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By T Stokes



We are basically the same people we were back in the Stone Age, but back then we only had three things to worry about: Getting enough food, keeping warm, and safety from wild animals.

Now it’s not just three things. Psychologists say, driving in heavy traffic with children in the car through the day can give 2,500 causes for concern, stress and anxiety. When you feel very stressed, the brain’s frontal lobes alert the hypothalamus, that tiny part which regulates temperatures, sleep, appetite and body functions.

The hypothalamus works closely with the pituitary by sending a chemical called Corticotrophin, which then makes Adrenocorticotropic hormones— ACTH as it’s called. ACTH reacts on the blood-stream, where it triggers Adrenaline and Nor-adrenaline, which act on the kidneys, and this chain reaction helps us deal with stress.

Rapid heart rate and breathing, pupil dilation and increased perspiration will increase stress levels.

The human glandular system has not evolved enough to cope with modern life, and supermarket GMO foodstuffs have been adulterated, with up to 50 chemicals, such as Aspartame and Monosodium Glutemate, which damage the gut and the glandular system. These foods now contain a third of the nutriment they did in WWII.

It is this fact which has made such a success of the farmers markets, where people can buy locally grown, unsprayed natural produce.

The addition of chlorine and fluoride to drinking water has been extremely harmful as these two chemicals are the most damaging to the thyroid and pineal gland, which work the third eye, the base for much psychic work.

The Third Eye gives clear seeing, and you can see through all kinds of falseness in things like politics, TV and general propaganda.

A drinking water filter to get these toxins out is a major requirement, as even many bottled waters contain these chemicals. Tesco was in big trouble some years back by selling bottled water which came straight out of the tap, so check carefully what you are drinking.

The color associated with the third eye is a bluish purple, and it is not difficult to see the etheric body, that gray, whitish glow around and close to the physical body, though not many people can see the full auric colors. But with various breathing rhythms, you can see the more subtle colorings, particularly around the third eye.

This Third Eye, or Ajna Chakra, is the basis for seeing the Akashic records and things of the past, but it’s also good for looking internally into yourself in such areas as past lives and self examination. This is achieved by putting the conscious mind to rest and stimulating and involving the subconscious.

The mention of the second death in the Bible has puzzled many scholars, but it’s simply that we live in the etheric body for up to four days after death, before it fades.

In the north of England there used to be held what was called a Lykewake, where the deceased would lay in an open coffin for four days in the parlor, and friends and relatives would come and chat and say their goodbyes.

Using the Third Eye to see such things as the human aura is done by looking in a way that throws the visual image not onto the cones, but onto the rods at the back of the eye. This is a technique that is not difficult to learn.

The first exercise I used to teach my students was to wash your hands in cold water and dry them on a fresh towel, then rub hands together and blow into them. Next, slowly move the hands just three or four inches apart, and gradually with practice colors will be seen.

The best way to clear the Third Eye is to be a vegetarian, take chlorella and kelp daily, which clears fluoride and chlorine blockages.

Practice is necessary as is relaxation, concen-tration, silence and meditation on what you are trying to do. Convince yourself you can do it. Belief is a powerful tool.

For further reading on the Third Eye: Lobsang Rampa: The Third Eye.



T Stokes is the UK’s consultant palmist, whose book, 50 Case Studies in Modern Palmistry, was published by Earth Star in 2015. It is a most fascinating book and is available for $20 in paperback or as an eBook for $9.95 from Amazon Kindle. Whole lives read from emailed hand pics. Contact the author at



An article from the June 2019 issue of THE STAR BEACON




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