The Blue Ray with Crystalline Skulls and Goddesses


from the October 2018 Star Beacon


By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

     Most people have not even heard of the Blue Ray. Some of the Magdalenes, or Blue Ray Beings have, since they were created with the Blue Ray, in other Universes, before this Time Space Universe. The other Universes were closed off until recently, when we were finally able to open the first Crystalline Portal, thanks to a "Key" that a client had been holding from so very long ago.

We have since opened other Crystalline Portals that the Galactic Team (G-Team) has overseen, so as not to fry us with the tremendous Light pouring onto Earth. Not too long ago, we discovered that the entry point for the Blue Ray in this Solar System, was being blocked. (The Dark Hats were at it again!)

The Portal is open now, since this is the time when you can to receive the Blue Ray and call it forth for your own clearing -- and your preparation for Ascension and First Contact.

Before you call it in, hear what the Crystalline Skulls and Goddesses have to say about the Blue Ray, since they are quite familiar with it and assist with all of this.

As we take people through the Clearing to the Core process, I am able to do an activation of the Blue Ray on each individual, after each round of clearing. The G-Team and personal guides bring it forth, and I have them pour it through to a bigger G-team right under them. This goes through all of their hearts, then out their hands into a special Chalice of Light that we all create. It fills it and flows over and down into the eighth chakra, down around the individual, and through their being.

It is every shade of blue, and it sparkles, waves, shimmers and swirls as it moves through and around, and then is guided into the auric field. This is like a cosmic salve, and is very healing, exhilarating and altering, since it is from 5D and beyond. Once a person is activated, they automatically will be activating others.

Goddesses: We bring forth so many rays: Blue, Rainbow, Crystalline -- as there are now so many lights of energy beaming down from many Universes -- since we have opened a multi-verse portal.

This specific Blue Ray allows people to integrate their own radiant light, with that of ancient remembering. Often, past lives can flood forth. This is part of the awakening and opening that illuminates areas of individuals, like those which need to be seen, felt, heard -- and most specifically, and most often -- cleared.

Opening Chakras and Others

When one person receives a magnificent Blue Ray opening, healing or clearing, this helps to open their chakras to a new level of light. And yes, this opens up others they connect with, whether they are moving about, sharing a story, or just being in a place in which others are receptive. As a result, it can ignite a new level of consciousness when people are open to receiving.

When groups gather, this is part of that awakening. And when people send out absent or remote healing intentions, and heart-filled beams of energy, the precious Earth feels this. As each heart opens up, many other hearts around it are magnified. And for many miles around, one person can feel the energy in their own heart. So yes, it opens up a flow from above and below each person.

When Star-seed people are activated at this level, it may also bring up a level of disharmony, if they have nefarious devices or entities in, on or around them. So, a fifth-dimensional body can sense a lot and open up -- and then the physical body is receiving messages, which may not be explained in 3D so easily. It can open up bright lights (beings) to different timelines as well. That is why many people who have been on a healing path for so many years -- and have been clearing and healing, and repeating this process -- believe they are cleared, as well as "experts" in their fields.

However, this ray can also open them up to new, very complex, multi-dimensional experiences that have been hidden in their auric fields, and just recently ignited. So, much of this can be ever so complex, and not seen or understood by even the most experienced channel, healer, and energy- clearing "expert." What this exposes is a new level of complicated lifetimes and devices, which become activated in other dimensions.

We only suggest that those who specifically see and understand dark dimensions, should work with the clearing and release of these complicated inclusions in a person’s being, which can also be deep within their glands or organs and are just now surfacing.

We assist as a Crystalline Team to open this up and safely expose, illuminate, and assist in a complete release of this on all dimensions, with the utmost care. This is truly a path of justice and service, for it gives the planet and many others a greater level of reconnection.

(Many times a session can assist multitudes, Gaia, the Inner Earth, and the Galaxy.)

It may not be part of the usual lightworker or change maker’s repertoire. So, only the teams with a truly ancient skill, of going in and seeing on many dimensions (not only light, but also dark dimensions), and in between these as well, are qualified to safely remove any of these nefarious devices or implants.

It may come as quite a shock that after 20, 30 or 40 years of self-clearing, and working with others, and healing on many levels, that there is more that has not yet been seen.

We find that among the "Magdalenes," who are treasures of light and love, some are just now awakening to that fact, and they are able to say, "Ah, there is something that remains which has not been addressed, and truly, I want it cleared. I want to assist others through the timelines -- as well as our precious Gaia."

Those are the true change-makers, open to vulnerability, and also to learning a new level of self-love. And cherishing the fact that "yes," there is still more, even after what I have been doing to release any disharmonies in my body, my psychological and emotional self, and all levels of my spiritual body.

So, this is to say that "yes," most likely there is more for you to explore, even if you have been a remarkable healer, channel, and student of many healing modalities.

Stellar Skulls: We work specifically with this ever-so-potent paradigm, of a realm that needs to be entered. We can be invisible, as can the Crystalline Dragons and Goddesses, and lead the way to this very ever-so-potent healing and clearing -- which activates souls and clears beings to their core. They are needed -- RIGHT NOW! This is the time! Work you failed to consider? That you are now ready to awaken, so that you can meet your Light family and assist with the Light Ships, helping more and more people to create the New Earth?


Ask Yourself

We find that you are all ready for more, so ask yourself and be truthful. Is it possible that there are other parts of my being I have not considered, that could have been adulterated? Could it be that many other healers have missed this, as they have not been trained in the ancient skills, of scanning and tracking in dark dimensions? What does that mean? Could I gain clarity from even more release and clearing of my energy field, as it is affecting my daily life and physical and psychological (emotional) bodies? Go deep; offer yourself the possibility that you could regain more of your previous abilities that have been developed, nurtured, and remained potent from lifetimes ago, which can serve you now. Consider that you have other brilliant aspects that can be a part of the New Earth, and can assist you in nurturing relationships in your life today.

How would that look to be firing on all cylinders, and receiving information from your potent Warrior and Goddess selves? When is a good time to consider that, and know that there is no better time than NOW?

Crystalline Skulls and Goddesses
through the Heart of Crysta

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