Protection Against

Spiritual Bondage


from the December 2018 Star Beacon


By Al Fry

Protection against spiritual bondage can start with realizing that we are usually targeted with "tamper" thoughts of negativity, once seeking more spiritual pursuits. In a free-choice system such as ours, this is legal and the "dark side" and intruder races and spirits hit us with fear, shame, deviancy, addictions of many kinds, to feed off our lower emotional energies.

Just one negative thought allows them to send in more skilled negative entities to feed us more "tamper" thoughts. This can lead to the negative actions that keep our world a "hell." Under choice law, we don’t get any great help unless we have a true desire to change. We get a feeling of what is right if we have a God-linked spirit -- but we are surrounded with many persons who have no such link-up and only act ethical.

The most workable defense is simply to ask The Most High God for aid. This can bring in suitable teachers and aid if we are sincere in the request. Since God’s higher laws prevent us from asking for selfishly motivated things, like self healing, it is helpful to ask others to pray for us in such situations. The evangelists who perform miracle healing on the stages usually will steal a little energy from most of their followers if no trickery is involved.

There are also problems with karma to be paid off that can hold up healing. Many false teachers, religions and belief systems are set in place to muddy the water, but nothing can prevent God’s truth from trickling in if we are sincere and patient.

Deception can be detected by learning to feel if we are getting lies. Dealing with fake spiritual teachers and preachers can be a little tricky, since their spirits pick up our thoughts it is easy to "test" them by simply asking them mentally if they are following T M H God ...

Rather than getting a "no," you will get some long-winded "Jesus has been sent as God’s representative’ type of answer ... or they make excuses for just walking off and evading the "yes" or "no" answers.

The games going on here on Earth are without number, so I trust that this little outline can make our protection a little simpler. How the major intruder races have taken over our governments and believe systems is found in books by David Icke.

God’s loyal followers in the other realms can protect us from attacks of many kinds if we simply ask in His name. This is not selfish if we remain altruistic and part of God’s team. Such protection can extend to protect us while roaring down the roads in our cars or having legal problems ... You will be surprised at how simple it can be.

The New Exodus

from the December 2018 Star Beacon


By Al Fry

After decades of having a reasonable amount of security, we humans are facing changes that threaten us from many directions. Climate changes are bringing natural disasters to millions of us across the globe, and we Americans are not immune to the assaults. We get record hurricanes in the Atlantic, wildfires and record heat in the West, often resulting in downpours that bury homes and roads with water and mud.

Hundreds of people are dying and thousands are being displaced. Some of the disasters see a third of us falling behind on rent or mortgage payments and almost as many have trouble affording food. Not since the Great Depression of the ’30s have so many people in our nation needed to head for safer ground.

For people living in lower level area like New Orleans, this move is long overdue. It would take billions of dollars and hundreds of new pumps to handle any new flooding. Southern Florida is so low, it will probably be unsalvageable in the not-too-distant future.

As inland areas in the Southwest heat up, the water shortages will make them tinder boxes with scant hope of supplying enough water for household use. In other areas of the world we find similar problems, but have millions fleeing from wars besides.

Lawlessness is becoming worse each year in Latin American countries, with refugees flooding our borders. White African farmers are being expelled from their farms while rich Chinese are on a buying spree in the safer areas of the world.

From a higher vantage point, it would seem we spirits are being put to the test. We will either remain honorable through such adversity and ethics testing ... or we will keep on trying to survive through our own efforts ... ignoring God and His/Her loyal aides.

History shows how past civilizations have all collapsed after inner and outer breakdowns. Fortunately, there are always a few survivors who remain "worthy." Personal examples or aid I have received could fill another page, but it might be a sign of egocentricity, and I think the point is clear enough.

The Lobotomy

Programs We Face


from the December 2018 Star Beacon


by Al Fry

Our kids are fast losing their drive and independence today, and it would seem everything with a screen on it is attacking their discernment and logical thinking ability.

Many parents can notice their kids in an altered state after TV sessions, and the Mennonites keep their kids away from all these "toys."

Since we older people can’t get mentally altered so easily once through school, we get hit with the media misinformation constantly.

Communist China has people-pawns pretty well under control, and Google is being set up to sensor and weed out any independent, non-compliant user Americans to emulate their systems. Our kids are the main targets, and an example of the type of educators we now have, over 85 percent of them voted for Hillary ... the perfect example of a money and power sellout.

Another 85 percent or so of our teachers today are women who work on a neutral REACT foundation instead of the stronger ACT ... against domination and attack foundation. To further feminize kids, all the softer plastic and most of the printing ink now has an estrogen mimicking chemical that turns boys into mental girls, and give a set of boobs to the girls about 10 years ahead of normal.

There are also thousands of chemicals poisoning our environment and foods ... besides the rat poison fluoride in most cities’ water. Instead of these dangers being targeted, Trump and Putin stay in the media news.

Fortunately, trump is wise enough to hire his own security systems to stay alive and slowly makes inroads on draining the swamp. Stupidity is now threatening our planet by dozens of assaults. Trees that make Earth’s oxygen would be an example that could end our civilization by oxygen depletion.

The question is, "Are enough of us deserving of survival?"


The Plastic Peril


from the December 2018 Star Beacon


By Al Fry

At least 14 million tons of plastic are rolling around in our seas and surrounding our foods. No one knows if much of it will ever degrade. Hundreds of sea creatures are affected, and even whales can perish when their stomachs get so filled with shopping bags and plastic wrap that it blocks their digestion.

Plasticizers are also hormone disruptors and they just keep accumulating and act like estrogen, which can fertilize cancer cells. The phthalates leaking out of plastics can wreak havoc eventually.

They can affect the nervous system, bringing on Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis; the musculoskeletal system, bringing on arthritis and bone degeneration; the respiratory system, bringing on lung, sinus and throat irritations; the endocrine system, bringing on cancer in the ovaries and breasts; metabolic and immune system problems, with diabetes and addictions, and can damage the thyroid gland.

Toxic burn pits brought Gulf War syndrome, but at home here, we find most of our city water is now contaminated with plastic and chemicals. Kids now start out with plastic in their baby bottles and graduate to all the phthalate leaking plastic in all the soft plastic their food comes in.

Aside from avoiding such plastics, the only defense is to sweat out the plastic toxins with saunas. This is easy now that far infrared (FIR) units bring on sweating without the usual high heats. "Detoxify or Die" covers the details. Order it from Sand Key, P.O. Box 40101, Sarasota, FL 34242.

Al Fry writes from Garden Valley, Idaho.



This page updated December 6, 2018



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