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The following is from a news clipping from a subscriber in Utah, date unknown but possibly printed in January or early February of 2019. It reads:

WASHINGTON—North isn’t quite where it used to be. Earth’s north magnetic pole has been drifting so fast in the last few decades that scientists say that past estimates are no longer accurate enough for precise navigation.

On Monday, they released an update of where magnetic north really was, nearly a year ahead of schedule. The magnetic north pole is wandering about 34 miles a year. It crossed the international date line in 2017, and is leaving the Canadian Arctic on its way to Siberia.



According to an article on RT.com, a report was published on March 19, with the headline: Earth hit by meteor explosion 10 times more powerful than nuclear bomb, but no one noticed.

It reads: "On Dec. 18, 2018, the third largest meteor explosion in the last century occurred and almost no one noticed, despite it emitting the equivalent energy of 173 kilotons of TNT — 10 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb.

"The airburst explosion happened in the skies above the Bering Sea, off Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula. The event was detected by 16 infrasound monitoring stations around the world, which were established to detect nuclear explosions within the Earth's atmosphere. Its smoke trail was snapped by the Japanese Himawari-8 weather satellite, which just happened to be photographing that area of the sky at the time."

To see actual photos, visit https://www.rt.com/news/454187-massive-meteor-explosion-unnoticed-kamchatka/



Published May 29, 2016 on FoxNews.com, the article reads:

UFO sighting? Is it or isn’t it?

Video of a strange object in the sky near a military base in Dayton, Ohio, had the internet buzzing Sunday over whether it was a UFO, "Fox & Friends" reported.

"It looks like it's moving with the clouds," a woman is heard saying on the video.

The 13-minute You Tube video appears to show an object hovering and disappearing into the clouds near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which housed an Air Force project that documented alleged UFO and extraterrestrial sightings from 1947 to 1969.

A couple spotted the object as they were watching the sunset from their home, London's Daily Mirror reported Saturday. They sent the video to Tyler Glockner at Secure Team 10, which describes itself on Twitter as "bringing exposure of the alien phenomenon and those trying to hide it back to the masses," the paper reported.


In special reports, this week's (3/18/19) Filer's Files cover: Alien UFO Bases, UFO bases in the Caspian and Black Sea, Soviet UFO bases; Astro-biology, the Origin of Life and the Death of Darwinism, and Ohio taxes Abortion Funding Stopped.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over AK, AZ, CA, FL, GA, MD, ME, MI, NJ, NM, NY, TX and Washington D.C. More UAP sightings were reported over Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Peru, and England in the UK.

Erich A. Aggen, Jr. reports a great deal of UFO research has led to the conclusion that various species of aliens have set up secret underground bases in the US and other countries. It is logical to assume that such bases have also been established elsewhere in the solar system.

If such bases exist, where would we find them? Existing information allows us to make a few educated guesses.

"EARTH BASES: UNDER-GROUND — The dark, cavernous world beneath our feet is the source of many baffling mysteries. Clandestine UFO bases may be hidden deep within the earth in natural and or artificial caverns and even under the sea…

"As a former member of the National Speleological Society (NSS), I am well aware of the vast extent of cave systems within the United States. In my own native state of Missouri, for example, there are over 2,500 known caves and dozens of new ones being discovered every year. Many of these caves are intricately linked together by numerous passageways and interconnecting chambers.

"One particular species of blind white (albino) cave fish, the TYPHLICHTHYS, has been found in many widely separated cave systems over several states. It has been found in caves that make a great arc through Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and UNDER the Mississippi River extending into Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma! A vast section of the central and southern United States must lie above one immense cavern system!

"Many caves possess rooms hundreds of feet in length, width, and height. In most cases, these huge natural caverns can only be reached and explored with the utmost skill and perseverance. There are only a few thousand NSS members in the United States and only a few hundred of this number are active spelunkers that is people who explore caves. With so few spelunkers spread over such a large area, only a very small fraction of the tens of thousands of known caves in this country have been carefully mapped and explored. Thousands of other caves remain undiscovered and unexplored.

"Extensive evidence indicates that caves in the United States may be connected with caves in other parts of the world. In Mexico, the cave known as 'Sotano de las Golondrinas', (or) basement of the swallows, in the Municipio de Aquismo, S.L.P., reaches a depth of 1100 feet (334 meters). The cave is actually a giant 'sinkhole' or 'hole' in the ground with a nearly circular opening at the top, hundreds of feet in diameter. It is impossible to climb down the sides of Golondrinas because the walls of the opening are too smooth and "belled-out". To reach the bottom of the cave, a special rope over 1100 feet long must be secured at the top of the opening and dropped into the sinkhole. Explorers must then descend into the yawning hole one at a time using special cave repelling gear and climbing techniques. At the bottom of Sotano de las Golondrinas are numerous 'leads' or openings to a multiplicity of different crevices, passages, crawlways, and rooms which have never been mapped or investigated.

"The entrance to Golondrinas is located in one of the most primitive and uncivilized areas of Mexico and local inhabitants are afraid to approach the cave because they believe it is full of 'evil spirits' which lure people to their deaths. They tell stories of people mysteriously disappearing never to be heard from again while passing near the cave entrance. These stories may be based more on fact than fiction: they are similar in some respects to UFO abduction reports. Because of its huge size, remote location, and unique geological structure, Golondrinas would be an ideal UFO base. Naturally camouflaged caves in other parts of the world may serve as excellent natural bases, way stations, and 'depots' for UFOs.

"An underground nuclear test called the 'Schooner Experiment' conducted in December 1968, substantiates the theory that caves in North and South America are intimately linked. In this test, a 35- kiloton nuclear bomb was exploded under the desert of Nevada. Five days after the test, the radiation level rose from 10 to 20 times in Canada, 1000 miles away from the Nevada test site! The only way the radioactive dust could have traveled that far is through an interconnected system of caves extending all the way from Nevada to Canada!"

Many abductees report going underground, undersea, or taken to spaceships orbiting Earth. UFOs are often reported entering the ground, the sea, or mountains. They seem to pass through the soil, rock or water with no problems. Thanks to TOP SECRET SEARCH Magazine.

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