The Meaning of It All

by Ann Ulrich Miller
© 2011 (all rights reserved)

An article from the JANUARY 2011 issue of THE STAR BEACON.



            My partner and I discuss cosmology and ETs on a regular basis. We both agree that without a doubt ETs exist. Both of us know that Earth humans came from our ancestors from the stars. Ancient historical evidence has convinced us, but so has our inner knowledge.
            In many of our discussions we compare paranormal to what is real. He contends that my beliefs are mostly based on the paranormal while to him it is all real.
            What is paranormal? What is real?
            According to my dictionary, paranormal means "not scientifically explainable." Hmm. It also says, "existence beyond the visible observable universe." That must mean that for something to be paranormal you can't see it. Well, I've seen UFOs and so have a lot of other people. I guess we can say UFOs are not paranormal. For something to be real, it must be "occurring in fact" or "genuine." Reality, after all, is a "quality or state of being real." Do UFOs and ETs fall into the reality category? In my case the answer is yes.
            The entity I saw in physical form at my parents' front door on April 30, 1966 was real. The ship with three lights that moved slowly across a moonless sky on the night of Sept. 1, 1989 in Delta, Colo., was also real. The blue flashing light on my satellite TV modem the night Ethan made his transition was also real. The paranormal part of that experience was the connection to Ethan himself, who was not observably visible, but it was his attempt to communicate with me, whether or not it can be scientifically explained. I know it was his signal that he was alive and well in another dimension.
            Are extraterrestrial people paranormal? I don't think so. I think they are just as real as we are, and there have been plenty of abductees and contactees who would agree with me. Those who have never seen an ET might call them paranormal because they haven't seen with their own eyes. I have never seen Bigfoot, but does that mean Bigfoot is paranormal? Perhaps, because people who study Bigfoot, Sasquatch and the Yeti contend that the creature can disappear at will. Maybe it travels into another dimension. This doesn't mean Bigfoot isn't real. Something can be paranormal and real at the same time. One doesn't necessarily cancel out the other.
            My point is there can be a very fine line between paranormal and what is real. When it comes to UFOs and ETs, we need to consider that the reality of the phenomenon incorporates the paranormal and vice versa. A cloaked ship in Earth's orbit is not a paranormal object just because we can't see it. The cloaking technology is real in order to keep the craft from being shot down. The reality is, what is paranormal and what is real often overlap.
            As we move closer to the time when Earth shifts and we face all the big changes, I think we are going to see the veil lifting more and more between dimensions. Then what we have believed to be merely paranormal may become very real to us indeed.
            Keep an open mind and allow yourselves to unmask the reality ahead of us.

     Ann Ulrich Miller is the publisher of The Star Beacon. You can order her latest book, Rainbow Majesty, here. 





This page updated February 2, 2011


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