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Strange metal boxes

          Strange metal boxes found along the coastline of Oregon were reported in early February by different sources. This report is off www.huliq.com. Bray Point is about 25 miles south of Newport, Ore.
          “They can’t be moved; even when yanked by a four-wheel drive truck pulling on heavy chains tied around these humming metallic-like boxes that are still appearing as of Feb. 8, 2012 up and down West Coast beaches.
          “As of late afternoon Feb. 8, Bill Hanshumaker, a public marine specialist and (Ph.D) doctor of marine science at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in nearby Newport, told Huliq in an interview that, ‘I don’t know what they are.’
          “In turn, Doctor Hanshumaker said he’s advised ‘surf monitoring’ about these strange metal boxes that suddenly appeared along local beaches Feb. 6, and now seem to be multiplying like Star Trek ‘Tribbles.’
          “Meanwhile, the British government also photographed similar huge metal boxes on beaches in Sri Lanka in the late 1990s and in early 2004 and 2005. The discovery of the boxes is detailed in updated previously classified reports from the British government that document sightings of unidentified flying objects by both the military and the general public dating back to the 1950s.”
          A comment by Terry Dillman on Cow Flipper’s Web site (http://cow-flipper.hubpages.com/hub/Strange-Humming-Metal-Boxes-on-Oregons-Beaches) offers a possible explanation:
          “The ‘mysterious’ boxes are, according to marine science experts, fiberglass dock floats (fiberglass covering around wooden frames) that either escaped from river sites during the January storm that wracked the Oregon coast, or possibly -- but not certain -- ones washed out to sea by the tsunami that devastated Japan almost a year ago.”
          In The Gate to Strange Phenomena (April 2012 issue) there’s a report on the boxes. Apparently there was a wave of UFO sightings right before the boxes mysteriously appeared along the coast of Oregon.
          Witnesses also report that the boxes emit a strange whining noise. “The boxes are 5' x 5' x 12' in size and dark in color. Eyewitnesses say the boxes are extremely heavy and are deeply sunk into the wet sand. All are completely sealed with no apparent way to open them.”
          Some say the boxes are a hoax.

Saturn’s moon has oxygen

          Robert Morningstar wrote, “A NASA spacecraft circling Saturn has discovered a wispy oxygen atmosphere on the ringed planet’s icy moon Dione.” The Cassini spacecraft spotted an ultra-thin layer of oxygen ions so sparse that it is equivalent to conditions 300 miles (480 kilometers) above Earth. On Dione, there is just one oxygen ion one for every 0.67 cubic inches, but it’s still enough to qualify as an atmosphere, Cassini mission scientists report, “We now know that Dione, in addition to Saturn’s rings and the moon Rhea, is a source of oxygen molecules.” Robert Tokar of the Los Alamos National Laboratory stated,“This shows that molecular oxygen is actually common in the Saturn system.” Thanks to Space.com (Source: Filer’s Files #10-2012, dated March 7, 2012)

Russians claim life on Venus

          Another short article from The Gate of Strange Phenomena tells of a Russian probe that has photographed life on Venus. Thanks to an atmosphere of 97 percent CO2, Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system, even though Mercury is closest to the sun. Venus is referred to as a heat-trapping greenhouse with a surface temperature of 480 degrees.
          Russian scientist Leonid Ksamformaliti with the Space Research Institute at Russia’s Academy of Sciences says after analyzing photos taken 30 years ago by a Soviet probe that landed on Venus, he is certain there are living creatures on the planet’s surface.
          Ksanformaliti says the images he’s seen show a scorpion-shaped creature, a moving disc, and something that looks like a black flapping object. As the probe’s camera captures the terrain of the planet, the objects all clearly move as if they are alive, explained Ksanformaliti. “What if we forget about the current theories about the non-existence of life on Venus? Let’s boldly suggest that the objects; morphological features would allow us to say they are living.”
          An article about the scientist’s findings recently appeared in the Russian journal Solar System Research. (Thanks to Beth Robbins in Richmond Heights, Ohio.)





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