Ascension Update

By Maryanne Savino

May 19, 2018

Well, these energies are really something else! Many are feeling and experiencing the collapse of the old timelines personally and collectively. Here are some current symptoms: High sensitivity with anxiety and nervousness, nausea and digestive discomfort (feeling bloated), lack of appetite, feeling emotional/crying a river, exhausted, depleted with low energy, muscle tension and aches, heat surges and sweating, headache with crown pressure, ear popping and ringing, allergies and sinus pressure, dizziness, irritable and agitated, spacey foggy head (feeling ungrounded), wanting to stay in a cocoon and away from crowds, dehydrated, feeling as if you’re in another reality and just plain weird, feels like a pressure cooker inside, just can’t get comfortable and the list goes on.

Our chakras are very sensitive at this time, due to the upgrades and recalibrating—especially root, solar plexus, heart and crown.

[**We can’t always assume that our symptoms are Ascension related and even if they are, it’s always a good idea to get checked out by your health care provider just to be safe**]

And there’s a number of planets retrograde as some planets are moving into different zodiac signs. On May 20, the Sun moved out of stable and grounded Taurus (the bull) and into Gemini (the twins), a much lighter energy, which will be a nice reprieve from the denser energies we’ve been experiencing.

We’re in an accelerated time of major upgrades and shifting of consciousness. The old 3D world as we know it is dissolving and a very New and Beautiful 5D World is emerging and unfolding. Why all the uncomfortable symptoms? This is the way
Ascension works ... anything and everything that isn’t vibrating higher is being released because it doesn’t fit in the newer and higher dimensions.

Our Light is expanding and raising in frequency
and our Divinity is being felt so strongly and deeply that we can feel out of sorts until we acclimate to these shifts. Ascension is like a Soul retrieval ... all the parts of us that we’ve abandoned, denied and
ignored want to return home to our Earth vessel.

The best thing that we can do to assist this
process is to not resist and allow the energies to flow through. Welcome and embrace yourself in your Body Temple here on Beautiful Mother Earth Gaia.

Be the Beautiful and Positive change you wish to see. And have Gratitude for our Mother Earth; she holds us with so much Love every day.

Sending each of you lots of LOVE and support in these amazing and transformative times!!!

Many Bright Blessings,

Maryanne Savino

Maryanne is the founder at Sanctuary For Harmonic Living in New York. You’ll find her on Facebook.



An article from the June 2018 issue of THE STAR BEACON




This page updated June 5, 2018


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