Sheri's Sixth Sense

Star Family Messages

and Spirit Photography

from the August 2019  Star Beacon

By Sheri Gould

In 2010, I was "guided" to attend the STAR FAMILY REUNION Conference, which was held in the sacred Four Corners area of the U.S. I absolutely felt I was back with my Star Family — having "far memories," and in tears every time I heard the drumming and the songs.

Four Corners is the sacred homeland of the Ancient Anasazi, Navajo, Hopi and Ute tribes.

This sacred land includes Mesa Verde — where the entire Anasazi culture just vanished, leaving behind their tools, belongings and valuables. Their advanced society and sudden exodus might explain the theory that they were visitors to Earth, and temporarily lived here until returning to their home world by Starship.

Many spiritualists believe that this sacred land is a vortex of healing energy. This Four Corners area is also near the site of the 1947 UFO crash and recovery, and also near Shiprock, a unique towering, bird-like, rock formation, sacred to the Navajo people who call it "the rock with wings."

There are various Navajo legends about Shiprock, but I want to focus on the Star Visitor aspect. I’ve read in one of Tuella’s books that there is a dimensional portal at Shiprock, and even Adona ( shared a photo of a dimensional stairway to a higher dimensional city at Shiprock —

Adona said that she believes Shiprock is one of the most sacred holy grounds of the world!

The Star Family Reunion Conference came into being because of the "Call" that came to Hawai’ian Elder Reynolds Kamakawiwo’ole, who is the "Leader of the Stars" and caretaker of the Sacred Waters of the Sky. The "call" came in the form of a dream that the Star Family needed to gather at the Four Corners. The "Call" found its way to Chief Standing Elk, also known as Chief Golden Light Eagle (co-author of the Maka Wicahpi Wicohanthe 11:11 Universal and Spiritual Laws of the Cosmos, which has been shared in The Star Beacon), with every tribe being asked to send a representative.

Speakers came from the four corners of Mother Earth — Cherokee, Nakota, Dakota, Lakota, Cheyenne, Cree, Mayan/Aztec, Osage, Niquirano, Hopi, Hawaiian, Filipino, Nordic, Choctaw, Shoshoni and others.

The "goal" of the conference was to bring the Star Families of the Earth together to reunite with each other and to determine how best we can assist Mother Earth in her ascension process to 5th Dimension while we, as her children, also ascend to 5th dimension. My understanding is that this is the first time that a planet is ascending with humanity also ascending at the same time. A special time indeed! Included in this article are only a few of the many amazing speakers that shared their knowledge:

Rev. Jean Holmes (Grandmother that carries the Knowledge) — Universal Church of the Masters, spirit walker, internationally respected medium and healer, channeler of messages from her spirit guides, etc. — was the moderator of the conference and she also shared a message from Chief Red Cloud during the conference.

I took photos during the conference, and some turned out to be what Rev. Jean calls "Spirit photos." She told me that I am a "Spirit Photographer," and that she believes that the spirits check one’s heart/intentions, and when they are good and pure, the spirits allow their "essence" to be photographed. Rev. Jean also requests that the right people at the right time see, be allowed to see, because "we believe in proof of spirit." The "Spirit photo" I took of Chief Red Cloud through Rev. Jean Holmes, is also on her website ( by clicking on "More Messages from Chief Red Cloud."

Included with this article are some of the "Spirit photos" from the Star Family Reunion — including Rev. Jean — telepathing Chief Red Cloud, Iliana, who cleared and brought in the energies for Hawaiian Spiritual Elder Reynolds Kamakawiwo’ole, Chief Walking Bear — Choctaw Sundance Chief with Chief Golden Light Eagle — a/k/a Chief Standing Elk in the background, and Ozark Mountain Cherokee Elder Grandmother Golden Bear as she telepaths Chief Sitting Bull (with some of Rod Bear Cloud’s "StarGlyphs" in the background),and also telepaths Grandmother Windrider.


The keynote speaker of the conference was Hawai’ian Elder Reynolds Kamakawiwo’ole. He shared with us that a mothership was 600 miles above us during the conference and we were all invited to go outside after the day’s activities ended to connect with our Star Family.

Different people had different experiences during the skywatch. Attendee Fran, of Estican (Mantoid) heritage, shared that we had various races walking among us, though most people couldn’t see them because of the Star Visitor’s higher vibration. Reynolds had us do meditations to connect with our Star Families and possibly see them with our inner eye.

We also had another skywatch the next night where we would connect with seven generations of family onboard the ships that were there in the vicinity. He also told us to "listen to the 7’s" — to pay attention when that number pops up — that this was a message from Yeshua (Jesus).

Dr. Richard Boylan, PhD, is the Councillor of/for the Earth to the Star Nations. Councillor Boylan shared information on the Star Visitors and their interactions with Humans since we were originally bioengineered. He talked about StarKids and Star Seeds, with 96 percent of the children, infant to 12 years old, at that time have the attributes of advanced children, known as StarKids. As of this writing, it is now 99 percent!

He shared with us Star Nations’ prediction that the U.S. government will begin to acknowledge UFO reality, with an impact on, and changes in our society as the general public is made aware of the official truth of Star Visitor contact and communication. Councillor Boylan also shared information on the bio-electromagnetic-photic field of regular humans versus Star Kids/Star Seeds. He said a regular human’s energy field is about 12-18 inches out from their body in all directions, and that Star Kids and Star Seeds have much wider fields, anywhere from three feet up to 70 feet!

For demonstration purposes, Councillor Boylan asked my friend, Nannette, (who I originally met at Councillor Boylan’s StarKids/ StarSeeds Workshop in Allentown, Pa.) to walk down the aisle away from him and then turn around and approach him as he aimed two dowsing rods (L-rods) toward Nannette, and her energy field must’ve been 20 feet +! Councillor Boylan’s associate, Fran, introduced herself as an Estican (Mantoid) Star Person Incarnate Human, and spoke some words in the clicking Estican language for us. Fran telepathed a message from the Councillor of the Watchers, who represents the Star Nations to Earth.

Another speaker was Grandmother SilverStar ( She is one of the "original code carriers" of Turtle Island (North America), a teacher of the Star Ways — the 52,000 year-old Star Knowledge (Universal and Spiritual Star Language) long known to the native aboriginal people of Turtle Island as the Morning Star teachings of Creator. (Morning Star was the name given to the Star Being Yeshua Ben Joseph, also known as Jesus.)

Grandmother SilverStar also helped Chief Standing Elk decipher the 22 sacred Star symbols (as originally seen on wreckage of the crashed disks at Roswell, known as the Roswell glyphs) which was recorded and compiled into the sacred book — The Way of the EarthStar — the Maka Wicahpi Wicohan—the Universal and Spiritual Laws of the Creator-Star Law Manual of the Galactic Federation. Grandmother SilverStar is the granddaughter of Grandmother WindRider, who telepathed through Ozark Mountain Cherokee Elder Grandmother Golden Bear.

Grandmother White Deer came to the conference from the Netherlands. She telepaths the energies of Grandmother Lya, White Deer Woman, who told her, "We are calling to you from the invisible bodies and the spirits of all corners of the Universe. We come to make a connection for the coming together of the beings from the Stars to help Mother Earth."

Grandmother White Deer, since an early age, could communicate with the natural world and she leads groups into the forest to communicate to the ancient Lemurian Temples of Light and the Ancestor Tree Spirits. She is an emissary of the Star Nations, and her Light body bridges the worlds. She shared with us paintings done of the 13 Spirit Grandmothers—Ancient Stone Grandmother (brings memory of birth), Womb Grandmother, Clan Grandmother, Grandmother who is the messenger from Star Nations (keeper of the Grandmother wisdom), Grandmother of Peace, Grandmother of Earth Spirit (guardian of life and death), Grandmother of the Spiral Dance, Grandmother of the Void, Night Owl Grandmother (wisdom),Grandmother guardian of Earth knowledge and plant medicine, Grandmother known as the Timeless One, Grandmother known as the Star Dancer (the way to go to your home in the stars), and the 13th — Grandmother of the Heart Beat (mother of all life and of all truth).

Rod BearCloud ( ( — Osage Visionary and Artist, and author of "7 Fires" has been painting since he was 12 years old. His spiritual art has evolved over the years as he followed the traditional Native American ways of his ancestors. Stories of ancient symbols and Native American spirituality come alive as people see his work.

He’s been involved with the crop circles, believing that many of them are highly evolved sacred symbols. He calls these crop circles Starglyphs and sees them as being created by the Star Nations people. His amazing artwork was all around the conference room. He also talked about the Secrets of the Pyramids, and shared about a magical journey into another dimension where he describes seeing the Chameleon Pyramids, and how they can be manifested here on Earth.

Judith Lynne from Hawai’i, spoke about activation points of Mother Earth. She said that Yellowstone (Wyoming) is connected to the emotional body— working with the high heart. Lake Louise (Alberta, Canada) is the crown chakra—place of wisdom. Ship Rock (New Mexico) represents the sacral chakra and the Big Island (Hawai’i) represents the root chakra. She also mentioned that using an apostrophe in names—opens portals! She said we are now in the "Activation of the N’ow"— shift raising—to work out of a higher octave.

Dana Mrkich is an Australian Energy Intuitive and writer ( Her life’s focus has been to help people remember who they really are, so that together, we can create the best possible reality for ourselves and the planet. She shared with us the reason for all the Earth movements.

She said that Mother Earth is turning and twisting to bring energy to us! She said we need to be doing what we came here to do. She said to let go of the "not-enoughs," and we need to refocus back to LOVE when feeling back and neck pain.

She said we should say this affirmation: "I commit to my Divine Self, to my Authentic Self, and to my Star Self." She said the Third Eye is used now to create our future. We need to VISION. We can vision our purpose, we can vision a new way of communication, we can vision the Gulf as healthy and clear etc.

Julianne Kamala Everett
( shared with us sacred geometries. She also shared with us the Ho’o Pono Pono — the Huna affirmation evoking the Spirit of Love, to heal within each of us what creates an outer circumstance. Repeat over and over: "I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you." When you want to improve anything in your life, there’s only one place to look—inside of ourselves—and when you do this, do this with Love.

She also talked about the 144,000 cerebral cells in our head which brings Christ Consciousness to our entire brain and our whole body, as you say this affirmation: "12 times 12 times the Light of a Thousand Suns. I am that. I AM!" (Say this 12 times.) This awakens all 144,000 cells! This is what the 144,000 means in the sacred scriptures.

Blue Thunder (www.earthwisdom is a Shoshoni Elder from the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming (on the east side of the Big Horn Mountains). He is a Peacekeeper, and created Circle Ceremonies and Medicine Wheel Ceremonies that accomplished major healings of Mother Earth’s sacred sites, healing Mother Earth’s power centers — the sacred sites, healing the song lines, Mother Earth’s communication lines (ley lines) —Grandmother Spiders Web of Life, which has been disrupted by various forms of mining and development in many ways.

These ceremonies have helped restore harmony within the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water elements. Blue Thunder said the reason we’re having so many problems in the area of Yellowstone right now is because what happens on one side of the world also happens on the other side of the world. The Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan wars are on the other side of the world…. He said that the backbone (vertebraes) of Mother Earth are being broken, and that Mother Earth will shift three times to get back into alignment.

Uqualla ( is a Havasupai Spiritual Elder who lives in the remote areas of the Western Grand Canyon. His village is only accessible by foot, horseback or helicopter. I have read that there is a Star Portal (Stargate) in the Grand Canyon. He had SO many wisdoms to share. He has been given the responsibility of bridging the physical with the spiritual. He is guided by the medicines, spirits and all the Wisdom Keepers of time.

Chief Golden Light Eagle, a/k/a Chief Standing Elk, was the final speaker before the closing ceremony. He shared in his closing message that the Earth changes were close, and that the moon is moving away from Earth —repositioning itself to take a hit for humanity — to take some of the pressure off of us. He also shared that eventually, Earth will have two moons.

There were many other speakers, and I want to thank everyone who spoke for their sharing of their Knowledge.

You can go to STAR FAMILY REUNION on YouTube— and click on July 2010 Conference to see videos taken in and around the conference. You can hear words from Chief Golden Light Eagle (Standing Elk), and the lectures of Tacanupa Yuwakanpi — Chief Golden Light Eagle’s brother, Grey Eagle—Choctaw Sundance Chief, Chief Walking Bear, and opening statements and lecture of Uqualla. You can also watch Closing Ceremony Snake Dance — Dr. Boylan, Fran, Nannette and myself are all in this video, along with everyone else that participated! You can also see much of this on YouTube — just put in the name "StarFamily ReUnion" and enjoy!

Thank you for letting me share this with you!

Sheri Gould is an experiencer and a clairvoyant who writes from Wyoming.

If you enjoy her articles, send us an email with your comments at




This page updated August 7, 2019



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