Sheri's Sixth Sense

Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D. and Star Kids:

The Hope for Our Future

from the October 2019  Star Beacon

By Sheri Gould

In 1995 I met Richard Boylan, Ph.D. at Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle’s 16th Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation, held annually in Laramie, Wyo. Dr. Richard Boylan’s career has spanned four decades of service as a psychologist, social worker, hypnotherapist, clergyman (retired), educator, and star-cultures anthropologist, working with next-generation (human) Star Kids and adult Starseeds. He is also Star Nations Councillor (Ambassador) of/for Earth, working on advancing the relationship between cosmic societies and Earth.

Dr. Boylan is the author of numerous books including: The Human-Star Nations Connection (2012), Star Kids: The Emerging Cosmic Generation (2005), Project Epiphany (1997), Labored Journey to the Stars (1996), and Close Extraterrestrial Encounters (1994), over 50 published articles, and has been featured numerous times on Coast to Coast AM radio.

His interest in UFOs started in June

1947 as a 7-year-old, when he heard his parents discussing the newspaper headline accounts of Kenneth Arnold, the pilot spotting the first modern UFO sighting of a V-formation of discs flying near Mount Rainier, Wash. Several weeks later, there were more headlines about the Army-Air Corps capturing a downed UFO near Corona/Roswell, N.M. Then at the age of 12, in 1952, he read the headline stories and saw the photographs of a squadron of UFOs flying repeatedly over the nation’s capitol. And the rest, they say, is history!

Dr. Boylan and his wife, Lee, were the keynote speakers at the conference. Lee Boylan spoke about the challenges and rewards of being married to an experiencer, and then Dr. Boylan began sharing some startling information with us about the government’s role in the UFO cover-up. I remember well what he said right from the start — that the information he was going to share with us — the government didn’t want us to know. Dr. Boylan talked about a "UFO" that landed at Edwards AFB in 1957, with a camera crew getting it all on tape — and even Astronaut Gordon Cooper saw the film, but after the film was sent to Washington, nothing was heard about it since.

Dr. Boylan also talked about talks that took place in 1993 with the Clinton administration, to reveal to the public the government’s knowledge about UFOs and extra-terrestrial visits. Dr. Boylan also told us that Clinton had already made several pilot videos of planned alternative announcements about UFOs, ET visitation and mass landings, should they become necessary. But then, the cabal sidetracked everyone with "Monicagate" instead …

Anyway, while Dr. Boylan was sharing this information with all of us, all of a sudden, I "saw" an etheric "black box" come floating in a side window, moving directly towards Dr. Boylan, hovering over him all throughout his talk. (I’ve seen these black boxes before with other speakers, and my understanding is that it is a recording type device to record and/or amplify the information to whomever put the "black box" there in the first place.) This "box" caused Dr. Boylan to forget what he was talking about, and then he started gasping for air and couldn’t speak. He began choking, and many of his words became distorted and slurred, and he could hardly talk because someone definitely didn’t want him sharing his information with us!

I began telling everyone sitting close to me to immediately send Dr. Boylan some heavy-duty "White Light Protection," so that he could continue his talk, and it worked — the "black box" finally disappeared after bombardment of White Light, and Dr. Boylan continued his talk without any more interference. Talk about a man of courage!

Dr. Boylan wasn’t even going to let that black box dissuade him! While all this was going on, my StarKid son went outside in order to concentrate on sending White Light energies, and he saw a craft hovering over the Student Union building (where the talk was given) and we knew it was "the cavalry" to the rescue!

(As an aside, the next day, a lady shared a dream she had the night before. She saw two men wearing all black, carrying lots of black boxes into a room. She understood the dream to mean that the black boxes were for each one of us at the conference—for surveillance purposes—to keep tabs on us, and she knew how important it was for all of us to constantly ask for protection from Source/God/All That Is!)

Since meeting Dr. Boylan, I began reading the fascinating information he shared on his website,, and soon after, I became a member of his online group, UFOFacts.

I also shared this information with my mother, and in September 2009, my mother and I attended Dr. Boylan’s StarKids/Starseed Adults Workshop in Allentown, Pa. We met wonderful "family," all of whom were enthusiastic and excited to learn more about their Star heritage! The furthest attendees came from California, with me the next furthest from Wyoming. Linda S. was the organizer of this two-day event, and I want to thank her for all the hard work to put this workshop together. Dr. Boylan, Councillor of/for Earth to the Star Nations, facilitated the workshop, with Fran H. co-facilitating.

So, what/who are StarKids/Starseed Adults? Let me give you a brief explanation. So, back in the day, there were Star Visitor races (Star Nations) who acted like Peace Corps workers, going through the galaxy, exploring and trying to do good wherever they could. They decided to accelerate Earth’s evolution and selected a primate representative to take reproductive material samples from them, crossing it with their DNA and reinserting it in the primate mom, resulting in offspring that would have more intelligence. So, about 275,000 years ago, a hybrid was achieved with their high intelligence, some of their highly developed psychic skills and spirituality, and dexterity and coordination, to be able to make tools. So was born Homo sapiens. Then, about 130,000 years ago, another upgrade was made, known as Homo sapiens sapiens — modern humankind.

Next came the Star Visitors (Avatars) to Earth to raise spiritual consciousness. Among these teachers were:

Altimarian, Star Person, Master Teacher — Lao-Tse/Quan Yin

Altairian, Star Person, Master Teacher — Gautama Buddha

Star Person, Master Teacher of multiple star races ancestry — Muhammad

Variant-Altimarian, Star Person, Master Teacher — Isis/Mother Mary/White Buffalo Calf Woman (aka Corn Mother, Blue Star Kachina)/Lady of Fatima-Lourdes-Guadalupe

Altarian, Star Person, Master Teacher — Yeshua ben Joseph/Jesus (aka Yellow Hand)

Short Zeta, Star Person, Master Teacher — Francis of Assisi/Pope Francis

Reptoid, Star Person, Master Teacher — Krishna/Quetzalcoatl/Mother Theresa/Viracocha/Zoroaster/Babaji/Paramahansa Yogananda

These Star Visitors were either humans guided by Star Visitor consciousness, a human with a Star Visitor soul from a previous life, a human-Star Visitor hybrid, or a Star Visitor taking on a human appearance.

Then beginning about 150 years ago, another upgrade was needed after witnessing the horrors of the wars of the 19th century. The Star Visitors knew that humankind was far too capable of ignoring the teachings of the Avatars. They also knew that humanity would eventually venture out into space and they wanted humans to be fit fellow citizens of the cosmos. Thus, they began selecting certain humans to splice in a greater percentage of Star Visitor genetic material in order to amplify intelligence, sensitivity, psychic abilities, metaphysical affinity and greater attunement to spiritual reality.

So, the Star Visitors began in-vitro fertilization of the mothers of the first StarKids, and also physiologically rewired selected adults into Starseeds. And, many of the Star Visitors agreed to incarnate as an Earth human this time around besides. These "upgrades" are now called Homo alterios spatialis, or Cosmic Humans. Some of these advanced model humans include Nicolai Tesla, Albert Einstein, Jane Addams, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer, Mother Theresa, Dr. Martin Luther King, Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, John Lennon, Oprah Winfrey, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride, Edgar Mitchell, and many others.

More StarKids were born in the ’30s and ’40s who would come of age as the new space age dawned. Then, around the end of the 1980s, there was a "quantum leap" in the numbers of StarKids being born. The Star Visitors (of which there are currently 1,492 Star Nations species operating within Earth’s energy zone, each of them honoring the 11 Universal and 11 Spiritual laws of the Cosmos), knew there was no more time to waste to get humanity through their adolescent phase before either blowing the Earth up or terminally poisoning the environment.

So, the Star Visitors began stepping up the numbers of encounters with humans to include reproductive re-engineering, along with a massive reincarnation of Star beings as humans, to increase the numbers of children born who were StarKids. So now, millions of these advanced children — StarKids — that are being born, are way ahead of the average human — their developmental curve in many cases is rapid — lifting their heads up, talking, walking, reading and writing a year or two earlier than other children their age, demonstrating paranormal abilities at a very young age, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, levitation, precognition, invisibility, teleportation, healing of others, etc. Their biophysical changes might include increased cranial size, lower body temperature, and an immunity to common childhood diseases, including colds and flu.

They also have spiritual insight, the ability to link with other StarKids and with Source/God Consciousness, and the ability to download information from off-planet. They abhor violence and tend towards compassion for suffering and misfortune. They often have a fascination with space and life elsewhere, and many feel a connection to other worlds and their peoples as "home" and "family." These kids represent a better future for all of us — they are the future!

As of this writing, of the US population, 99 percent of children, infant to 12 years old, tested as StarKids, 86 percent are from 13-18 years old, 72 percent of the 19 to 29-year-olds are Starseed adults, 49 percent are of the 30 to 45-year-old age group, 24 percent are between 45 to 60 years old, and the rest, at 60 and over make up 16 percent.

At present, 69 percent of the human race is made up of Humans with partial Star Person genetics — StarKids and Star Seed Adults! That said, the workshop then, provided a place for these StarKids and Starseed Adults to find mutual support, to share information, personal experiences and Star Visitor messages received, and to hone Starseed (ESP) skills.

An amazing precursor to the Allentown, Pa., workshop happened about a month earlier. There was a sighting of a Zeta scoutcraft about 35 miles from Allentown—in Stroudsburg, Pa. This craft was in the area due to the Perseid meteor showers. (Actually, every August, the Earth passes through the rock and dust particles from comet Swift-Tuttle. As the particles burn up in Earth’s atmosphere, it creates streaks of light in the night sky — aka — the Perseid meteor showers.) (More about Swift-Tuttle later on in this article.)

Prior to the beginning of the workshop, Dr. Boylan did a sage smudging of all the participants and the workshop area, and Star Nations set a protective shield as well. It was a wonderful group gathering — the StarKids had all those "ESP" abilities naturally, while the rest of us practiced, practiced, practiced! We honed our Starseed skills through various exercises of telepathy, telekinesis, psychometry, precognition, remote viewing, psychic diagnosis and healing, invisibility, etc.

We used dowsing rods to detect the bio-electromagnetic fields around each other, and then with the dowsing rods, we found several sets of three converging ley (Earth energy) lines outside where energy vortexes were detected. At one of these vortex points, we held the Sacred Pipe Ceremony. (The sacred pipe, called the chanupa, symbolizes the union of Earth [stone bowl] with the sky [hollow stem through which smoke is drawn and sent heavenward].)

This ceremony, I understand, was originally given to the Sioux by White Buffalo Calf Woman, who was an ancient Pleiadian extraterrestrial teacher.  We shared cosmic and spiritual insights with each other—exploring the connections of the physical (like crystals), metaphysical (thought energy) and spiritual (doing good deeds through positive intention), and how we can use this in our daily lives. We all shared about our personal lives, the stories and the struggles to understand ourselves in a society that doesn’t recognize Starseeds. We also discussed how we use the 11:11 laws on a daily basis, and many interesting concepts were brought up.

We also did a group diagnosis of a volunteer, everyone using their different methods of diagnosing. We then each shared what we felt the problem area was, and then the volunteer shared her medical situations with us and then we did a group healing for her.

We assembled at dark to do an evening skywatch at a park and we did a collective telepathic outreach to the Star Visitors. Some of the group got impressions of a cloaked starcraft above us, some of the group felt SV energy signatures, and others saw blue streaks and blue balls of light. Some reported actually seeing the Star Visitors psychically. It was an amazing feeling, knowing that Cosmic Cultures and Humans met in peace, respect and love.

The co-facilitator, Fran, shared with us memories of her life as an Estican (Mantis people), and showed us their way of walking, and we heard their way of talking — through clicking sounds. (Those who hear those sounds in their ears are probably connecting with the Esticans.)

Information was also shared with us from the Councillor for the Watchers (the representative of Star Nations to Earth) through telepathic communication with Fran. A question was asked about how the various crashes of the Zeta craft in New Mexico in 1947 (including Roswell) could have even happened, and we were told that was the inception and "trial runs" of the current Star Wars Defense System.

The cabal (also called the Illuminati or dark government) knew of starcraft in our atmosphere over New Mexico, and so they were "shot" down. Dr. Boylan then told us that because of the atrocities committed by this dark government who have been continually incarnating as bad guys, it has been decreed by Source (God) that they cannot reincarnate on Earth until they have transformed from Ego-determination to Awareness of relation to Source—a "lightworker" or at least to the developmental level of a "human of good will." So, the Golden Age is on the horizon! Think of it—no more cabal incarnating on Earth as bad guys anymore and almost 100 percent of the children being born now with heightened abilities and spirituality!

Another bit of information we received was about the probability of the Appalachian Mountain Range experiencing a series of earthquakes some-time from mid-summer to fall of 2011. (More on this later.)

In the last part of the workshop, we were asked if anyone had any future visions or dreams. I shared a future "dream" I had some time ago, seeing myself on board a huge craft with representatives of the many Star Nations aboard, plus Estica Woman (Fran), the current Councillor for the Watchers, representing all the Star Nations to Earth, and Councillor Boylan representing Earth to the Star Nations, signing a galactic Peace Accord.

This is a very important day for Earth, as Earth becomes the newest member of the Star Nations. (To be a member to the Star Nations Council, we, as a planet, have to reform and transform the current corrupt, materialistic, power-focused global culture into a peaceful, just, sharing, mutually supportive, appropriately spiritual, family-like global civilization with responsible ecological stewardship, and reach a global accord to abide by principles consistent with the 11 Universal and 11 Spiritual Laws.)

It is certainly a day to look forward to as we hold focus and positive intention for this outcome. It’s a done deal. Let’s make it happen!

We had a wonderful time at this workshop, and want to thank Linda for the amazing photo of an orb beside my mother! Also want to thank Dr. Boylan for some of the additional information for this article. (Attached to this article is a photo of Dr. Boylan with my mother, a Spirit Photo of Fran as she telepaths the Councillor for the Watchers, an orb hovering over my mother, and a photo of the Zeta scoutcraft.)

Regarding the 2009 "information" received on the probability of earthquakes happening mid-summer to fall of 2011, a 5.8 earthquake hit near Blacksburg, Va., on Aug. 23, 2011—the largest to rock Virginia in a century, which delivered a jolt from Georgia to Canada. This earthquake damaged the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., which was 84 miles from the earthquake!

And about comet Swift-Tuttle: It is a living body of life. Each meteor is actually a life. The craft that was photographed over Stroudsburg, Pa., was one of over 100 craft that travel with comet Swift-Tuttle. As a meteor falls to a planet such as Earth, the Star Nations craft then collects the lifeform that is released as the body is burned in the atmosphere. This transition is celebrated and is a very spiritual event for those lifeforms.

One more item I wanted to share. Dr. Boylan visited Monsignor Corrado Balducci, noted cleric and proponent of Star Visitor reality, in the Vatican, and obtained from him the Catholic Church’s position that Star Visitors have in fact been coming to Earth since biblical times. The Monsignor has been on Italian TV to proclaim that Star Visitor contact is a real phenomenon, that there are people on other planets, and that they have come here to make contact — that they also are children of God.

For more information about StarKids and Starseed Adults, to see if you might be one yourself, to help children explore their StarKid abilities and/or Star Visitor encounters, go to

Thank you for letting me share this with you!

Sheri Gould is an experiencer and a clairvoyant who writes from Wyoming.

If you enjoy her articles, send us an email with your comments at





This page updated October 2, 2019



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