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Lights over the ocean

Dear Ann,

I am from San Diego. From my house you can see the ocean. On April 12 of this year, at around 8:30 pm, some strange-looking lights suddenly appeared out of nowhere and were just hovering above the ocean.

At first I saw five of them, and then more started to appear! There were a total of nine lights. They resembled orange orbs. They stayed there for

about 20 minutes. Then they suddenly disappeared, one right after the other! It was quite a sight to see, it was amazing.

This event reminded me of the famous Phoenix Lights event. The next day it was confirmed by military officials that they had nothing to do with it, and they had no idea what it was or where it came from. There was no logical explanation for it.

This was seen by people all over San Diego, but it mostly went unreported by the news media and was not made out to be a major story.


Woman from Venus

Dear Ann,

It seems that there are multiple sources concerning VENUS, going back to George Adamski’s book, On Board a Flying Saucer, which I found many years ago in a Phoenix library. If you search out sources on this planet, you will find on YouTube videos of the Dwight D. Eisenhower years and his contacts with Venusian Valiant Thor.

I never really believed these encounters because the name of the alien seemed pretty far fetched and made up—invented—more like a stage name. I was thinking maybe it was all a staging incident to promote something.

But then you have Eisenhower’s granddaughter Laura Eisenhower on YouTube and her stories about her grandfather, the former president. It really gets one wondering what this Venusian angle really is.

Now I knew Colonel Wendelle Stevens and he published a book written by a woman I know who claims to be from Venus. He called me and told me. He did not know that I was familiar with her. This was a woman whom I had met in Washington, DC, at an Eckankar seminar. She was from Chicago, Ill., and had been on the Jerry Springer Show.

This was before her book was published.

She was originally from Tennessee. Her name is Sheila Schultz Gipson OMNEC ONEC of From Venus I Came. I had read one of her original manuscripts and it was a good read. Wendelle heavily edited it and left out her personal history and her early childhood traumas.

I knew her husband and her children. She went on a whirlwind tour with Stevens and was a friend of the Russian cosmonaut lady. She has since published German translations of her book. It is very popular in Germany, and she has been on covers of European magazines.

I had a copy of her book, but someone took it. I also know that Eckankar claims that it is a religion having its roots on Venus. That there is a wisdom temple called Mokshove Temple of Light in the city of Retz, Venus, and that there is an an ECK master
named Rami Nuri, who is in charge. There is a painting of Rami Nuri and the temple on Venus at the Chanhassen Eckankar Temple in Minnesota.

Quite frankly, I cannot verify that Eckankar is from Venus. I have not traveled there in my light body Nuri Sarup. I have no memories of astral or soul travel to this Temple that I can prove. I do not know how one proves these claims by Eckankar.

I know that the physical Venus is 900 degrees Fahrenheit and nothing can live there unless the scientists have been lying about life on Venus. Now Paola Harris in Rome, Italy, has had many experiences with contactees and she was in Fairfax, Va., and I got to meet and talk to her at dinner after her two-hour talk. She is the world’s foremost authority on alien ET contact as far as I know.

It is just very difficult to prove the connections about Venus.

Valerie B. (from Illinois)


Human holograms

Dear Ann,

Human holograms have been the topic of "Commander’s Star Base" in recent issues of The Star Beacon. I have a question ... How do human holograms think of themselves?

In my relationships with such beings (whether they are human holograms or human beings without empathy), I’ve made some progress in my own healing and development by understanding their point of view. First, I’ve needed to understand that they are vampires. Emotional and energetic vampires. In other words, they feel entitled. They feel superior and thus entitled to take whatever they want.

The mindset seems to be, "I have no empathy. I have no soul. I am above such things. I am superior, with supernatural support, and I control the world."

So my question is this: Do they truly understand that they have no soul? Do they know what they are?

If so, I understand that their behavior is intentional. If they know who and what they are, they will do everything in their power to protect themselves. With this knowledge, I am better able to protect myself, my heart, my loved ones, and our precious planet.

My question goes beyond the awareness that such beings exist among us. It takes us to the next step in understanding, which is accepting the fact of it and figuring out how to respond. How do we empower ourselves and support one another in the face of this external malevolent force?

I trust that the audience of your publication has the ability to make such leaps in understanding. Thanks very much for sharing your research, wisdom, and perspective.

Sending you appreciation from the depths of my very alive and beating heart.

L. from Colorado

EDITOR’S NOTE: I relayed this question to Commander Sanni Ceto, who gave this answer: "A hologramme really doesn’t think for itself. They are programmed differently as they are not real people, but only shadows because they are ‘copies’ of people."


Visions of Mary

Dear Ann,

Have you ever heard of John Keel? (He has since passed away.) Well, he published an article in a magazine during, I believe, the 1980s (or it may have been the early 1990s). The magazine’s name was Strange Magazine. It tackled some controversial subjects, like Fatima.

At that time, I thought he was full of it, as he said that Mary was an alien hologram and the miracle of the Sun was a UFO brightly shining as it descended to the earth, appearing as though the Sun was falling.

Since then, I now agree with him. First off, if the Sun was falling, why did only those people at Fatima "see" it? It radiated enough heat to dry the ground and clothes of the people as it had been raining all night, and both people and ground were soaked. If the Sun were falling, all people of the earth would have seen it.

What if all the visions of Mary were brought about by alien intervention? What’s the harm as these visitations ask us to love each other? I’ve changed since I first read that article by John Keel as I no longer am rigid in my spiritual beliefs.

I no longer follow a formulaic system. Nor do I follow a formulaic belief towards the "aliens." They are real and I’ve had much interaction with them, including attending a sort of school for some experiencers, so many of my thoughts about them differ from what is generally believed.

I have grown so much through "them." May the Universe guide and love you.

Name Withheld By Request





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