Jumping in and out of 5D


By Marty Ulrich

from the June 2018 Star Beacon


Time is a very strange thing. We exist in the third density in this human experience, and from the moment we are able to perceive our surroundings as young toddlers, we begin to perceive that we are moving through something, but we do not know what it is or what causes it.

It is what we call time. From then, this idea is reinforced by those around us, who apparently have been through more "time." There is a past, a present and a future, we are told, and also that the past cannot be changed, the future cannot be known, and we experience the present.

Yet, it is only a construct—an illusion. Time is an artificial mechanism by which we measure our human experience, and it is based upon motion. Imagine if the universe was completely motionless, time would be still as well, forever. The only true time is now; there is no past and no future.

Forever ... what is forever anyway? It is what we are; we are forever—our spirits. As one begins to awaken to the infinite being that they are, the illusion of time begins to fade away and the veil is lifted. Time is really just a machine, and like all machines, it can be manipulated.

Time is a construct of the Third Dimension, but when one crosses to the 5D, this machine seems to fall apart. Time no longer follows a neat linear path. Are you finding yourself jumping in and out of the 5D reality?

More and more often now, I find myself going into the 5D. My consciousness will disappear introspectively, and I find that my brain no longer perceives 3D sensory input. Instead, my thoughts are in control of my perception, and I find myself jumping to places, times, and situations that are as bizarre as any dream, yet I am in a waking state.

Strangely enough, just as soon as I observe myself experiencing this jump in time/space, I am pulled right back to the 3D reality, where then my analytical thought process begins to figure out what just happened to me. Many times, the first thing I will notice is that my emotional state is heightened because that which I experienced in the 5D was truly emotional! Wherever I go, whatever I witness, I feel it and I carry that emotional energy back to the 3D.

I am not a guru nor am I any kind of spiritual guide; I can hardly quiet my mind to even meditate most of the time, although when this happens, it is more natural and spontaneous and, of course, happens often when I am surrounded by nature.

I believe this is part of what others are referring to as "The Event." As this unfolds, I think these kinds of dimensional jumps will become more frequent and lucid, and eventually they will dominate our human experience.

The illusion of time will become more apparent, and we will learn to live more in the 5D, where we still experience time, but it no longer moves in a nice straight line anymore.

Marty Ulrich lives in Cedaredge, Colorado.



This page updated June 5, 2018



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