Sheri's Sixth Sense

Generational Encounter Contact

from the April 2019  Star Beacon

By Sheri Gould

What is Generational Encounter Contact? ... These are "Star Visitor/UFO" experiences that span several generations of family members. This phenomena is multi-generational in nature, coming from both the maternal and/or paternal family line.

Rarely, contacts go back three generations before the present generation. In each family of "Star Visitor/UFO" encounter experiencers, the entire next generation of offspring may also be experiencers. To quote Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D, "The Star Visitors select a particular family line to focus their visits on, pointing to the Visitors’ intention to build upon contacts with previous-generation members so that the younger-generation member(s) would have a running start on navigating a world where Star Person contacts are a given. Such a 'running start' makes for a family member who can be more insightful as to what is going on with the Visitors."

Generational Contact families have higher rates of unexplained phenomena than regular human families. Generational Contact families usually have members who are Star Seeds (with both human and Star Visitor origins) and so, when there are multiple generations of Star Seeds related, there is a greater likelihood that they will be exposed to unexplained phenomena.

Before continuing, I would like to clear up some of the mis-information that has been written about Generational Contact families. Generational Contact does not come through the maternal family line only — it comes through either or both the maternal or paternal family line.

Also, there is mis-information about the Rh negative blood factor. There is no relationship between blood-type Rh factor and being an experiencer or in a Generational Contact family. To quote Dr. Richard Boylan, PhD, "Being an experiencer is a decision of the Star Visitor who decides to visit the human. There is nothing the human has in their blood type that increases the chances of being an experiencer."

All that being said, I would now like to share some stories from my own family line! I don't recall much from my dad's side of the family, but I do remember hearing about an experience with my dad's Grammie from Ortonville, New Brunswick, Canada. To me, she had a magical house — a wood-burning cook stove, and a wishing well nestled up against acres of trees as her backyard. My dad shared that she had experiences with small, solid, round orbs that would encircle her house.

And now, some stories from my mother’s side of the family. My grandmother, mother and I are all from Salzburg, Austria, the beautiful city featured in the film The Sound of Music, the city of Mozart's birth, and the area where the wonderful Christmas carol "Silent Night" was written. Salzburg is surrounded by mountains to include the Untersberg (with all its tales and legends of "little people") in the distance.

My Oma (grandmother) had not only psychic abilities, but she was also an empath — that is to say, she could literally "feel" what another person was feeling. She also had this "knowing" if things would or would not work out, or happen, etc. During the Nazi German invasion/occupation of Austria, she would be getting groceries and wouldn’t be afraid to speak out against the Nazi regime, even though the "SS" were always lurking. And other times she would hide under the covers to listen to Radio Free Europe, to see when the Americans would arrive — although it was "verboten" to listen to that, and she could've been taken away from her home, like so many others on their street.

But, she knew no harm would come to her. One time, Oma took the train to Munich, Germany, to visit her sister for a few days during the occupation, but when she came back, she didn't want to be around people or family, and for days on end, stayed in her bedroom. According to my mother, while in Munich, she had a "Marian apparition." The Virgin Mary appeared to her in full golden hues, and it took quite a while for her to assimilate the experience into her being.

My Opa (grandfather) was an officer in the Austrian Army until Hitler invaded Austria, and my Opa was forced into the German Army and sent to the Italian Alps. One evening, during that same time period in my Oma's home, she heard a book crash to the floor. This book fell from their bookshelf in the hallway, which has glass doors that were still intact, and was still locked! The book was the exact middle of a set of books, and it had fallen face-up to the exact middle page of the book. My Oma knew this was a sign to her that my Opa was okay — and soon after that, he returned home, unhurt.

Sometime after my Oma's passing, she appeared to me one night, looking like an angel with beautiful wings, and took my hand and I had my first conscious out-of-body experience. It was so amazing! Then, when I realized I was flying over cities, that ended my one and only conscious OBE! But, what a precious experience I had with my Oma.

I spent a lot of time talking to my Opa about reincarnation, and a lot of the Edgar Cayce information. (At that point, I didn't realize I was an experiencer.) One night, I "dreamed" of talking to him, and he said "auf wiedersehen" (till we see each other again) and gave me this poem below. I did not know it at the time, but that was the night of his passing in July 1983.

I once was alone

But in my life I met one

Who talked with me of life

And the reembodiment of self.

And then he left

But with the passing of One

I knew yet another

And I am not alone

Now, fast forward to 2005. My dad had just passed because of Agent Orange cancer, and my mother began having more interest in what I was learning and studying, so I was sharing lots of information with her. The Star Beacon newsletter has been a wonderful source of information for my mother (I'd been receiving The Star Beacon since January 1988 after meeting Ann at Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle's Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation, along with Dr. Richard Boylan’s UFO Facts group online.) My mother began reading with great interest what was written about the Star Nations and about the Councillor for the Watchers, Asheoma Te Ka Meata, who represented all the Star Nations. Every time she would read something about Asheoma, she'd go into tears, and had a tremendous feeling of deep longing, though she didn't know why.

I happened to send her an article from The Montauk Pulse newsletter, written by Peter Moon, called "The Black Sun Revisited — Midnight Mountain & 2012." This article talked about "The Black Sun," a mysterious German Secret Society, also known as the "Lords of the Black Stone." This black stone is supposedly an ancient relic that appeared with the Knights Templar sometime in the early 13th century, and they protected this stone.

It is said that this black stone is buried and guarded on the outskirts of the "Untersberg Mountain" (which is on the Austria/Germany border), also known as "Midnight Mountain." (When I was sharing all these synchronicities about the black stone with my daughter, she says "MOM — you've got to watch the movie Knowing with Nicolas Cage — it's all about the black stones and UFOs!!") It is also said that this mountain is monitored by men-in-black type people. Time shifts and strange paranormal and electromagnetic phenomena happen there.

The folk tales about the Untersberg tell of the small, gray "dwarves" seen in the caves under the mountain (Untersberg means "under the mountain.") This mountain was so important to Hitler that when he built his home in Bavaria, Germany (after his occupation of Austria) he made sure he could see the Untersberg from it. It's also said that original manuscripts, known now as the Book of Revelations, say that Armageddon would take place at Untersberg/Midnight Mountain.

I was given confirmation that my mother had, in fact, as a child, attended Secret School (just like Whitley Strieber has talked about his Secret School experiences) at the Untersberg, with Asheoma as her teacher. This was confirmed by Asheoma and also from a reading done for my mother by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD, saying she was Star Seed and had attended that Secret School at the Untersberg, and getting confirmation that the Untersberg is, in fact, a Time Portal.

I would like to honor my mother’s March birthday by sharing three poems she wrote:


Childhood tales of gnomes and fairies


Over the years were left behind

Facing facts and life in general

Presenting times of a different kind.

So many years have come and gone

When suddenly life did bestow

Another dream of tales and fiction

Realizing the truth what I did know.

Newness of thoughts and happenings

Of more in this world that one has to face,

Believing whatever one’s mind can accept

Mysteries of gnomes and fairies, whatever the case.

Whether past, present or future—I bow—





Thoughts did come and were sent with love

To one great StarBeing from above

The name "Asheoma" a beautiful sound

Spreading the whole world all around

He is known with depth of love and being kind

As one with wisdom, a greatest mind

Loving all beings of Source near and far

With thoughts of HIM, the most beautiful Star.


I wish and wish upon a "Star"

That Star Nations not be far

With yearnings being true for me

On Heaven skies I hope to see.

I search and search for them on end

With caring thoughts that they would send

Love and Light, a welcome sign

A joy forever that would be mine.

A hopeful mind and love of heart

And wonderment, what a start.

To brighten full this life of mine

And let the visions shine and shine.


My mother (as with my Oma) was also empathic. She knew if something would work out positively or would not work out. No guessing. Something would happen or not happen.

One time, she cried and cried for two weeks straight — feeling so much pain and hurt, but having no idea why. After those two weeks, the Twin Towers collapsed in New York on 9/11/2001. And the crying stopped. She had felt all that pain for two weeks before it happened.

My mother came to me in dreamtime one night and showed me a clock with the time on it. I don’t remember the exact time, but it was around 3:18 AM. My brother called me the next morning to let me know our mother had passed away at 5:18 AM. After hearing the sad news, I wondered why my dream showed 3:18 AM until I realized it was 3:18 Mountain Time, and my brother’s time was 5:18 AM Eastern.

Generational contact — from my grandparents, to my parents, and now, to me. As far back as I can remember, I could see colors around people, and was surprised that not everyone else was seeing colors like me. I would share my "visions" with my parents from early on, and fortunately they never told me it was just my imagination.

Seems like everything I was "seeing" was always three days ahead of time. My baby brother (six years younger) was always challenging me when I would tell him I could see and feel energies. One time, he set out to prove me wrong about feeling energies. He told me to close my eyes, and that he would be putting a book in each hand. The one book felt wonderful — the other book I dropped to the ground as soon as he put it in my hand — it was burning my han d— it was "the satanic bible." The other was the Christian Bible. I don't remember that my brother ever challenged me again.

In my early years, I was subjected to having to sit in the front pew of Pentacostal and Nazarene churches on Sunday because my parents were always late and the front pew was the only place left to sit. The preacher would always do the hellfire and damnation, pounding-on-the-podium stuff, telling everyone they were all sinners, and I always ended up physically sick to my stomach because of it. This was my "blessing in disguise" for me to start searching for a more positive spiritual experience in my life.

Throughout my years, I read book after book about healing and auras and psychic things, and the Edgar Cayce material. I tried to get an understanding of different religious beliefs through my travels around the world. I gave aura, past life and health readings throughout the years. I was always looking up at the stars, knowing there was abundant life in the universe. I went through a hippie phase — not the drugs, but the "Love One Another" philosophy. My favorite show on TV was Star Trek. I feel that all these things were a "precursor" to the next stage of my life when I realized I was an experiencer.

In 1984, through a hypnosis session with Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD., I realized I had encounter experiences as a young child. Two memories surfaced: I remember starting to walk home from school one day when I was 8 years old, living at Fort Richardson, Alaska. I saw a "moose" on top of the sledding hill behind Ursa Major School, and I decided to climb the hill to see the "moose." Of course, when I got to the top of the hill, there was no moose. It was likely that this was a screen effect — to block my memory.

Instead, there was a small round craft in the woods. I then found myself inside the craft, sitting in one of two seats in front of a brightly lit-up control panel, and then I heard footsteps. I saw a small being who telepathically told me not to be afraid. He took me to a chair elsewhere in the craft and shone different colored lights over the top of my head and telepathically told me to "Remember the lights, remember the lights."

Then I was taken back to the seat at the control panel with him in the other seat. The next thing I knew, I was seeing the tops of the trees, and an instant later I was seeing Earth from a distance. It was so very beautiful up there. It was like you could reach out and touch the stars. I didn’t want to leave, but then I saw the tops of the trees again, and then I was walking home from school and told my mother that I had seen a moose.

My next memory was when I was 13 and living in Tucson, Arizona, walking to school with two school-mates, and a tall man suddenly appeared beside a saguaro cactus (my school-mates were oblivious to this), wearing a light-colored trench coat (in the Arizona desert?) and out of his pockets he pulled round spheres of colored lights, the same colors used in the craft in Alaska.

The man telepathically said to me, "Remember the lights, remember the lights," and then disappeared, and I went on to school without remembering any of it.

Because of these memories through hypnosis, I now was reading everything I could on UFOs and life in the universe, going to lots of UFO conferences, and doing research and more research. I was the Wyoming Director of the UFO Contact Center International (UFOCCI), a MUFON Field Investigator, and a member of CSETI—whatever I could do to understand this new part of my spiritual life. And as a result, many experiences that I have had, I’ve been sharing in my "Sheri’s Sixth Sense" articles here in The Star Beacon.

Generational Encounter Contact continued with my children. Both children (who are adults now) are Star Seed, and have grown up with an awareness of life thoughout the universe. Both of them love life and have respect for all life, be it plant, animal or people (wherever they might come from).

One night, when they were 5 and 7 years old (my husband was out of town), I had a very vivid "dream" of a craft landing in the horse pasture behind our home, and a tall, blond, Nordic Star Person came up the back stairs, inviting me aboard the craft. I said that I couldn’t leave my sleeping children and he said not to worry—that they would be cared for.

So I went aboard the craft, was shown their propulsion system, and met some aging humans aboard, and then I suddenly woke up from the "dream." Both my children—who never wake up at 5 AM in the morning—separately came running into the bedroom, within minutes of my waking up, to tell me they were just on a UFO!

Thank you for letting me share this with you!


Sheri Gould is an experiencer and clairvoyant and writes from Wyoming.




This page updated April 4, 2019



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