Sheri's Sixth Sense


from the June 2018  Star Beacon

By Sheri Gould

          I have had an amazing journey since meeting Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle back in 1983, plus all the people I’ve met since, because of this wonderful person!

Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D, a psychologist and hypno-therapist, is Professor Emeritus at the University of Wyoming, and author of the book Soul Samples, published in 1999, featuring some of his case studies,
with a focus on UFO experiences and reincarnation.

In 1980, Dr. Sprinkle founded the Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation, which was held at the University, and ran for more than two decades. The conference served as a focal point and beacon of hope for many people, who came from around the world to attend this conference.

Dr. Sprinkle originally was a skeptic regarding UFOs until he had a daylight sighting of a strange disc in 1949, and then a second sighting with his wife near the Boulder, Colorado Flatirons in 1956.

Though Dr. Sprinkle had regressed nearly 200 people to help them recollect their subconscious memories of encounters while he was a psychology
professor at the University of Wyoming, he didn’t realize he had his own encounters until he had a hyp-
nosis session in 1980 by a colleague who regressed him to the time when he was in the 5th grade.

Under hypnosis, Dr. Sprinkle, as a 10 or 11- year-old, felt he was standing at a large window, looking out at a black sky full of stars that seemed to be moving toward him. He was on board some type of spacecraft with curved walls. He felt a hand on his right shoulder and an arm at the back of his neck. He looked up and saw a very tall man dressed in a one-piece outfit with the pants joined to his boots. The man seemed to have a human face, and was the same man that Dr. Sprinkle remembered in his dreams/nightmares at 10 or 11 years of age. This man seemed authoritative, but also appeared gentle.

He then spoke to Leo, telling him that he could help other people learn more about their purpose in life. He told Leo to learn to read and write well and that when he grew up, he could help those people.

One of those people was ME! From childhood, I grew up having clairvoyant abilities and paranormal experiences. I was always looking up towards the stars, and there was never a period in my life that I didn’t believe in a universe filled with life.

After high school, and for the next 18 years, I studied the Edgar Cayce concepts, but had no special interest in UFOs. That all changed in January 1983 when Dr. Sprinkle gave a workshop on UFOs in my town, which I attended.

Well, a couple days after the workshop, I started having recurring dreams—the same recurring dreams that I had as a child and had since forgotten. The dreams were of flying in "round" and "boomerang" shaped aircraft. (A footnote here—about 10 years after Dr. Sprinkle gave his workshop in my town, I had a very lucid dream/experience with a voice telling me that Dr. Sprinkle was the catalyst for my re-awakening back in 1983. I had always wondered why Dr. Sprinkle chose my small town for the workshop...) Because of my interest in the workshop and because of those recurring dreams, I contacted Dr. Sprinkle, and he invited me to the annual Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation in Laramie, Wyoming, which I attended in 1983, and decided to get a feel of the "UFO" crowd (because I thought they’d all be "weird" people), before considering any kind of hypnosis.

Well, I felt like I found FAMILY! It was the most rewarding experience I’d ever had—people I felt good around and could talk to, without feeling inhibited or embarrassed because of my beliefs. I received a lot of positive reinforcement from this group I lovingly call my peers, who told me to go for the hypnosis.

The following year, I had a hypnosis session with Dr. Sprinkle which absolutely changed my life from then on. The results of the hypnosis session were my recollections of both Alaska and Arizona experiences I had as a child. Since that session, many pieces of the "puzzle" have come to consciousness as a natural result of the hypnosis sessions. One of those puzzle pieces was realizing that my studies of the Edgar Cayce concepts were an important precursor to this next part of my spiritual studies now, as an experiencer. I felt like I was starting Kindergarten all over again!

I’ve met many amazing people at Dr. Sprinkle’s Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation, and there are a few individuals that made quite an impact in my life (along with Dr. Sprinkle). In the late ’80s, I met Aileen Edwards (Garoutté). Because of Aileen’s own contact experiences which changed her life, she became interested in the many stories of others who had contact experiences, but felt the experiencers lacked the support to deal with the trauma and ridicule.

Determined to help, Aileen founded the UFO Contact Center, Intl. (of which Dr. Sprinkle was an honorary board member) in 1981, for the purpose of helping people to examine their bizarre experiences as a result of their encounters. The first UFOCCI center started in Federal Way, Washington, and had expanded since to around 65 affiliate centers across the U.S. and internationally.

The criteria to be an Associate Director was mainly that you were an experiencer, and the main goal of those centers was to hold monthly meetings
to provide the experiencers a safe environment to share their experiences. When Aileen asked me to be an Associate Director for Wyoming, I was overwhelmed with emotion, because I, too, wanted to help those experiencers in Wyoming that needed a safe-haven to share their experiences, and to help balance and assist others to lessen their fears of the unknown.

As a result of me being an Associate Director, I met two other Associate Directors which I have stayed in contact with for about 30 years—Ann Ulrich Miller, author of numerous books, and editor and publisher of this newsletter, The Star Beacon; and Shirlè Klein-Carsh, the author of Permutation, A True UFO Story (who, sadly, just recently passed).

I had an amazing experience with Aileen and Shirlè that I want to share. The three of us were invited by Pat McGuire to go with him to his ranch north of Laramie after a day full of conference activities had ended. It was a beautiful night sky full of stars, and Pat was pointing out the ships, and then Shirlè began toning—calling in the ships—and a ship came close—blinking their lights to us! What an experience to treasure!

The other person who has made such a
positive impact in my spiritual life is Richard Boylan, Ph.D. I met Dr. Boylan at the 16th Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation in 1995. Author of five books, Dr. Boylan is a behavioral scientist, psychology professor (emeritus), and star-cultures anthropologist working with next-generation (human) StarKids and adult Starseeds. He is also Star Nations Councillor (Ambassador) for Earth, working on advancing the relationship between cosmic societies and Earth.

I have kept in contact with Dr. Boylan since then, and attended his StarKids/Starseed Adults Workshop in Allentown, Pa., in 2009, listened to his talk at The Star Family Reunion Conference in Farmington, N.M., in 2010, and attended Dr. Boylan’s StarKids/Starseed Adults Advanced Workshop in Philadelphia, Pa., in 2011. (For more information about StarKids and Starseed Adults —to see if you might be one yourself—or to help children explore their StarKid abilities and/or Star Visitor encounters, go to

Dr. Boylan gave the keynote address at this conference, and began sharing some startling information with us about the government’s role in the UFO cover-up. As soon as he started talking, I "saw" a "black box" come floating in a side window, moving towards Dr. Boylan, and hovered over him all throughout his talk. (Now, I’ve seen these black boxes before with other speakers, and I was told it was a recording type device to record and/or amplify the information to whomever put the black box there in the first place.)

I began getting "negative vibes," and whoever put the "black box" there was making it very difficult for Dr. Boylan to speak. He began choking and many of his words became distorted and slurred and he could hardly talk. Someone sure didn’t want him to share his information with us! I began telling everyone around me to immediately send Dr. Boylan "White Light Protection," so he could finish his talk, and it worked—the "black box" disappeared, and he was able to finish his talk!

All of these wonderful people—exemplify —"SERVICE to OTHERS" to the highest degree —for all that they have done to help "spread the word" through their writings and their own "UFO/Star Visitor" conferences to bring awareness to the general public and help to the experiencers.


Sheri Gould is an experiencer and clairvoyant and writes from Wyoming.




This page updated June 5, 2018



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