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by Commander Sanni Ceto
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An article from the OCTOBER 2010 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Q: Dear Sanni,
        I have been told that humans have no souls. If this is true, then what is that the Silver Cord attached to, in the shape of a human body, which rises from the body at death, and can be seen by psychics?                          Cordially, Patrick

A: Dear Patrick,
         Humans and, in fact, all organic life forms have a soul, and that would be a type of plasma either that inhabits or gives life to every cell within the body in which it lives.
         The cord only takes the human shape when the person is projecting himself out of the body, though this must always remain tethered to the cord that binds it to the "container" it is from, or death will occur once the cord is severed.
         Again, all humans have a soul or a plasma consciousness that animates and gives personality to the shells they reside in. Psychics are wrong if they are saying people don't have a soul!
Love, Commander Sanni

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        The following is an excerpt from a chapter in Sanni's book, Zeti Child, Lost Upon a One Star World, available from Earth Star publications for $12.95 (postpaid).

Reticulans vs. Reptoids
© 2006 Cmdr Sanni Emyetti Ceto

       Reticulans evolved separately and apart from reptoid species on different solar systems, but in neighboring galaxies.
       Dorado and Draconi are home systems to the Deraks and Terak people who are aquanoid people that evolved from dinosaur-like species.
       Reticulans are advanced social insectoids that come from an ant and mantid ancestor that are of a hive mind. Reptoids don't live in a hive system and are highly territorial and very individualistic in their ways.
       Reticulans learned the art of peaceful living as hive members, and their people had no wars among themselves as they served universal space laws, while reptoids disobeyed these laws and destroyed millions of innocent people on different planets before they settled upon Earth and passed as humans to infiltrate world governments.
       Reticulan people came here to Earth in the mid 1930s to late '40s because reptoid people in governments were detonating thermonuclear devices that threatened Earth and other planets beyond it.
       Reptoids had many treaties with the USA and other nations, and we Reticulans tried to intervene as reptoids wanted the humans that were their servants to use this technology for war.
       Using that technology for war was a violation of universal space law. Reticulans always adhered to nonaggression and never invaded any planets, unlike the reptoids who invaded many worlds and caused many races to become extinct.
       Reptoids on Earth shape-shift to appear as humans so that they can use their powers and be unseen by native humans. Reptoid people are experts at controlling minds and reading thoughts (telepathy). They are found in positions of power, such as the military and your governments.        Their agendas are to invade other nations on planets on which they are guests and to rule those nations, leading the humans there to fall for their plans, which aren't those from the Light.
       Reticulan people come to teach people to solve their many problems upon their planets, and teach peace and how to live in harmony with the planet and not against it.
       Reptoid races only serve a master of control and arrogance, which will in time lead them to their defeat as a species.
       Reticulan people follow the path of light and nonaggression and do not abduct humans.
       Reptoids are responsible for this as their plan is to control Earth and other planets they are on, and force other ET races to leave Earth or create wars among them and the humans.
       Some day the reptoids will be seen in the darkness they emit, and they will be the ones who will leave Earth.

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