Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET

by Commander Sanni Ceto
© 2011 (all rights reserved)

An article from the OCTOBER 2011 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

Q: .Dear Sanni,
I have read one of your books. I actually got it today and managed to read it all today as well. I listened to your interview on Verita’s show and watched the YouTube video of you. So fascinating!
I wanted to ask about the theory of Hollow Earth, if it is true? All the testimonies of people who travel there sound so wonderful. Also, do you know Grandma Chandra?Is she one of your spiritual family members?
                                                                      Love and peace, dear angel,

A: Dear Agata,
         The videos were very hard for me to do, but I had to get the message out about UFOs. I have a developmental disorder that affects my communications and people skills. The Hollow Earth is true and many different species live there and try to keep Earth as a planet in balance and harmony. I do not know anyone by the name of Grandma Chandra.
.                                                                                            Love, Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Commander,
          What percentage of humans are hybrid? I would like to know what races that I carry in my DNA. I agreed on some level to host fetuses. I want to know why there is so much secrecy. I want to know why we are not consciously consulted once we are awake.                                                                                     Cecelia

A: Dear Cecelia,
         About 89 percent of terrestrial humans are a mixture of ET and human DNA. Your DNA has Lyran and some Gray in it, along with the human.
         Secrecy is created by the covert governments working in conjunction with the reptoids, who control the Earth and its resources. There are good and bad, positive as well as negative, in all species, including reptoids, Grays and humans.
         Earth is a laboratory, used as a test tube for different species that create different life forms, and therefore a scientist doesn’t tell his test subjects because it might hinder the outcome of an experiment. The coverts are in control.          Love, Commander Sanni

Q: Dear Commander Sanni,
          I saw lightning when I was four in the same way you did, only it did no damage and no one but me saw it. There have been many funny things, but over the last five years I feel that I have been pregnant several times and that I am/will be a mother again. I wanted to be a mother since I was a child and humans seem so alien, I have not even been in a relationship... is my instinct right? I was also told that one of my guides was a Gray with a great sense of humor. Is he still around? Does he have a message for me?                                                                      Much love from Corynder

A: Dear Corynder,
         The lightning you saw was meant for you. Others didn’t see it because they don’t resonate with the frequencies that allowed you to see the lightning visually. I’m sensing that you had many children from contact with UFOs and that you have missing time.
To me, humans are very strange and it’s hard to understand them and their emotions, which I sense as well as their feelings. Emotions and body language are impossible to interpret and understand. Most Grays don’t have a sense of humor as humor is a human thing. It was probably a Pleiadian who shape-shifted to appear as a Gray to you. His message to you is, “You are wanted on Earth for your mission is to help the planet see light and truth,” and you are watched and guided.                   Love, Commander Sanni

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