The Men In Black

from the April 2020 Star Beacon


By Al Fry

The popular "Men in Black" movies brought a new interest in this subject, but provided little in explaining their origins.

The story as I understand it should originate with the rebellion of us spirits against GOD and His/Her rules of conduct. This, as the Book of Enoch points out, landed us in different bodies all across creation.

This story could fill millions of years of history and many books, so to boil down a little M.I.B. background, let’s just point out that we have several interdimensional and ET groups who have designs on taking over Earth ... or guarding us humans against this as the guardians.

The intruders have included the Anunnaki collectives, Archangel Michael and Ashtar Command and his followers, Thoth and Enoch in older periods, and the various groups back to the New World Order in our time.

Various Reptilian groups have their hybrid M.I.B.s who were brought in during the 1930s, to aid their Illuminati agents and their pole shift plans.

Fortunately, the "guardians" have kept blocking them right up to the present. It is the Necromiton insectoid fallen angel groups who are most feared and hated by other ET races.

It was very upsetting to the Reptilians and Anunnaki groups when they got a wormhole going at the Philadelphia Experiment site to allow them easy access to our dimensions.

The M.I.B.s are the insectroids’ hybrids, whom they made up by raiding several other genetic lines in order to adapt to Earth. They still remain the peculiar insect-like twitching or jerking, however, and that is how most humans can recognize "something is amiss" with them.

To mimick humans, they may dress in their dark suits and drive around in their fake black sedans, but we humans can inwardly be warned by our feelings. Many times they show up after the targeted persons see a UFO and they warn them to be silent about it ... then they fade from view in the distance.

Since the "black-eyed children" of recent years have similar traits, they could be of a similar origin. They tend to knock on people’s doors and want to be granted access to have a drink of water, etc. If they show their eyes, there is only total blackness, and they have similar insectoid movements.

The feelings of revulsion keep most persons alerted to danger, but the few who have let them in find themselves losing their self control.

Another group of M.I.B. copycats apparently comes from some covert government agencies who tend to grill persons who get too close to intra-dimensional projects, such as remote viewing. Radionics was used by some agencies, and I was once warned to cease putting out radionics plans through intercepted mail.

We are living in a free-choice creation, and even we spirits with amnesia concerning our past and the reality around us can get aid IF we ask for this aid from "The Most High God" or "Source." Should we be spiritually worthy, we will get aided.

Further history from the guardians’ point of view can be found in a history of Earth titled Voyagers II (tel. 941-924-8109). For reasons a bit too long to cover, much of the prophecy in this work is invalid.

Author’s Postscript:

In the last chapter of Revelations, it mentions the Water of Life, and if Mother Earth gives a green light to unleashing these spirit-infused waters, it will clear up the rebellion problem that has plagued our creation. A longer tale for later ...


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