Self Deception


By Marty Ulrich

from the October 2019 Star Beacon

You know, if you keep spouting those lies, you’ll start to believe them yourself!

Has anyone ever told you that? Was it true? If you have any human DNA, I would suggest that it is probably so.

Why do we lie? Not just to other people, but to ourselves? I tell you this: it is our nature. If we were not full of s__t, we would not even exist! Each of us is a lie, so of course we lie outwardly; it is more fundamental than you realize.

The deeper you inquire, the more you will find that for your whole life you have been full of s__t. From an early age, you lied to your parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents. You lied to your brothers and sisters, and your friends and classmates. You lied at church; you lied in school.

Wherever you went, you lied to serve your best interest at that given time—without even being conscious of it for the most part. It is a side of the survival mechanism known as the ego and we all are born with one on this plane of existence.

We do this because we enter this world literally knowing nothing. We have no knowledge of why we are here, who we are, who our parents are or what that even is. Our identity depends on the input we receive in those precious first five years, which often stems from other people’s bullshit.

Countless ideologies create the world we know today with countless personalities and identities. Then life happens and we create our own bullshit; how else can we deal ... seriously? Yet, like all things in this dualistic world, there is a balance to this bulls__t.

The truth is ... you don’t want to know. OK ... fine, I’ll tell you, but you probably won’t like it and may not understand it, but here goes ...

You are not really here reading this. I am not writing this. This is all bulls__t. Nothing really exists. The biggest of all self deceptions is to think that you are alive. Yet, here you are, conscious.

What is this? That begs many deeper questions? What is existence? How come existence? To be alive is to be deceived.

You are tricking yourself that you are separate from God. What is God? Your entire life is one giant bulls__t story! Beyond this there is only love and consciousness. That is what makes up the bits of reality.

The universe is not the objective physical entity that is perceived by those in the materialist paradigm; it is all born from consciousness and love. That is just a mere glimpse of the truth expressed through mere words. There is no way to really describe it; you can only be it; experience it. You can become conscious of this truth, but to experience it is to face your own death.

However, you can still do this without physically dying, through meditation and other mystical states of consciousness.

This is not for everyone, however; simply being aware of the truth is enough to connect you in this life. Part of the point of life is to experience the brilliance of life for this state of consciousness in this density is like none other; just take a moment to appreciate the biological machine that is your human body to produce such a rich experience; notice the intelligence in everything; to be mindful of this is bliss.





You see, the closer you live to the truth, the better your life will be in terms of blessings.

When we are disconnected from the truth, we fall into a downward spiral of lies, originated both from others and our own minds and inner demons. Almost all problems we humans face in life are a result of being disconnected from the truth. When you are connected to the truth, you can feel it as well as observe its effects on your body, mind, and spirit as they are uplifting.

Being disconnected from the truth breeds disease and neurosis, which ultimately ends in one’s untimely death in a state of despair.

This life is truly a precious experience! The brilliant and rich experience afforded by the creation that is the human body is truly remarkable and is God’s greatest gift! Therefore, my friends, live your lives to the fullest extent while being conscious of the fact that you are part of All that is and that there is nothing else. There is no separation from God!

On top of this, when you become reconnected with the truth and actually realize it in your life, your health and mood will improve. You will find that you are more amazing than you ever imagined. You will realize you are infinite! Once you become conscious of this truth, you will be able to do amazing and incredible things.

Need proof? Just look up ‘people are awesome’ on YouTube. Each of those amazing athletes are connected and conscious of the truth and you can be as well.



 Marty Ulrich lives and works at the base of the Grand Mesa near Cedaredge, Colo., where he cuts firewood, works as a landscaper and bicycle specialist, among many other projects at his disposal. He can be reached at

You can read and follow his blog at



This page updated October 2, 2019



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