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Seekers Can Be Led Astray

Dear Ann,

Once again, thanks for the latest Star Beacon issue. You are about the only New Age pub in paper form now, and since the PCs’ blue light just wreck my eyes, I really enjoy the many views you give.

Being close to the two law bearers who are above the usual ET levels of insight, I am usually coming in from different slants. But our spirits all guide us as to our allegiances.

A friend who was staying here this winter is a typical example of a seeker who is led off the path by the skilled ET Annunaki intruders, and the directions given by Thoth as to the Mercaba rituals is a typical scam.

They had her turning in the wrong direction, etc., which actually holds the DNA activation, etc., back. I suspect most of the New Age teachings are flawed to some extent, which is a longer subject.

The law bearer, who is to end this "judgment," has been attacked like Trump for 20 years in this area (just as prophesied).

As pointed out, since the guardian angels were directed to no longer keep balancing the dark side’s "tamper" negativity, we can see the irrational actions of millions of humans across the globe, and on and on ...

Will try to enclose some odds and ends articles I don’t recall sending before, and I urge you to hang in there.

Al Fry
Garden Valley, Idaho


Book makes a difference

Dear Ann,

In response to your essay, "What About the Good Stuff?" I’d like to share some really good things that have happened to me since January.

I know I don’t write much about personal things, but after reading your essay, I realized this was something you would like to hear.

First, my mother sent me new pictures of my daughter in January. These pictures were a shock as my daughter has turned into a very beautiful young lady. This broke my heart because I can’t be there to protect her. Also, these pictures brought up old

feelings of self-loathing because, unfortunately, my daughter is also my victim. However, after working my way through these emotions (and finally gaining the courage to speak to a counselor about the suicidal ideations I constantly struggle with), I found I didn’t need to carry the shame anymore. I know who I have become, and I realized how much I absolutely still care for my daughter as her father. I finally believed I can move forward in my life.

Secondly, in February, my adoptive mother read me Facebook messages that my former mother-in-law and my baby sister wrote. Something about these messages, and the love with which they were clearly written, helped me break past that hateful inner voice which always told me I’m "unlovable."

It’s one thing to know people tell you they love you, but it’s something entirely different to believe those love you. From their messages I was finally able to BELIEVE I am loved, that I am worthy of love. This small fact made a world of difference in my perspective.

Then, just a few weeks ago, my former mother-in-law again contacted my adoptive mother and they spoke about several things. First, she read my book and loved it! This is really good, especially because she is fundamental Baptist, so she didn’t care much for the bits of horror and swearing, but she really liked the stories and poems.

On top of that, my ex-wife asked to read it, so this achieves the other goal I had for the entire project. Also within this same conversation I was told that my ex-wife and daughter very much love me, forgive me, and want me back in their lives.

Unfortunately, the Department of Family Services where they live said it was illegal for them to have contact with me. I personally believe that’s not accurate, but oh well. Still, according to my former mother-in-law, my daughter has been scouring the Internet for anything about me, which if it wasn’t for pursuing my writing career (you being one of the biggest encouragers of this), there wouldn’t be much for her to find.

Now there’s all sorts of things she can find on line. I’m really feeling very blessed in all of this. I had been feeling like this year was going to be a big year for me, but I didn’t think it would be this!

Tony Raby
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas






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